电子邮件英语的写作技巧 A. 文法上
  1.切忌主客不分或模糊. 例子: Deciding to rescind the earlier estimate, our report was updated to include $40,000 for new equipment.” 应改为 Deciding to rescind our earlier estimate, we have updated our report to include $40,000 for new equipment. (We 决定呀, 不是 report.)
  2.句子不要凌碎. 例子: He decided not to audit the last ten contracts. Because of our previous objections about compliance. 应该连在一起.
  3. 结 构 对 称 , 令 人 容 易 理 解 . 例 子 : The owner questioned the occupant's lease intentions and the fact that the contract had been altered with ink markings. 应改为: The owner questioned the occupant's lease intentions and ink alterations of the contract.
  4.单众数不要搞乱,不然会好刺眼,看不舒服. 例如: An authorized person must show that they have security clearance.
  5.动词主词要呼应. 想想这两个分别:
  1.This is one of the public-relations functions that is underbudgeted.
  2. This is one of the public-relations functions, which are underbudgeted.
  6.时态和语气不要转变太多.看商务英语已经是苦事, 不要浪费人家的精力啊.
  7.标点要准确. 例如: He did not make repairs, however, he continued to monitor the equipment. 改为: He did not make repairs; however, he continued to monitor the equipment.
  8. 选 词 正 确 . 好 像 affect 和 effect, operative 和 operational 等等就要弄清楚才好用啦.
  9.拼字正确. 有电脑拼字检查功能后,就更加不能偷懒.
  10.大小写要注意.非必要不要整个字都是大写,除非要 骂人,:,例如: MUST change to OS immediately. 外国人就 觉得不礼貌和喝令人一样. 要强调的话,用底线,斜字,粗体 就可以了. B. 文体
  1.可读性.对象是大学程度的话,用高中的英文就行,不要以 为人人都是语言大师.多用短句(15-20 字吧), 技术性的字, 就更加要简单易明.
  2.注意段落的开头.一般来说,重要或强调的事情都放 在信件或段落的开头,而句子就放在最尾. 例如:
  1.Because he was unable to attend the meeting personally, he forwarded his congratulations on cassette tape.
  2.He forwarded his congratulations on cassette tape because he was unable to attend the meeting personally. 两者强调的事情就有分别了.
  3.轻重有分. 同等重要的用 and 来连接,较轻放在次要 的句子里.
  4.意思转接词要留神. 例如: but (相反), therefore (结 论), also (增添), for example (阐明). 分不清 furthermore 和 moreover 就不要用啦.
  5. 句 子 开 头 不 要 含 糊 不 清 的 主 词 . 例 子 : These decisions have been a big disappointment to the committee members. They have delayed further action. They 是指什么 呀????开头少用 this, that, it, they, 或 which.
  6.修饰词的位置要小心,例如: He could only reimburse the cost after July
  15. 应为 He could reimburse the cost only after July
  7.用语要肯定准确.切忌含糊. 例如:The figures show a significant increase.” 怎样 significant 呀,大哥? 改为: The figures show an increase of 19%.
  8. 立 场 观 点 一 致 . 少 用 被 动 语 . 例 如 : Partial data should be submitted by April. 改为: You should submit partial data by April.就很好了. C. 格调
  1. 式 样 和 句 子 长 度 不 要 太 单 调 . 千 篇 一 律 的 subject-verb-object 会闷死人的.有时短句跟着长句可以化 解一下.
  2.弱软的词(e.g. was, were, is, are...)可以加强一点. 例 如: Prunton products are highly effective in ... 改为: Prunton products excel in ...就有力很多了.
  3.亲切,口语化是比较受欢迎! 用宾词和主动的词,让人 家 受 落 . 例 如 :
  1. This information will be sincerely appreciated.”
  2. We sincerely appreciate your information. 明显地,我们会喜欢第 2 句. D. 写信提示
  1.人家的名字千万不要错.老一辈的看到名字错就干脆 撵去垃圾桶. 同样, 头衔都不要错. 头衔或学位,任择其一吧.以下是 一样的: Howard E. Wyatt, D.D.SPhD. Dr. Howard E. Hyatt
  2.多过一个男人,用 Messrs,就是 Misters 的意思,不过不 要跟名字,跟姓就行啦.例如: Messrs. Smith, Wyatt, and Fury
  6.外国国名尽量用大写.是为尊重,也方便邮差叔叔. 女人呢? 用 Mesdames, Mmes., or Mses. 同样不要跟名 字. 例子: Mses. Farb, Lionel, and Gray 男女一齐呢? 弄清楚称呼就行.例如: Dr. and Mrs. Harold Wright Mr. Harold Wright and Dr. Margaret Wright Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Adams-Quinn
  3.有人有自己头衔就要跟紧,例如有人有荣誉学位就不 喜欢用一般的头衔啊~有时大头不知道对方头衔,干脆用 Ms.算了. Ms. Sarah Gray
  4.地址要低日期至少两行.处名时,职衔短可以一行过, 长就下一行吧.例如: Ken Green, President Ken Green
  3. Less formal 不太正规的(例如客户) Vice President of International Operations 但这个就显得有点。。: 。 Ken Green Vice President of Unicom China Sincerely yours, Yours sincerely, Sincerely, Cordially yours, Yours cordially, Cordially,
  7.地址上的数字直接用阿拉伯数字吧,除了 One,例子: 127 Ninth Avenue, North 127 E. 15 Street 5 Park Avenue One Wingren Plaza 556 - 91 Street 书信的结尾致意要留意,弄清大家的关系才选择用词,例子:
  1. Very formal 非常正规的(例如给政府大老爷的) Respectfully yours, Yours respectfully,
  2. formal 正规的(例如客户公司之间啦) Very truly yours, Yours very truly, Yours truly,
  5.老外的名字有时有 Jr. 或 Sr.,之前的逗点是随你喜欢 的,以下都是正确,不要笑人: Michael J. Smith, Jr. Michael J. Smith Sr. 正确应为: Ken Green Vice President, Unicom China
电子邮件英语的写作技巧 总之,语气和宾词的运用得当能决定你的礼貌程度.
  4. Informal 非正规的(例如猪朋狗友,同事之类) 开头致意 Regards, Warm regards, With kindest regards, With my best regards, My best, Give my best to Mary, Fondly, Thanks, See you next week! 有时在 we, I, and you 之间选择是很烦的事-如果是公司代表联络生意之类,可以用: 如果是公司呢? We will reimburse you for these legal expenses. Sinopec will reimburse you for these legal expenses. 如果单纯说你自己,可以用: 什么怪事都有,如果那公司是全男班或全女班呢? I found the brochure very informative. 有时可以一起用啦...: We are pleased to offer you the position of sales director, and I am looking forward to our Tuesday morning meeting. 那么 I 和 you 呢?好烦好烦.一般来说,收信人的利益比 较重要,名义上都要这样想.给人尊重的语气就一般不会错 了. 多用 you 有时会有隔阂的感觉. You will be pleased to learn that you have been selected to serve on our advisory board. Your prompt response will be appreciated. (好像欠你一样) I'm pleased that our board has selected you as the best qualified candidate to serve on our advisory board. I hope you'll agree to serve. (这就友善多了) Your book was well written and comprehensive. (不用你 来判断我呀~~) I thoroughly enjoyed your book and found an answer to every one of my questions about performance appraisals. (客 气一点,人家受落) Dear Sirs: Dear Ladies: Dear Mesdames: Gentlemen: Ladies: 有时见到人家用冒号就说人家错,其实也未必啊,看: Dear Mr. Jones: (非常正规) Dear Joan: Dear Jim, Jim, (非正规) 签名 用笔亲自签名会比较受落,免到过都不要电脑贴图或 盖章啦....不要把 Mr., Ms., Mrs., Dr.之类一起签,人家会笑 你的... Gentlemen or Ladies: Ladies or Gentlemen: 用人家的名字总好过人家的头衔称呼. 如果没有名字, 或者是好正规信的信件,可以考虑这些: Dear Committee Membe:r: Dear Meeting Planner: Dear Colleagues: To All Sales Reps: To Whom It May Concern: Dear Sir or Madam: Dear Madam or Sir: Dear Purchasing Agent:



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   英语听力技巧 提高英语的听力水平应该从以下几点入手: 一、平时多朗读,模仿磁带,大声、快速的(像学习疯狂英语那样)朗读听力教材, 从而提高自身的语音、语言水平。尤其是要掌握美国英语与英国英语在语调、连 读、重读、弱读以及用词方面的差异。例如:wanna=want to,gonna=going to。 二、增加课外阅读,积累词汇和语法知识,了解文化背景知识。如果缺乏对英语 国家的文化背景、历史知识、风土人情、 宗教信仰、礼仪等方面的了解,则会 对听力理解产生一定的障碍。举个例子:假如学生不了解 ...


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