1. Listen, Jim (sing) an English song in the music room.
  2. Wang Bing (like)
  4. My father (like) (make) model ships. (live) in England. (not)
  3. I (live) in Nan Jing , but my friend
(read) newspaper, but my mother

  5. It’s two o’clock in the afternoon. We (have) an English class now.
  6. I like (sing), she (like)(dance).
  7. What Helen often (do) at the weekends? She often (eat) bread for breakfast. (have) (some) hobbies? Yes, she (be) from . (catch) insects.
  8. He (do not) want
  10. Yang Ling
  11. Where
  13. What’s

  9. I (have) a friend. Her name (be)Susan. She (like) singing and dancing (be) Helen and Tom from? They (Nancy) hobby? She (like) (American)?

  12. She usually (go) shopping with her mother. (grow) flowers. (England). . (beautiful). (go) (shop) (visit).
  14. Mr Smith (come) from Australia. He speaks
  15.Look, They (play) football in the playground.
  16. (do) your sister
  17.Liu Tao can
  19. (swim) (good) . (be) from (foot) . (peach) in the supermarket. (she) with (go) (she) homework. (fish). (write) an e-mail to (I) friend. (watch ) TV every day? No, she (he) mother can (dance)

  18.I often go (swim) on Sunday afternoon. But my mother (Nancy) parents (have) two (help)
  20. How many
  21. A chicken
  23. Let (we) (child) are there in your class? There
(Japanese). They’re Japanese (be) thirty.

  22. I’d like (buy) some
  24. We (want)
  26. There
  27. There
  28. What
  30. There
  31. I (like)

  25. you (skate) now? No, I (be) some milk in the bottle. (be) some (be) (butterfly) and (you) mother
( dragonfly ) in the park. (cook) in the kitchen.
(do) now? She

  29. I want to (buy) some interesting books at the bookshop (be) some (knife) and (ski) ( fork) in the cupboard. (good). (run) in the (ski). I can

  32. Liu Tao and Wang Bing usually (run) after school. Look, they playground.
  33. This is
  34. Today
  36. (she) book. Those (be) (be) (they) (book). (card) are for . (they). (Australia). (teacher) Day . These

  35. I want(write) a letter to my friend. He is (be) there any (some) bread in the fridge? No, there (student) in the classroom. They (same) hobby. All right.
  37. Today is the (one) day of the new term.
  38. There
(paly) volleyball now.

  39. Mum and I (have)
  41. (do) your friends
  42. What
  43. show _(be) one plus four? (they) how

  40. Shall we (go) to the cinema by bike? It’s five. (darw)
(visit) your family every week? No, they(do). firefly)

  44. Who
(be) on duty today?

  45. Don’t play the violin. Your father (sleep) in the bedroom. 练习(
  1. He usually(go) (shop) after lunch.
  2. He (have) a family.
  3. My aunt often(play) table tennis after school.
  4. (do)she (feel) tried?
  5. His brothers (surf) the Internet every day.
  6. He (not do) (he) housework at the weekends.
  7. The (child) are (talk) about their weekends.
  8. My mother (like)(dance).She can (dance) beautifully. And she often (dance) in the evening.
  9. (do)she ( sleep) early in the evening?
  10. My parent (have)a big apple tree.
  11. What (do) he usually (do) on Sundays?
  12. Her sister, Nancy, (call)(my) now.
  13. Can you(make)clothes for (I) daughter.
  14. How(do) you spend your weekends? I often (write) e-mails.
  15. Where is she from? She is from. She’s She (speak) . (France)
  16. How (be) you? I(be) ill. I (be) fine tomorrow, I think.
  17. (be) you free now? Sorry, I (be) very busy.
  18. Listen, two (American) (sing) in (France).
  19. Let’s (go) and (play) basketball .
  20. Look, Mike is (sit) (quiet).
  21. (do) your father (watch) TV in the evening? No, he (not).
  22. May I (speak) to Helen? This is Helen (speak).
  23. Are these your (stamp) ? No, they’re (Yang Ling)
  24. Children’s Day is (come), our parents would like (buy) things for (we).
  25. I (be) late. Don’t (late ) again.
  26. Who (teach)this class English? Miss Li does.
  27. Where your father (work)? He (work) in a hospital.
  28. your father (play) table tennis over there now? Yes, he . He often (play) it at this time.
  29. How (do) Yang Ling go to school? she go to school by bike?
  30. your father often busy? Yes, he is.
  31. Does he ( swim) (good)?
  33. My
  34. When (not write) on the wall. (friend) are at home today. I love your mother (swim). (they) very much. (get) up in the morning?

  35. Sometimes Wang Bing goes

  36. Why
  37. Miss Li is
  39. Are
  40. Let’s try
  42. Let me
  43. There
  44. Kate
(be) Tom absent today? (us) teacher. We like (Ann) is yellow. (good). (she).

  38. My coat is red and
(this) your Japanese books? (study) English (country).

  41. They are in different
(clean ) the blackboard for you, sir. ( be) much water in the bottle. ( do ) her homework now? It’s time they ( teach ) (we) English . Now, she ( be ) your trousers. (hobby ) ( have ) lunch. (do )? (give ) us an English lesson.

  45. Look at the children over there! What
  46. Miss li
  47. Here

  48. We have the same

  49. How many (subject) do you have this afternoon?
  50. Show (they) how (make) a model plane.
  51. There are a lot of (dragonfly) in the park.
  52. The student uses a computer (write) music.
  53. My (sister) hobby is (collect) (stamp).
  54. The grasshopper with long (leg) can jump high.
  55. I am sorry (hear) that.
  56. How many (flower) stamps do you have?
  57. The (visit) are from the USA.
  58. (class) begin at half past seven.
  59. What’s wrong with (he)? He (have) (get) a high fever.
  60. Where you (go)? I (go) to the library.
  61. Don’t (talk) to the strangers.
  62. I’m sorry I (can) buy (some) (fruit) for you.
  63. After taking some medicine, my father feels (well) .
  64. I have a good friend. (she) name is Mary.
  65. He (have) a round face and blue(eye).
  66. Look at the (beautiful) butterflies. They dance (beautiful).
  67. Jim’s mother has some (China) friends. She (like) (write) stories about (they).
  68. Listen to the teacher (careful) in class.
  69. It’s a (story) and it’s sad. (real)
  1.Do you like (run) after dogs? No, I (do).
  2.What do you (like)? I like (sit) on the ball.
  3.What (do ) Liu Tao (have)? He (have) a towel.
  4.What is Jack (do) ? He’s (listen) to music.
  5. Don’t (draw) on the desk.
  6..Don’t forget (open) the door.
  7.I’d like (climb) the tree.
  8.There (be) some chicken in the tin.
  9.(not make) a model plane.
  10.What (be) near the garden? There(be ) a lot of houses.
  11.I (not) have a telescope. 12 They like (fly) kites after class.
  13. you (like) milk?
  14. Look, the bird is (sing) in the tree.
  15. Can Kate (ski)? Yes. Look, She (ski) over there.
  16. Here (be) some change for you.
  17. My parents like (drink) tea. Now, they (drink) tea in the room.
  18. How many students want (be) a doctor?

  19. I like (have) noodles. Now I (have) noodles with my parents.
  20. What can your brother (do ) ? He can (write) in English. What your brother (do) now? He (copy) words.
  21. (not read) the newspaper. magazine ,please.
  22. What the children (have)? They (have) some cards.
  22. What the woman (have)? She (have) a storybook.
  23. The boy a yo-yo and his parents some books. (have)
  24. Let’s (make) a cake now.
  25. Would you like (join) us?
  26. Shall we (learn) the English song now?
  27. I don’t know how (cook) rice.
  28. Please show us how (clean) the window.
  29. Why don’t we (buy) a mask?
  30. I’ll (play) basketball with you. (read) the



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