一听力 10*1=10 听辨词组 ( )
  1. A. look after B. ( )
  2. A. thank you B. ( ) 3 A. go home B. ( )
  4.A.in the desk B. ( ) 5 A. behind the door B.
look at C. thanks C. go to bed C. in the classroom C. on the floor C.
look like D. thanks a lot D. go to school D. in the bedroom D. behind the tree D.
look for think go swimming in the picture in the tree
( ( ( ( (
选出所给句子的正确答语 ) 6 A. A bird B. A big tree C. An old man D. An old plane ) 7 A. Sorry, I don't know B. I can count from one to a hundred. C. It's thirty. D. I don't think so. B. It's time to play D. Are you ) 8 A. Is it in your bag? C. Can you find it? games. reading? ) 9 A. I don't know. B. It's three fourteen. C. I am eleven now. D. I was one. C. I don't look after ) 10 A. Yes I am. B. Who's Lucy? D. No, I'm not Lucy.
二.根据各句英语句意及汉语提示完成句子 10*1=10
  1)Do you (更喜欢)the red box.
  2)We live in a hut.(狭小的)
  3) People Easter by giving each other presents.(庆祝)
  4) I (希望) you can help me.
  5) Let me (试试). Perhaps, this time I can succeed.
  6) He feels (令人愉快的,可享受的) when he see his brother.
  7) she is good at Chinese, he works hard.(虽然)
  8) People like eating ( 可口的)food.
  9) My teacher is very kind and (有耐心的).
  10) I want to be a scientist in the (将来).
三.选择 15*1=15 ( )
  1.He's looking for a friend
A.who is kind and patient C. who kind and patient (
B.who are kind and patient D.which is kind and patient
  2. Winter is very cold. I feel in winter. A. uncomfortable C. comfortable B. imcomfortable D. uncomfort
  3. He wants to buy shoes. A. a pair new B. a new pair of C. a pair of new D. a new pair
  4. What you usually on Sundays? A. are do B. did do C. will do D. do do
  5. His brother and he smiled at . A. each other B. other each C. another D. each another
  6. This dress is that one. A. difference to B. different from C. different to D. difference from
  7. She has lived here she was born. A. for B. since C. at D. in
  8. Please don't ! A. wake me up B. wake to me C. wake up me D. wake me to
  9.Miss Wang is very in Tang poems. A. interesting B. interest C. interested D. interests
  10. The weather starts warm. A. gets B. getting C. to get D. get
  11. I pens pencils. A. prefer, better B. prefer, like C. like, better D. prefer, to
  12.-- Do you think she is a good student? -- No, . A. I think so B. I don't think so C.I think not D.I not think so
  13.Perhaps they will be live in the country. A. able B. to C. able to D. to able
  14.-- I don't need any water. -- I don't need any water,. A. so B. too C. either D. as
  15. Please don't discuss with your partner. You can do it . A. yourself B. you C. your D. youself
四,用所给词的适当形式完成句子 10*1=10
  1.The fish in this restaurant is very (taste)
  2.Are you good at(draw)?
  3.Mary wants to buy two (watch) for her parents.
  4.He's very and happy. (health)
  5.I prefer (stay) at home rather than go to work.
  6.It is to see this film. (interest)
  7. Tom is as as Kitty.(beautiful)
  8. Can you see the girls ( clean) the classroom here?
  9.It is awful in the streets when the weather is wet. (walk)
  10.My friend wants a more (enjoy) school life at school
五,用恰当的介词填空 10*1=10
  1.We all know that Christmas is the 25th of December each year.
  2.I like the shirt the white collar.
  3.Many children love going a picnic in spring.
  4.Miss Yang is interested football.
  5.Put your shoes the correct order, please.
  6.Is it polite to play tricks others?

  7.Spring is full fun.
  8.I will be able study Chinese very well in a short time.
  9.They are poor Science
  10.What will they be the future?
六.句型转换 5*2=10 1 They are busy with decorations of their Christmas trees at home.(同义句转换) They are Christmas trees at home. 2 I think so .(变为否定句) I think . 3 The ball is small, but I like to play with it.(同义句转换) the ball is small, I to play with it. 4 Winter makes me think of snow. (对划线部分提问) does winter you think of? 5 Kitty is
  1.3 meters tall.John is
  1.4 meters tall.( 同义句) Kitty is as as John.
七.根据下列汉语句子,完成对应的各句英语 5*2=10
  1.衣服虽然不多,但已足够多了. we haven't got many clothes, we've got .
  2.让我们轮流打扫教室吧 Let's to clean the classroom.
  3. 人们相互寄圣诞卡已经有 150 年的历史了. People have sent Christmas cards to for about 150 years.
  4. 许多人喜爱夏天去海滩. Many people to the beach in summer.

  5. 你更喜欢哪件衬衫?我喜欢白色衣领的那件. Which shirt do you prefer? I prefer with the white collar.
八.根据课文内容填空 10*1=10
  1.People are usually b at home decorating their Christmas t. Some people s Christmas carols. Some children h up stockings. They want Santa Claus to put p in their stockings.
  2. Spring is an time of the year. The weather starts warm. The wind blows gently. It always rains, so it is everywhere. Plants start growing. Leaves start growing on the trees. The animals which in winter start up.
九.阅读 10*1=10 (A) Wu Dong has a good friend. His name is Peter. He is from the U.S. A. Wu Dong and Peter are in the same class. They go to school five days a week. They stay at home on Saturday and Sunday. Peter likes China and Chinese food. He likes rice very much. At school they play table tennis after class. Wu Dong and Peter likes making things. Now they are making a plane. They like flying planes on Sunday morning. Peter speaks English and a little Chinese. Wu Dong speaks Chinese and a little English. They teach each other. ( ( ( ( ( )
  1.Wu Dong has an American friend. )
  2.They go to school from Monday to Friday. )
  3.They often fly planes after class. )
  4.Wu Dong teaches Peter English and Peter teaches Wu Dong Chinese. )
  5. Peter often eats rice because he likes eating it. (B) Read and choose (读对话,选择填空) Judy: Alice, here is the pet shop. Let's go in and have a look. Alice: That's great. Look, Judy. The mouse is white and the parrot is green. Do you like parrots? Judy: Yes, and I like this mouse, too. It's so lovely.
Alice: Judy, what can you hear? Judy: I can hear a parrot, It's speaking(说) English. Alice, look at these cats and dogs. Alice: They are very soft and fluffy. I like this black cat. Its eyes are small and its ears are small, too. Judy: I like this black dog. Let's ask father to buy it. Alice: OK. Let's go. ( ) 1 Alice and Judy are in the . A pet shop ( B zoo C park
) 2 The parrot is and the mouse is A greengrey B greywhite C greenwhite
) 3 Alice likes the black and Judy likes the black. A catdog B dogcat C mousecat
) 4 The can speak English. A dog B parrot C mouse
) 5 Judy likes. A the white mouse B the white mouse and parrots C the white mouse, the parrot and the black dog
十 作文 My Friends5 分
答案: 一 听力:1-5 C A C C A 6-10 B A C C C
二 根据各句英语句意及汉语提示完成句子: 1 prefer 2 narrow patient 10 future 3 celebrate 4 hope 5try 6 pleased 7 Although 8 delicious 9
三 选择:1-5 A A C D A
6-10 B B A C B
11-15 D B C C A
四 用所给词的适当形式完成句子 1 tasty 2 drawing 3 watches 4 healthy cleaning 9 to walk 10 enjoyable 五 用恰当的介词填空
  3. on
  4. in
  9. at
  10.in 5 to stay 6 interesting 7 beautiful 8
六 句型转换 1 busy decorating 2 don't ; so 3 Although; prefer 4 What; make 5 not;tall
七 根据下列汉语句子,完成对应的各句英语 5*2=10 1 Although; enough 八 根据课文内容填空 1 busy tree sing hide pence 2 exciting getting wet sleep waking 2 take turns 3 each other 4 like going 5 the one
九 阅读 (A) T T F F T 十 作文(略)
(B) A C A B C



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