New Standard English Module 9
教学内容: 教学内容:

  2) noodles, meat, fish, rice, soup, vegetable.
  2. 句型:(Unit1 图片 6,
  7) What do you like? I like… Here you are, Thank you.
题目:Food 功能:
  1. 信息差任务:猜单词的游戏。

  2.评选最佳 sales boy or salesgirl.
  5.了解家人喜欢的食物,学做一道他们喜欢的菜。 一.教学目标: 教学目标
  1. 能听说词汇:noodles, meat, fish, rice, soup, vegetable.
  2. 听懂会说并表演 Unit 1 图片
  6,7 的对话内容。
  3. 能运用句型: What do you like? I like… Here you are, Thank you. 进行 交际。 二.教学重点难点: 教学重点难点
  1. 句型:What do you like? Here you are.
  2. 词汇:noodles, meat, fish, rice, soup, vegetable. 三.教具准备: 单词图片,envelope,纸制碟子,碗,骰子,彩纸,CAI。 四.教学过程: (一) Warming-up:
  1. Sing an English song. Two little black birds.
  2. T: Boys and girls, just now, we singed a song named “ Two little birds” You know bird is a kind of animal. I like bird. Do you like bird? What’s your
favorite animal? (You can do the actions) What’s your favorite fruit? What do you like? Ss: I like… T: Oh, good. Me too. Really? I like it, too. (二)Presentation:
  1.Now, I have a good news for you. Yanshan Pupil’s Restaurant will open for a business.但是还缺少了几名售货员和厨师, Miss Cao 今天就要从同 学们中间选出几名优秀的售货员和厨师。Let’s see. Who will be the best sales boy or salesgirl and who will be the best cook? T: Do you know cook?Yes, I am a cook of Yanshan pupil’s restaurant. Oh, sorry, I have to work now. What am I doing? T sings: Hello, little friends. I’m a cook. I can cook good food for you. Noodles, meat, fish, rice and soup. So many good foods for my students. (T shows the pictures.) Teach: These are food. Delicious food. Food means something we can eat. (三) New words teaching
  1.T: I bring so many delicious foods here. What are these in English? Look and listen carefully. (CAI)
  2.T: What have you heard? 学生说出他听到的食品名称。
  3.T shows the pictures and teach the new words: Look, it’s long. It’s very nice. What is it? Teach the word. Noodles, noodles, I like noodles. Who like noodles? Do you like noodles?Can you do the action? Meat, meat, I like meat. It smells delicious. Fish, fish, I like fish. I like fish very much. How about you? Rice, rice, Chinese people eat it every day. I like rice. 做出吃米饭的样子,Oh, I’m thirsty. I want something to drink. I can drink soup.喝汤的动作。Soup, soup, I like soup.
  4.Read the words together.
  5.T does the actions. Ss guess the word. I say you do.
  6.T shows the picture of vegetable: Noodles, meat, rice, soup, and fish these are staple foods. Don’t forget vegetable. (Show vegetable) Do you know vegetable? It is nourishing.蔬菜含有丰富的维生素,也是不可缺少的食物。 It’s good for your heath.
Teach the word “vegetable.” I like vegetable.
  7.Read the words like me. (From low voice to loud voice) (四).Games: It’s time to play games: (
  1)T: Look at the envelope. There are some pictures in it. Guess: What’s in it? I will show the picture step by step. You guess the words. Let’s see who has magic eyes. (
  2)T: Look at the dice; I’ll play the dice. Ss guess the words. (五).Sentence teaching.
  1.T: I’m sure you must feel hungry after looking at so many foods. Shall we go to the restaurant? Ok, Let’s go to Yanshan Pupil’s Restaurant. Look! Noodles/…and fruits. (Show the foods and fruits. 出示课前准备好的纸制食品) What do you like? 你最喜欢什么呢?What do you like?Read after me. One by one.
  2.Ss: I like… T: Come to the front. Here you are. Lead the Ss to say: Thank you.
  3.T: When we give something to others. We can say: “ Here you are”. When we take it we say: “Thank you.” Pass the dice. S1: Here you are. S2: Thank you.
  4. Game. T: Hi! I’m a saleswoman. Can I help you? What do you like? S:I like… T: Here you are. S: Thank you. T: You are welcome. Ask the other students what they like. And give the food to the students. T gives a sticker to each student. T: Who is the best sales boy or sales girl? A special prize is for you. Congratulations! (六) .Make an interview.
  1.T: Just now, you have choused your favorite food. Now, let’s make an interview. Look at this form. What do you like? S1: I like fish. So I tick in this box. 调查每一 组第一名学生 T: Here you are. 给每一小组学生一张表格, Now, each group has a paper. The first student asks the second one: What do you like? The second student answer: I like…You tick in the box. For example, he/she likes noodles. You find noodles and tick in this box. Then say: Here you are. Pass the paper to the second one. Ask and answer one by one. Let’s pass and tick. 最后一名学生统计 数字写在黑板上. noodles meat fish vegetable rice soup
I like… Total 总 ( 人数)
  3.总结情况: T: Ok, let’s look at this form. How many students like noodles/meat/fish/vegetable/rice/soup? What’s your favorite food? A small number of students like …And only…student like… 从调查的结果 我们可看出大家不太喜欢吃蔬菜. Miss Cao 希望大家不要挑食,每天尽量在主食的基础上,还要多吃蔬 菜和水果,做到营养均衡。Do remember. It’s good for your heath. (七).Make food. T: Oh, What’s for my lunch today? I want something to eat for my lunch. I want rice, fish, and soup. These are staple food. I want vegetable, and I want an apple. So I think I will be healthy.( 准备白纸剪成米饭,粉红纸剪成肉,塑料大碗假 设装有汤放一个汤勺,黄纸剪成面条,蓝色纸剪成鱼,绿色纸剪成蔬菜,红 纸剪一个苹果。 Look, this is my nourishing lunch. What’s for your lunch? Do ) you want to try? OK. Please take out your color papers, scissor and the plates. Cut the paper and make food. You can make a kind of staple food, a kind of fruit, and a kind of vegetable. 小厨师们, 发挥你们的想象,用你们手上的彩纸,为全校的同学 们设计制作出富有营养的午餐吧! 待会,我要看看谁制作的午餐即美观又营养. 看谁能当选最佳厨师. Let’s see, who will be the best cook? 评选最佳厨师. (三) Homework: Ask your family member what food they like, and learn to make their favorite food. 询问你的家人最喜欢的食物,学做一道他们喜欢吃的菜.(运用任务



   New Standard English Module 9 教学内容: 教学内容: (一年级起点 2) Food 1.词汇:(Uint2) noodles, meat, fish, rice, soup, vegetable. 2. 句型:(Unit1 图片 6,7) What do you like? I like… Here you are, Thank you. 题目:Food 功能: 谈论喜爱的食物。 运用任务:1. 信息差任务:猜单词的游戏。 2.评选最佳 sales boy or ...

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