1.Do you like (run) after dogs? No, I (do).
  2.What do you (like)? I like (sit) on the ball.
  3.What (do ) Liu Tao (have)? He (have) a towel.
  4.What is Jack (do) ? He’s (listen) to music.
  5. Don’t (draw) on the desk.
  6..Don’t forget (open) the door.
  7.I’d like (climb) the tree.
  8.There (be) some chicken in the tin.
  9.(not make) a model plane.
  10.What (be) near the garden? There(be ) a lot of houses.
  11.I (not) have a telescope. 12 They like (fly) kites after class.
  13. you (like) milk?
  14. Look, the bird is (sing) in the tree.
  15. Can Kate (ski)? Yes. Look, She (ski) over there.
  16. Here (be) some change for you.
  17. My parents like (drink) tea. Now, they (drink) tea in the room.
  18. How many students want (be) a doctor?

  19. I like (have) noodles. Now I (have) noodles with my parents.
  20. What can your brother (do ) ? He can (write) in English. What your brother (do) now? He (copy) words.
  21. (not read) the newspaper. magazine ,please.
  22. What the children (have)? They (have) some cards.
  22. What the woman (have)? She (have) a storybook.
  23. The boy a yo-yo and his parents some books. (have)
  24. Let’s (make) a cake now.
  25. Would you like (join) us?
  26. Shall we (learn) the English song now?
  27. I don’t know how (cook) rice.
  28. Please show us how (clean) the window.
  29. Why don’t we (buy) a mask?
  30. I’ll (play) basketball with you. (read) the



   五年级 用所给动词的适当形式填充 1.Do you like (run) after dogs? No, I (do). 2.What do you (like)? I like (sit) on the ball. 3.What (do ) Liu Tao (have)? He (have) a towel. 4.What is Jack (do) ? He’s (listen) to music. 5. Don’t (draw) on the desk. 6..Don’t forget ...


   六年级英语上册用所给词的适当形式填空练习 六年级英语上册用所给词的适当形式填空练习 用所给词的适当形式填空 姓名 用所给词的适当形式填空: 用所给词的适当形式填空: 1.Tom to school at six in the morning . ( go ) 2. Tom can to school at six in the morning . ( go ) 3. Tom is to school at six . ( go ) 4. Tom likes to school at six ...


   www.zk5u.com 中考资源网 初三英语用所给动词的适当形式填空练习 初三英语用所给动词的适当形式填空练习 英语用所给动词的适 姓名 班级 用所给动词的适应形式填空: 用所给动词的适应形式填空: 月 日 1,Light (travel) at 300,000 kilometers a school. It (mean) it can travel 7.5 times round the world in one second. it (take) you to go over your ...


   灌南县新沂河实验学校英语 灌南县新沂河实验学校英语 6B 专项训练用所给词的适当形式填空 班级 姓名 ( short) than his father. ( thin) as the goat . ( she). (My) is over there. 1. Gao Shan’s uncle is 2. The horse is as 3. Who’s taller than 4. That isn’t my coat. 5. I want to (visit) him one day. ( ...


   初一英语动词综合测试 用所给动词的适当形式填空 1. Look! A little girl is (swim) in the river(河). 2. Li Lei (join) the League in 2001. 3. Do you like (watch) TV? 4. My brother will call me as soon as he (reach) there. 5. The children won't go to the zoo if it (rain) the n ...


   牛津小学英语六年级用单词适当形式填空测试题 用所给词的适当形式填空 填空 A. 1. Where you just now? I in the zoo. (be) 2. Listen, the birds (sing) in the tree. 3. Miss Li (have) a long holiday? 4. My mother usually (cook) at 5 o'clock. 5. What the twins on Sundays? (do) They often (go ...


   2009?2010 学年度第二学期 汕头市长厦小学五年级英语科暑假练习卷 评分: 听力部分( 听力部分(27%) 一、听读单词,根据读音规则,填入所缺字母,并译成中文。(5%) 学 校 : 密 1. ( iet ) 2. __ ( eap ) 3. fl __ ( ) t 4. clo ( es ) 5. __ __ gust ( ) 二、听句子,用“√”选出你所听到的图片。(4%) 封 1.( ) ( ) 2.( ) ( ) 班 级 : 内 线 3.( ) ( ) 4.( ) ( ) 三、 ...


   ………密…………封…………线…………内…………不…………要…………作…………答…………………… 2010-2011 学年度第二学期 五年级英语单词竞赛试题 五年级英语单词竞赛试题 单词竞赛试 (试卷满分:100 分 考试时间:40 分钟) 考号: 题 号 得 分 一 二 三 四 五 总 分 一、将下列英文翻译成中文(20×2=40) 1.do morning exercises 2.eat breakfast 3.have English class 4.play sports 5.eat ...


   2006 学年第二学期 小学五年级英语中段练习题 (Module13) 班别 学号 __ 听力部分:40% 一、听读句子,请选出句子中提及的信息。15% ( )1 A. 7:30 B. 7:00 ( )2 A. take exercise B. takes exercise ( )3 A. too much B. so much ( )4 A. should B. shouldn’t ( )5 A. pen friend B. good friend ( )6 A. see the doct ...


   六年级英语复习题 (满分 100 分 90 分钟完卷 1 分书写分) 一、正确抄写下列各句,注意大小写及标点符号:4% 1 I a plese cola want 2. liyan is in class 5 grade 6 二、词组互译:英语翻译成汉语,汉语翻译成英语 20% 1.very well 6.在六(2)班 2.here you are 7.朝......看 3.our headmaster 8.用英语(表示) 4.my deskmate 9.我的孪生妹妹 5.listen to ...



   四级写作总论 课程安排: 四级写作总论: 1)考试流程 2)复习计划 3)学习方法 4)大纲解读 应用文:1)个人简历 2)书信 3)口头作文 4)告示 论说文: 1)评卷实例 翻译: 最新大纲 考试流程: 08:45 验证入场(身份证、准考证、学生证缺一不可) 09:00 发答题卡(答题卡 1 正面为作文题,背面写作文) ,9:00 之后无法入场。 09:10~09:35 写作(09:35 发试题册) 09:35~09:40 翻译 09:40~09:55 快速阅读理解(在答题卡 1 背面作 ...


   连词 (一) 正误辨析 一 正误辨析 1、 [误] Both my parents are not here. They went to the concert just now. [正] Neither of my parents is here. They went to the concert just now. [析] 在英语中 both 一般用于肯定句中, 如用于否定句中, 其意义也不同于汉语, 如: Both of us are not right. 在英语中应被理解为& ...


   2008 年县六年级英语决赛题 蓝袍小学 听力部分 一、听录音,从 ABC 三个选项中选出你所听到的单词。 (每个单词读一遍)10 分 ( ) 1. A. bad B. fat C. red ( ) 2. A. chair B. there C. hair ( ) 3. A. thirteen B. thirty C. fourteen ( ) 4. A. ground B. friend C. fan ( ) 5. A. well B. help C. tell ( ) 6. A. fiv ...


   新课标英语七年级下 unit13 知识点汇编 Unit 1 Where's your pen pal from? 一.短语: 短语: 1 .be from = come from 来自于 2. live in 居住在--3. on weekends 在周末 4 .write to sb = write a letter to sb 给某人写信;写信 给某人 5 .in the world 在世界上 in China 在中国 6.pen pal 笔友 14 years old 14 岁 fav ...


   英语课堂教学有效活动的设计和利用 有效活动 和利用》 《 初中 英语课堂教学有效活动的设计和利用》研究方案 松花江中学英语课题组 一.课题的现实背景及意义 新课标的基本理念之一是:“采用活动途径,倡导体验参与。 极力倡导学生 ” 在教师的指导下,通过感知、体验、实践、参与和合作等方式,实现任务的目标, 感受成功。 在学习过程中进行情感和策略调整,以形成积极的学习态度,促进语言 实际运用能力的提高。 有效的课堂活动设计可帮助是学生理解学习内容的独特方式,并能够在此基 础上激发学生的学习兴趣,并 ...