Unit 4
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Basic E-commerce Writing
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Objective: In this unit, you will learn: What is B2B Why B2B is so popular What is B2C e-commerce Basic E-commerce English Writing Focus: Identify the use of B2B . Nodus: The development of B2C
Passage A
What Is B2B? ?

  1) Many organizations have both B2B and B2C components, but it's not unusual for a company to specialize in B2B services or sales. 虽然许多公司通常既采用B2B(企业对企业的电子商务)销 售方式又采用 B2C(企业对消费者的电子商务)销售方式, 但专门从事B2B服务或销售的公司也是司空见惯的。 注解:B2B=business to business;B2C=business to customer; 注解 本句是典型的并列句,but用以表示语气的转折,其结构为简 单句+等立连词+简单句,常见的等立连词有and, or, but等 ; 动词短语specialize in意为“主营, 专攻”,not unusual是双否 定,正所谓否定之否定,即为肯定,因此可译为“很平常, 不足为奇,司空见惯”等。 Notes To Passage A
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What Is B2B? ?

  2) Instead of simply focusing on business-to-business sales, modern corporations are conducting other financial transactions online. 现代的公司会从事其他网上的商务交易, 现代的公司会从事其他网上的商务交易, 而不会只专 门从事企业对企业的电子商务销售。 门从事企业对企业的电子商务销售。 注解: 注解:instead of 引导的介宾短语充当状语,相当 于“in place of sth else”,意为“代替,而不是”; focus on 意为“集中”;conduct ……transaction意为 “从事……交易”。
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Passage A
What Is B2B? ?

  3) Without a B2B component, the manufacturer would have lost out on a very lucrative sale. 若不是厂商采取了B2B销售方式,那不知会错过多少 有利可图的销售机会。 注解:从主句中的would have lost可以断定这是表示与过 注解 去事实相反的虚拟条件句,因此介词短语Without a B2B component是虚拟含蓄条件句,相当于“if it had not had……”; 动词短语lose out on 意为“未能占上风或错过机会”。 Notes To Passage A
Passage A
What Is B2B? ?

  4) With the growth in electronic communications, B2B has taken on even more importance. 随着电子通讯的发展,B2B已经显得更加重要。 随着电子通讯的发展,B2B已经显得更加重要。 已经显得更加重要 注解:动词短语take on take on在此处是“开始显 注解 现;变得”的意思。 例如: His voice took on a sad tone. 他的声音变得悲伤起来。 End Notes To Passage A

  3.1 Critical thinking

  1) What are the complete forms of B2B and B2C?
  2) What are the vast majority of products and services sold considered to be in nature?
  3) Why do many companies provide B2B options alongside the B2C offerings at their websites and other outlets?
  4) What form of B2B transaction is very common in the manufacturing world?
  5) Which has become more important with the growth in electronic communications?
  6) What functions do B2B communications have now? Activities On Passage A

  3.2 Translation practice

  2.1 Give the Chinese equivalents of the following words or expressions:
  1) business-to-business 企业对企业的电子商务
  2) business-to-customer 企业对消费者的电子商务 剧增的销量
  3) sheer volume 厂商网站上的产品目录
  4) manufacturer's website catalog
  5) clothing stores 服装店 有利可图的销售
  6) lucrative sale
  7) specialized product line or service 专用生产线或服务
  8) shaving cream in cans 罐装的剃须膏
  9) plastic injection molding companies 喷胶模具公司
  10) pitch their particular designs 为他们独特的设计铺路
(为销售开路) 为销售开路)
Activities On Passage A

  3.2 Translation practice

  2.2 Give the English equivalents of the following words or expressions: general public
  1) 普通大众 manufacturing world
  2) 制造业 specific plastic nozzle
  3) 专门的塑胶喷嘴 sales representatives
  4) 销售代表
  5) 个体顾客 an individual customer
  6) 电子通信 electronic communications
  7) 促进投资 promote investment
  8) 股票交易 trade stocks target companies
  9) 目标公司
  10)形成财经联盟 形成财经联盟 form financial alliances Activities On Passage A

  3.2 Translation practice

  2.3 Sentence translation from English to Chinese:
  1) B2B transactions primarily target companies and other wholesale buyers, while transactions targeting individuals are called B2C, or business-to-customer.
B2B交易的主要目标是企业或其他批发商, B2B交易的主要目标是企业或其他批发商,而针对个体顾客的交 交易的主要目标是企业或其他批发商 易则被称之为B2C 即企业对消费者的电子商务。 B2C, 易则被称之为B2C,即企业对消费者的电子商务。

  2) This is why many companies provide B2B options alongside the B2C offerings at their websites and other outlets.
这就是为什么许多公司在其网站上以及其它场所中提供B2C交 交 这就是为什么许多公司在其网站上以及其它场所中提供 易模式的同时,还会提供B2B交易方式的原因。 交易方式的原因。 易模式的同时,还会提供 交易方式的原因

  3) B2B sales are also generated by providing a specialized product line or service not available to the general public.
通过提供一种一般公众所得不到的专用生产线或服务, 通过提供一种一般公众所得不到的专用生产线或服务,也能产生 B2B交易 交易。 B2B交易。
Activities On Passage A

  3.2 Translation practice

  4) A company that produces shaving cream in cans, for example, may need a specific plastic nozzle. 例如,一家生产罐装剃须膏的企业可能需要一种专用塑 例如, 胶喷嘴。 胶喷嘴。
  5) Because the price of these transactions is far beyond the reach of most individuals, there is no equivalent business-to-customer option available. 由于这些交易的价格远远超出了大部分个体客户的经 济承受能力,所以等值的B2C商务模式中其实是不存 济承受能力,所以等值的 商务模式中其实是不存 在的。 在的。 Activities On Passage A

  3.2 Translation practice

  2.4 Sentence translation from Chinese to English

  1) B2B是为时已久的称为企业与企业的电子商务活动的销售实践活 动在当代的一种速记法。 shorthand) 动在当代的一种速记法。(contemporary shorthand)
"B2B" is contemporary shorthand for a longtime sales practice called business-to-business.

  2)个体顾客可能会光顾服装生产厂家的网站目录然后定购两双鞋子 个体顾客可能会光顾服装生产厂家的网站目录然后定购两双鞋子 或一件毛衣。 或一件毛衣。(website catalog)
An individual customer may visit a clothing manufacturer's website catalog and order two pairs of shoes or a sweater.
Activities On Passage A

  3.2 Translation practice

  3) B2B的销售和服务普及的其中一个主要原因就是销量的剧增。 的销售和服务普及的其中一个主要原因就是销量的剧增。 的销售和服务普及的其中一个主要原因就是销量的剧增 (sheer volume)
One of the major reasons for the popularity of B2B sales and services is the sheer volume.

  4)随着电子通讯的发展,移动电话已经显得更加重要。(take on) 随着电子通讯的发展,移动电话已经显得更加重要。
With the growth in electronic communications, mobile phones have taken on even more importance.

  5)去年我们公司的交易高达数百万美元。(run into) 去年我们公司的交易高达数百万美元。
Last year, some company’s transactions ran into millions of dollars. End Activities On Passage A
Passage B
What is B2C

  1) While the term e-commerce refers to all online transactions, B2C stands for "business-to-consumer" and applies to any business or organization that sells its products or services to consumers over the Internet for its own use.
如果说“ 这个术语是指所有的网上交易, 如果说“e-commerce”这个术语是指所有的网上交易,那么“B2C”则 这个术语是指所有的网上交易 那么“ 则 是代表了“电子零售商务” 是代表了“电子零售商务”,它应用于通过互联网向顾客销售自己的 产品或提供各种服务的任何企业或公司。 产品或提供各种服务的任何企业或公司。 注解:本句中while引导的是一个让步状语从句,而非时间状语从句, 引导的是一个让步状语从句, 注解:本句中 引导的是一个让步状语从句 而非时间状语从句, 虽然;但是”之意,或表示前后内容不同而形成的反差, 有“虽然;但是”之意,或表示前后内容不同而形成的反差,多见于 主句之后。例如: 主句之后。例如: 。
While I understand what you say, I can't agree with you. 虽然我理解你的意思,但我还是不同意。 虽然我理解你的意思,但我还是不同意 You like tennis, while I'd rather read. 你爱打网球,但我爱看书。 你爱打网球,但我爱看书 Notes To Passage B
Passage B
What is B2C

  2) For a long time, however, companies have had a hard time making their websites dynamic and engaging enough for consumers to want to spend time on the site and actually spend their money there.
然而,长时间以来, 然而,长时间以来,很多公司历尽千辛万苦才使得他们的网站充满 活力和魅力, 活力和魅力,足以吸引消费者自愿花时间浏览他们的网站并乐意在 上面进行名符其实地消费。 上面进行名符其实地消费。 注解:短语have 意为“ 注解:短语have a hard time doing sth 意为“在做什么事 情上面有困难” 现在分词短语making 情上面有困难”;现在分词短语making their websites for…中 dynamic and engaging enough for 中,dynamic and engaging是宾补 是宾补, 是副词,与后面的不定式for engaging是宾补,enough 是副词,与后面的不定式for sb to sth一起构成状语表程度 修饰宾补dynamic 一起构成状语表程度, do sth一起构成状语表程度,修饰宾补dynamic and engaging.
Notes To Passage B
Passage B
What is B2C

  3) In short, although online commerce still represents less than six percent of all retail sales, its growth and future prospects show that it has finally become as established and mainstream as a trip to the local mall.
简而言之, 简而言之,尽管网上交易仍然只占整个零售额的不到百分之六的份 但它的发展和未来的前景表明它终于得到了人们的认可, 额,但它的发展和未来的前景表明它终于得到了人们的认可,而且 正如同人们时兴逛当地商场一样,成为了时下的消费主流。 正如同人们时兴逛当地商场一样,成为了时下的消费主流。
注解: 引导一个让步状语从句;show的宾语是 的宾语是that 注解:although 引导一个让步状语从句;show的宾语是that 引 导的宾语从句; all,意为 意为“ 导的宾语从句;in short =in a word=all in all,意为“简而言 as……as as……是原级比较,表示“和……一样”。 是原级比较, 一样” 之”;as as 是原级比较 表示“ 一样
End Notes To Passage B

1 2 3

  6.1 Tell whether the following statements are (T) or false (F) Amazon.com, the online bookseller ,launched its site in 1996 and quickly took on the nation's major retailers. Peer-to-peer sites such as Craigslist fall under the B2B category. In the ensuing dotcom carnage, hundreds of e-commerce sites shut their virtual doors, but most of the experts predicted they could surely overcome it in a short time for online retailers. E-commerce is getting easier as more and more Americans are connecting to the Internet via broadband. Online commerce now represents only a small part of all retail sales.
4 5
Activities On Passage B


  6.2 Match the English on the right with Chinese on the left
1 Nasdaq 2 via broadband 3 online commerce 4 Peer-to-peer sites 5 identity theft
Activities On Passage B
A 网上商务 B 对等的网络站点 C 身份盗窃行为 D <美>全国证券交易 商自动报价系统协会 E 通过宽带
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