电子商务英语 电子商务英语
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  1.它已成为各种贸易和商务的强有力的手段。It has become a powerful medium for commerce and business transaction of all kinds.
  2.电子贸易指网上财务往来,电子商务则指所有形式的网上交易。E-commerce refers to financial transactions over the Web and e-business refers to all forms of transactions over the Web.
  3.客户服务已经是并将继续是一个主要的竞争因素。Customer service has been,and continues to be,a major competitive factor.
  4.电子商务的交易通常涉及几个互动的步骤。E-business transactions often involve several interactive steps.0
  5.那将给你以极大的竞争优势。That will give you a serious advantage over your competition.
  6.当你的公司电子商务化后,你与客户之间的关系就变了。When you become an e-business you transform your relationship with your customers.
  7.客户关系管理在你的商务程序中起决定作用。Your most critical business process is customer relationship management.
  8.我们必须尽最大可能的利用我们已有的资源。We must make the best possible use of the resources we have.
  9.男孩子们依次被召入会见考官。The boys were summoned in turn to see the examiner.
  10.他做一切事情都不考虑后果。He does everything regardless of the consequences.
  11.这部分我们讨论企业的产品和服务以及行业和英特网的信息。 this section we discuss the In firm's product or service along with information about the industry and Internet.
  12.客户将能够舒舒服服地在家里享用信息,产品和服务。Customers will be able to consume information,products,and services from the comfort of the homes.
  13.在英特网上可以直接得到信息,产品和服务,这就省掉了中间商,还会引起经济萎缩。 The Internet allows direct access to information,products,and services,which cuts out middlemen and causes economic deflation.
  14.投资于该计划的机构在审核该商务计划时会有兴趣了解公司如何在竞争中取胜。 Institutions financing the project while going through the business plan will be very interested in knowing how the company is going to beat the competition.
  15.该计划应对如何达到目标市场作出描述。The plan should describe how the target markets are to be reached.
  16.如果产品是在英特网上提供无形的信息,就应该创造某种定价模式来调节价格。If the product is intangible information delivered over the Internet,one should try to create some sort of pricing model to justify its prices.
  17.网站最初将包括哪些特点及未来的扩展计划是怎样的?What features will be incorporated in the site initially and what are the plans for future enhancement or expansion?
  18.你必须有计划的安排这些步骤以便将你的提议变成现实。You must lay out the steps to mark your proposal a reality.
  19.务必打个电话让我们知道你已安全地回家。Be sure to ring and let us know you've got back safely.

  20.这家旅馆可以为 80 位客人提供住宿, 此外, 还有几个可供客人自己开伙的套间。 hotel The itself can accommodate 80 guests and,in addition,there are several self-catering apartments.
  21.需要 12 个月来实施的战略也不可能成功。A strategy that requires more than 12 months to esecue is also unlikely to succeed.
  22.当一个企业准备建立电子商务业务时,它应该考虑清楚实现其战略目标的其他可选择的 途径。When preparing to establish an e-business presence,enterprises should explicitly consider alternative ways to attain the strategic objectives.
  23.我们要在出发前把一切规划好。We should get everything planned out before our departure.
  24.正如把电子商务战略融入整体商务战略中是重要的一样,把商务评价系统融入进来也同 样重要。Just as it is important to integrate the e-business strategy into the overall business strategy,it is equally important to integrate business model.
  25.那样,最好的途径可能是开发新的潜能,改善现存的商业过程去实施新的商业模式。In such instances,the best approach may be to build new capabilities and transform existing business processes to implement a new business model.
  26.评价一个人要充分考虑他的成绩。We should take full account of his achievements while evaluating someone.
  27.有时可以创立一个内在电子商业单位, 然后把这个单位分割出去成为独立的法人。 some In cases,it may be desirable to create an internal e-business unit and then spin off the unit as a separate legal entity.
  28.这一前景理论上可行,但实际上吹嘘过度。While possible in theory,the promise was clearly oversold.
  29.这当然是重要的,但是董事会层面却远远不能理解。While that is certainly important,the enderstanding needed at the board level goes well beyond that.
  30.为了获得市场份额,他们必须竭尽全力。To gain market share,they will go to great lengths.
  31.然而,他解释说,设立两种对立的定价系统在某些时候可能导致不良企图的滋生。 However,he explains that setting up two separate pricing systems is likely to generate ill will at some point.
  32.守住承诺适用于客户服务的每一步。Following through on your promises applies to every step of the customer-service process.
  33.这就解释了顾客通过同类比较发现的任何差别。This will account for any differential a customer uncovers using an apples-to-apples comparison.
  34.我们要事先准备所有申请材料。We must have all the application materials prepared in advance.
  35.你需要确定顾客需要你的某种产品的原因和你的电脑怎样才能满足那种需求。 need to You identify why your customer needs your specific computer and how your computer meets that need.
  36.在商业中, 客户服务对于其成长和繁荣至关重要。 any business,customer service is vital to In growth and prosperity.
  37.网络让你们建立起确实的一对一的动态关系。The Internet permits you to build a dynamic relationships that are really one on one.
  38.它确实需要你重新思考你的整个经营方式和管理企业的策略。It really involves rethinking the entire way you do business and how you run your organization.
  39.钱本身并不重要, 重要的是钱的用途。 Money is not the end in itself,but the application of it is most important.

  40.一旦有人跟你联系,就要回应。Once you're contacted,be responsive.
  41.一开始,这个公司没有管理和业务计划,到现在为止一切进展顺利。At the outset the company had no management and operations plan in place,and things have worked out just fine so far.
  42.我们在销售厂家的婴儿产品的同时也提供生活方式和健康方面的信息。We provide lifestyle and healthcare information along with baby products that we sell for manufacturers.
  43.这家公司预期在 1999 年实现每年 50%的增长。The company expected a month-to month growth rate of 50 percent in 19
  44.预测存货需要最初对这个公司来说是件棘手的事情,但公司仅仅用了几个月的时间就在 网上找到了销售和存货的感觉。Predicting inventory needs was tricky for the company at first,though it only took it a few months online to develop a sense of sales and inventory.
  45.现在,这家公司在刚刚建立自己的网站之后,正在寻求在其他玩具制造商曾经失败过的 网上玩具商务中取得成功。Now,with its newly launched Web site,the company is looking to succeed in the online toy business where others have failed.
  46.网络的圣杯是导致实际良好利润的专利内容。The Holy Grail on the Internet is proprietary content that leads to really good margins.
  47.在求学的道路上,我们准备克服很多的困难。On the way of study,we must be ready to grapple with many difficulties.
  48.至于在竞争中保持领先地位的问题,我们公司以产品挑选余地大和优良的服务和信息而 引人注目。When it comes to staying ahead of the competition,our company distinguishes itself through a broad product selection,and excellent service and information.
  49.网络是一个及时的媒体,它让人为之兴奋,因为它迫使我们保证尽快送货。The Internet is a very timely medium,which is exciting because it puts pressure on us to make sure we're delivering as quickly as possible.
  50.我们必须想办法进入敌人的电脑获得情报。We have to manage to get access to enemy's computer and then get the intelligence.
  51.CRM 的目标是在企业的销售,市场和客户服务等活动之间建立一种协作,以获得和保持 客户群。CRM's goal is to create a synergy among sales,marketing,and customer-service acticities within an organization in order to obtain and retain customers.
  52.在许多公司里, 部门之间的业务时不同的, 所以你需要与你的业务相匹配的软件。 lines The between departments are different it many companies,and you want the software to march your business.
  53.90 年代早期,这些公司摒弃了办公手写形式而进入了电子邮件和自动报表时代。They abandoned carbon-paper forms and dove into e-mail and automated reports in the early 19990s.
  54.因为你无需定制软件包,所以你的公司只需几个礼拜而不是几个月的时间就可以实现电 子化。Because you don't need to customize these packages,they can get you online within weeks instead of months.
  55.严寒使水结成冰。Frost turns water into ice.
  56.这常常需要定制软件。It often calls for customized software.
  57.选择一个 CRM 解决方案也是一次检验你业务的机会。Choosing a CRM solution is also an opportunity to examine your business practices.
  58.许多公司把 eCRM 看作是他们呼叫中心的自然扩充。Many companies see eCRM as a natural extension of their call centers.
  59.每一个销售商都拥有庞大而稳固的技术支持力量和能帮助安装设备的合作伙伴。Each of
the vendor has a large,established base of supporting and partners that can assist with installations.
  60.小企业也可利用那些致力于销售自动化的网络公司的服务。Smaller organizations can also take advantage of the services of dot-com companies,which focus on sales-force automation.
  61.不论你业务的规模大小,全新的电子化结算与支付方式将使你无须再打印结算清单和支 付邮资,也无须再投入大量的人力处理支付过程。No matter what size your business is,emerging alternatives will save you from having to print statements,pay for postage,and dedicate large numbers of people to processing pay-ments.
  62.客户可以在线审核结算清单,即可完成转账。Customers can review statements online and transfer funds instantly.
  63.该报告声称价值源于业务的改进而非成本的节约。The report states that the value comes from business improvement rather than cost savings.
  64.edocs 意识到此类技术具有更大的适用范围,因而避免使用 EBPP 这一术语而倾向于称其 为英特网结算与客户管理。 Recognizing the larger scope of these technologies,edocs eschews the term EBPP in favor of Internet billing and customer managetment.
  65.她说出了种种理由,但没有一条令人信服。She presented a variety of reasons,but none was convincing.
  66.电子化结算能简化你绝大部分支付程序。You'll be able to streamline most of the process by billing your customers electronically.
  67.EBPP 能降低你公司用于客户支付的费用。EBPP can cut down the cost of your company's customer support.
  68.传统的付兑方式惟有通过在结算单上填塞广告而获利。Tradition billing methods present lucrative opportunities to stuff statements with ads.
  69.对客户而言, EBPP 意味着随时随地可以了解账户数据。 the customer,EBPP means access To to account data an any time,from anywhere.
  70.最妙的是, 消费者无需再料理一大丢乱糟糟的账单。 Best of all,customers don't have to deal with the clutter of bills.
  71.需要新的搜索方法以及能够将 Web 站点自动分类的软件。New paradigms of searching are needed as well as new software that is able to categorize web sites automatically.
  72. 信 息 和 数 据 检 索 技 术 研 发 的 目 的 在 于 提 高 检 索 的 功 能 和 效 率 。 The research and development in information and data retrieval is aimed at improving the effectiveness and efficiency of retrieval.
  73.为了得到更好的搜索结果,不仅需要提高搜索引擎的技术,而且需要改进用户界面。In order to receive better search results,it is not only necessary to improve the search engine technology,but also the user interfaces.



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