话题写作第一书, 考研 1 号《写作 160 篇》话题写作第一书,连续五年命中原 题!
对 2011 考研英语作文有用的经典句型: 首先是 There be 结构,实际上是一种倒装结构,主语在句末。翻译时,可采 用这样的框架: “什么时间什么地方有(没有)什么人()物怎么样” ,如:
  1) There are other techniques . 还有其它一些技巧。 我们可以稍微拓展下: There are other techniques(that might help you with you studying,后置定语) 。 还有其它一些技巧(可以帮助你学习)
  2) There is (more 定语) entertainment(in a good book 状语)than(比较 级) (in a month of typical TV programming 状语)。 》 书里的快乐远远胜过电视 继续,你能分析一下这些句子的结构吗?
  3) Most curious of all,there was no quality control whatsoever. 最稀奇的是,没有任何的品质管理
  4) There were no breaks in the day to relieve the boring work. 白天没有空闲,可以缓解下工作的枯燥。
  5) In the past 50 years there has been a great increase in the amount of research being done on the brain.过去的五十年,对智力的研究大大增加。 给大家一些经典句式,希望大家能背诵下来,并灵活应用到你的作文中去。
  6) There is much that we can learn from him today.今天我们可以从他身上学 到很多
  7) There are two sides to every question. If you take one side with decision and act on it with effect, those who take the other side will of course resent your actions. 每个问题都有两面,如果你决定站在某一边并采取有效行动,那些支持另一 边的人自然反对你的行动。
  8) There is little sense in treating the child so severely. After all he is too young to know that he was doing wrong. 这么严厉的对待孩子是不明智的,毕竟他还太小,意识不到自己做错了。
  9) There is no surgical patient I cannot treat competently, treat just as well as or better than any other surgeon.没有我治不了的病人,至少我不比别人治疗的差。
  10) There can be on doubt that he is the right person for the job. 毫无疑问他是最适合这份工作的人。
  11) There is no doubt that these measures will contribute to the solution of the problem. 毫无疑问这些措施有助于问题的解决。
  12) There is urgent need to debate this issue openly 急需要公开讨论这件事。 It 结构 英语里的 it 是个多功能词(multi-functional word) ,最常用的是它的代词功 能,可代物“它”“to do”“v-ing” 、 、 “宾补” “主语从句等等。常用结构“It is adj.\n to do\……”
  1) It is advisable to exercise (拥有) patience in dealing with such complicated situations.
因为专注,所以卓越! 因为专注,所以卓越!
话题写作第一书, 考研 1 号《写作 160 篇》话题写作第一书,连续五年命中原 题!
遇到这类复杂的情况,明智的做法是要有耐性。 这句里,It 代指“to exercise(拥有) patience” ,后面的“in……”作状语, 为“在……中” 以下同理(红色字体为主语部分,也就是 it 代指内容)
  2) It is advisable to place important telephone numbers next to the phone in case of an emergency.建议把重要的电话号码放在电话机旁,以备出现紧急情况。
  3) It is biologically reasonable for deer to reduce their cost of living to increase their chances of surviving in winter.为了提高冬季存活的机率,鹿必须明智的从生 理上减少生存成本, 此外,it is\was……that 也是高频句式
  4) It is essential that the increase in production should be geared to (适应) the increase in public demand.生产量的提高必须和大众的需求相适应。 此句中,it 代指的即为 that 后面成分,这种句式被称为“主语从句” 。再如 下面三句:
  5) It is necessary that young and old people should communicate more with each other. 年轻人和老人应该多多沟通是很有必要的。
  6) It is incredible(不可思议) that he ate the big cake just in two bites.不可 思议的是,他两口就解决了那个大蛋糕,
  7) It is certain that fresh air and exercises are more valuable than medicine. 新鲜的空气和锻炼比药更有用 试着学习这些句子吧!
  8) It is certain that with determination and hard work you will succeed eventually. 下定决心,努力工作,你肯定会成功。
  9) It is easy to fall into bad habits but very difficult to break away form them. 养成坏习惯很容易,而摆脱却很难。 10 It was not until about 1600B.C. when the chariot (马拉战车) was invented that the maximum speed was raised to roughly twenty miles per hour.直到公元前 1600 年,马拉战车才被发明出来,最高速度提升到大概每小时 20 英里。
  11) It was in times of crisis that I finally found out what he was really like. 就是在危难时刻,我才终于发现他到底是个什么样的人。
  12) It takes (took) sb. some time to do sth. 某人花费多长时间去做某事
  13) It can be argued that such a response may not mean much (有人认为……)
  14) It is reported that the electronic industry is going on rapidly in recent year.
  15) It pays in the long run (从长远的角度看……) to introduce new technique
  16) It has been only twenty-five years since television came to one of people‘s pastimes.
因为专注,所以卓越! 因为专注,所以卓越!



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