八年小学六年级毕业考试英语试卷听力材料 二 00 八年小学六年级毕业考试英语试卷听力材料
一、听句子三次,根据所读的顺序在相应图的括号里写上字母编号。 (6%) A. Miss White marked the pupils’ homework yesterday evening. B. We are going to visit Beijing this summer. C. There are famous Flower Fairs in Guangzhou before the Spring Festival. D. Yongxian is going to do some reading at the library this afternoon. E. Liu Xiang got a gold medal in 2004 Olympic Games. F. Robin Hood took from the rich and gave to the poor. 二、听句子三次,选择最佳答语,并把答案的字母编号写在括号内。 (8%)
  1. What was the date yesterday?
  2. How much does it cost?
  3. Would you like to go to the zoo with us?
  4. What’s the temperature now?
  5. Can I have the pasta, please?
  6. Who’s calling, please?
  7. When is Christmas?
  8. What’s the capital of the UK? 三、听句子三次,写出句子所缺的单词。 (6%)
  1. My grandpa was a fireman when he was young.
  2. Li Ping isn’t good at swimming.
  3. I wish I could be a writer. I could write fables for the children.
  4. We went to the cinema last night.
  5. The forest is full of trees.
  6. Which do you prefer, coke or tea? 四、听一段对话和一个问题三次,根据对话内容选择问题的正确答案,把答案的 字母编号写在括号内。 (5%)
  1. Mrs Webb: Get up, Ben! Ben: What time is it, Mum? Mrs Webb: It’s eight o’clock. Today is your birthday. We are going to have a birthday party for you. Question: What time is it?
  2. Mrs Webb: Shall we go shopping this afternoon? Ben: Good idea! I want to have an ice-cream. Mrs Webb: OK. We also need some milk, eggs, bread, apples and some carrots. Ben: Mum, you forgot something. Mrs Webb: Mmm. We need a cake, a birthday cake.
Question: What does Ben want?
  3. Shopkeeper: Good morning. Can I help you? Mrs Webb: Yes, how much are the apples? Shopkeeper: They are one pound a kilo. Mrs Webb: OK. I’d like half a kilo, please. Shopkeeper: Sure. Do you want anything else? Mrs Webb: No, thanks! Question: How many kilos of apples do they have?
  4. Man: Excuse me! Can you tell me the way to the Garden Hotel, please? Mrs Webb: Yes. Turn right out of this building. Go straight ahead and you can see a bus-stop. You can take a No. 10 bus to get there. Man: Thank you very much. Mrs Webb: You’re welcome. Question: Where is the woman going?
  5. Ben: Hello. May I speak to Janet? Janet: Speaking. Who’s that? Ben: It’s Ben here. I am going to have a birthday party at one thirty this afternoon. Would you like to come to my party? Janet: I’d love to. Ben: Then see you later. Janet: See you. Question: What time is the party? 五、听 Ben 的日记三次。根据日记的描述,选择问题的答案,把答案的字母编号 写在括号内。 (5%) Saturday, September 22nd Hot, Sunny It’s my birthday today. I am ten years old. We got up early in the morning and went to the shop. We bought fruits, drinks and cakes in the shop. My birthday party began at one o’clock in the afternoon. Many friends came to my birthday party. They gave the presents to me and said, “Happy birthday!” I was very happy and said, “Thank you!” My mother prepared a lot of food for the party. There was a big birthday cake on the table. There were ten candles on it. I blew out the candles and cut the birthday cake. And then we ate the cakes and drank Coke. We enjoyed the food very much. We had a good time. At four o’clock, my friends said goodbye and left my house.



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