Book Unit 1 Travel Language Text 1 The Academie Francasie has for decades been the watchdog over the
French language. A few years ago, French sensitivity to the influx of English words became so great that law for the purification of French was adopted. The law covers even technical applications. For example, in theory, it is now compuslory in France to refer to the Boeing 747 as a gros-porteur, leasing as credit-bail, etc. the list is very long and detailed and applies to all facets of life. Mr. Chirac, the French President, might well expand on this list and come up with some new French terms for words such as “internet” or “byte stream” just to name a couple. The mind boggles at what the world might face. 2 Unfortunately (or perhaps not), the English language is not so
protected. Quite apart from the unforgivable deviations from the king’s English prevlent in America, where “honour” is commonly written as “honor” and “night” as “nite,” many well-tested has also been give new meanings, making communication somewhat difficult. For example, the boot of a car has become to be called a trunk ? a word reserved in England for the main part of a tree. The bonnet is a hood, good old nappies are diapers, and a baby’s matinee jacket is a vest. It’s obvious that the two countries are indeed separated by what once was a common
language! From an American point of view, of course, it could be argued that the British speak English with a speech deficiency. 3 Even worse English, however, is in use. Anyone who travels in
foreign countries and observes it on menus and posters, in hotels, and indeed in everyday life can testify that what used to be the king’s lingo has become in these places but a poor relation thereof. Allow me to elaborate. 4 The travel writer Perrot Phillips has taken pains to highlight some
of his experiences, which I feel should not be withheld from a wider readership. He refers to a Dutch bulb catalogue which promised customers “a speedy execution” and to an East Berlin cloakroom sign that requested guests to “please hung yourself here.” One hopes that nobody took the advice literally. 5 To these I can add some of my own experiences, encountered in long
years of traveling the world. There was, for example, the observation in an Ostend novelty shop that “revolting new ideas” were being marketed, and the boast of some Bombay bakers that “we are No. 1 loafers, best values in whole town.” 6 I realized how far Christinanity had come when I read in Hong Kong
the following call by a dentist: The teeth they are extracted here by the latest Methodists. 7 I fear it can not be answered with certainty whether these actually
illustrate a progressive use of English or are simply reflections of local usages. I feel quite strongly, however, that the Haifa Medical Association should have prevented one of its members from claiming on his brass plate that he is a “Specialist in Women and Other Diseases.” 8 Hotels seem to revel in their multilingual signs. One supposes these
signs were designed to facilitate the use of modern services in otherwise sterile and barely functional establishments. Nevertheless, the
unsuspecting guests confronted in a Brussels hotel with the following instruction for the use of the life (elevator) might well prefer to walk: “To move the life, push button to wishing floor. If the cabin should enter more persons, each one should push number of wishing floor. Driving is then going alphabetically by natural order. Button retaining pressed position shows received command for visiting station.” The less sophisticated notice in Istanbul (“To call room service, please to open door and call ROOM SERVICE”) at least does not confront the guest with electronics that might not always work. 9 In Turkey, the delight in “straight talk” expresses itself in the
by-now-famous Ankara brochure which advises, “Visit our restaurant where you can eat Middle East foods in an European Ambulance.” A note on a Swiss menu that “Our wines leave nothing to hope for” was equally inviting. 10 Eastern European courtesies have never left the once grand hotels
of the former Austro-Hungarian empire. A notice in the hotel rooms that “the honoured guests are invited to take advantage of the chamber maids from 12-14 o’clock” might, however, result in some unplanned traffic jams. A recent Moscow exhibition’s announcement drew attention to “a showing of 300 paintings by Russian artists, most of whom were executed in the last ten years” ? hardly a welcoming thought to the occasional visitor. 11 A Bangkok laundry’s advertisement to the visiting public (“Leaving your clothes here and enjoy yourself”) could also be seen as a invitation to extracurricular activities in that Far Eastern capital of fun. 12 In Rome, a laundry advertised a similar invitation: Ladies, leave your clothes here and spend the afternoon having a good time. 13 It should not surprise the traveller that nightspots advertise their
wares in Europe in many and diverse language. The German preoccupation with Majorca led a Munich nightclub to copy a trilingual Palma announcement that dancing was going on in what is indeed a surprising way. The notice read, “Baile! Baile! Baile!” in Spanish, “Tanz! Tanz! Tanz!” in German, and “Balls! Balls! Balls!” in what was meant to be English. We are spared the upper Bavarian version of the activity. 14 The Black Forest Germans, on the other hand, are known to be
rather prudish in their outlook, but is it really necessary to post a sign: “It is strictly forbidden on our Black Forest camping site that people of
different sexes, for example men and women, live together in one tent unless they are married with each other for that purpose.” 15 I am told that for the otherwise unsuspecting tourist, the following
sign proved a real crowd puller. Parrot Phillips claims it to be true that in an Austrian hotel room he found the sign: “If service required, give two strokes to the maid and three to the valet.” 16 There are undoubtedly more and varied versions of the use of
English, unprotected as our language is from the interference of emerging and ambitious entrepreneurs. Nevertheless, I prefer seeing English develop as the lingua franca around the world rather than being suffocated for the sake of so-called purity by some ill-advised legislative process.
Exercises B 部分 1 Some people are very sensitive about what others might think of them. 2 Between Christmas and New Year’s day, many stores have a long list of goods on sale. This is known as New Year’s sale. 3 Statistics reveal that traveling during one’s vocation is becoming prevalent as money and spare time increase. 4 A deficiency in educational resources puts at risk the intellectual development of our children.
5 The applicant’s documents required for immigration were withheld by the local police station because of his criminal record. 6 During the interview, Mary told the interviewer that she would like to do something interesting but Tom said with certainty that he would choose the job which pays well. 7 It is important that the elevators be functional before the Spring Festival. 8 In spite of a good harvest, farmers were confronted with many difficulties in selling their grain, which they alone could not overcome. 9 Foreign language learners should know that the way of expressing courtesy will be quite different from country to country. 10 You will be spared the fine if you tell us who else was involved. 11 One evening, I was running after a robber in the nearby woods. Suddenly, I was hit by a stroke of a heavy thing from behind and lost my consciousness. 12 A survey shows that ambitious companies will provide the customer with high-quality goods as well as first-class services. 13 Some scientists and doctors claim that purified water, which is popular in the market, may be harmful to children. 14 This book is worth buying for it highlights all the famous American writers and their works. It is a very demanding job to be a soap-opera writer because the novelty
of a soap-opera wears off quickly.
C 部分
  1. People who are sensitive in character my have difficulty in making friends.
  2. He is loved by his students, for he is not only a learned person but also has a sense of humor.
  3. Many discoveries resulted from the sensitivity of scientists to seemingly common things.

  4. The Chinese government has issued a law that nine years of education is compulsory for every child.
  5. Many teenagers have no weekends nowadays. They undertake extra training or remedial classes under the compulsion of their parents.
  6. Those who plan to study abroad have to take a compulsory examination of language proficiency.

  7. Many new and tall buildings have big posters on their front windows saying “For lease or Sale” but the real estate prospects are still quite bleak.
  8. In order to make some money Mr. Wilson moved his family to the first floor and started to lease the ground floor.

  9. Sometimes, leasing an apartment can be cheap and easy for a person who wants to settle down in a new place.

  10. Because he was driving his car at a speed of over 180 miles an hour, a tiny rock was enough to deviate his car off the road.
  11. Long time tension and pressure may cause people to behave deviantly.
  12. The investigation shows that the air crash was caused by a deviation from normal airport procedure.

  13. The prevalence of complaints about the bad weather all over the world may make people aware how serious air pollution is.
  14. It is very interesting that some styles of clothes that were prevalent in the last century have again become a fashion now.
  15. Nowadays the tradition of three generations of a family living under the same roof is no longer prevalent in many cities of China.

  16. All the children in kindergarten are required to drink at least one glass of milk a day because rickets can result from a diet deficient in vitamin D.
  17. The demerits of the present educational system are revealed by college graduates who are deficient in practical experience.

  18. There is no need to read the whole novel. Sometimes people may benefit a lot from reading just a few extracts.
  19. It is reported that some peasants have made a fortune by extracting poison from snakes they raised.
  20. Examples extracted from our daily life are vivid and easy for people to understand.

  21. Two U.S. Army experts were sent from Germany to join the air force officers in the search for answers to the mystery that confronted them.
  22. More than twenty years’ confrontations between the two countries have solved by diplomatic negotiations.
  23. Although he was confronted with many difficulties in setting up a new company, he did not give up.

  24. The proverb “Spare the rod and spoil the child” means that discipline is necessary for children; otherwise they may grow up to be spoiled.
  25. You need to bring a spare tire with you just in case your car breaks down in the middle of somewhere.
  26. Could you spare me a few minutes? I have something important to talk with you.

  27. I couldn’t believe he had a stroke last month because he can walk like a normal person now.
  28. People feel sorry for some young women who think that a happy life means to spend their time at home watching TV and stroking their pets.
  29. It is really amazing that he could write complicated Chinese characters with one stroke.
改错 1 If our friends cannot take us, we must make alternative arrangements to get to the airport. 2 No one in this department has ever accused the governor of taking advantage of his position; he is hard-working and considerate. 3 The pet dog died when it was fifteen, not of old age, but of a head injury when it fell down a flight of stairs. 4 Casualties are said to be very high and in some villages, where older and less substantial buildings predominate, it is said that not a house remains standing. 5 It was an accepted custom in western countries for men to open the door for women and always to let ladies go first on social occasions. 6 Early industrial people used three times as much energy as their agricultural ancestors; modern people are using three times as much as their industrial ancestors.
7 Geothermal sources, though in a sense free, in order to be maintained, would end up using more energy than they produced. 8 Ever since the invention of the two-day weekend,
where-to-go-for-the-holiday has been a live topic for people in this city. 9 When we speak of leisure nowadays, we are not thinking of securing time or opportunity to do something; time weighs less heavily on your hands, and the problem is how to fill it. 10 There is absolutely no reason for saying that there are no regularities in Nature with which our statements of natural law correspond.
完形填空 Whatever else people do when they come together ? whether they play, fight, or make automobiles ? they talk. We lie in a world of language. We talk to our friends, our associates, our wives and husbands, our bosses, our teachers, our parents and in-laws. We talk to bus drivers and total strangers. We talk face to face and over the telephone, and everyone responds with more talk. Television and radio further swell this torrent of words. Hardly a moment of our waking lives is free from words, and even in our dreams we talk and are talked to. We also



   Unit Two 谎言与真理 1 什么是真理?或反之,什么又是谎言?对这两个问题,古往今来各国众多的哲学家、教育家及宗教领袖的答案各不相同,而在北美及欧洲的作家圈中却存在着两点共识:第一,撒谎应当是一种故意行为。换言之,如果你的话与事实相背,而你自己却没意识到,那就不算撒谎。第二,其实每个人都在撒谎,而且是频繁地撒谎。但这种共识到此为止。 2 有些人比较极端,他们认为撒谎总是有害的,因此人们应尽量设法避免撒谎。其理由是撒谎既伤害了别人,也伤害了撒谎者自己。如果撒过一次慌,第二次就变得容易 ...


   多维教程-英语翻译( 多维教程-英语翻译(第一册) 一:旅行通用语 1 数十年来,法兰西语言研究院一直捍卫着法语的尊严.几年前,由于法国人对英语词汇的入侵 非常敏感,该机构颁布了净化法语的法律,其内容甚至涉及专业术语.就拿波音 747(Boeing747) 来说吧,现在法国人必须用法语词 gros-porteur;表示出租的 leasing 也变成了 credit-bail.此类例 子不胜枚举, 触及生活的方方面面. 法国总统希拉克很可能会继续加大力度, 直至连英特网 internet 和字 ...


   Book Unit 1 Travel Language Text 1 The Academie Francasie has for decades been the watchdog over the French language. A few years ago, French sensitivity to the influx of English words became so great that law for the purification of French was ado ...


   Practical Translation: Unit 1 小时,生意始终在进行, “一年 365 天,一周 7 天,一天 24 小时,生意始终在进行,那意味着一年 365 天,一周 7 天,一天 24 小时,竞争也同样在进行, 豪特说, 公司取胜的方法之一就是要更快地到 小时,竞争也同样在进行, 豪特说, ” “ 目的地’ 这就是说,你不仅要把所有能支持公司快速运转的功能都调动起来, 达‘目的地’ 这就是说,你不仅要把所有能支持公司快速运转的功能都调动起来,而且还 ! 得知道如何决定‘目的 ...


   Unit Four 英语的未来 在 16 世纪中叶,有四五百万人说英语,说英语的人数在欧洲的语言中名列第五。前四 位依次是法语、德语、意大利语和西班牙语。俄语排在英语之后。两百年以后,意大利语排 名落后,而俄语的排名靠前了,英语依然处于第五位。到了 18 世纪末,英语的地位开始上 升。到 19 世纪中叶,英语已经跻身于第一位了。今天,英语的地位遥遥领先,说英语的人 数可能达到说后两种语言,即俄语和德语人数的总和。 今天到底有多少人说英语?这个问题难以回答。除了把英语作为母语的人以外,还有一 ...


   考研英语复试自我介绍 1 自我介绍 Good morning. I am glad to be here for this interview. First let me introduce myself. My name is Dongzhanji,I am twenty-five years old. I come from zibo city of Shan dong Province. I graduated from Shandong university of technolog ...


   Unit One 1.为什么我们与来自其它文化的人们的交流总是充满了误会、让人感到沮丧呢?令很多人奇怪的是, 即使怀着良好的愿望、使用自己认为是友好的方式,甚至有互利的可能性,也似乎都不足以保证交流 的成功。有时候,出现排斥现象正是因为一方所属的文化群体团体是“不同”的。在这个国际舞台发 生重大变化的时刻,探讨为什么尝试交流的结果却令人失望的原因是必要的,这些原因实际上是跨文 化交流中的绊脚石。 2.相似性的假设 为什么误解或反对会产生呢?这个问题的一个回答就是, 大部分的人天真地认为世界上 ...


   Unit1 从能力到责任 当代的大学生对他们在社会中所扮演的角色的认识模糊不清。 他们致力于寻 求在他们看来似乎是最现实的东西:追求安全保障,追逐物质财富的积累。年轻 人努力想使自己成人成才、有所作为,但他们对未来的认识还是很模糊的。处于 像他们这样前程未定的年龄阶段,他们该信仰什么?大学生一直在寻找真我的所 在, 寻找生活的意义。 一如芸芸众生的我们, 他们也陷入了两难的境地。 一方面, 他们崇尚奉献于人的理想主义,而另一方面,他们又经不住自身利益的诱惑,陷 入利己主义的世界里欲罢不能。 ...


   Good afternoon, teachers. I am very glad to be here for this interview. First let me introduce myself. My name is abc, 25 years old. I come from Weifang, a beautiful city of Shandong Province. I graduated from Commercial College in July, 2001 and m ...


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   非常抱歉,该文档存在转换错误,不能在本机显示。建议您重新选择其它文档 ...


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   89:: ;"$’-*"< =*+<’(0 ,-*$)($ >-# ,-<<)+) 1$?@)*$( A&)B)< C D !#)<’.’*"#EF !"#$%& !"#$ % &’($)*’*+ ,-./#)0)*(’-* 1)2$’-* 3 !" #$%& &’(#%)"* +), -%.. /’01 !"#$ &/)1 ...


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