小学二年级英语教案 Bk4 M9 Unit1 教案
Teaching Plan
Title 课题 Aims 教学目的 Focus 教学重难点 Aids 教学准备 Teaching Process 教学过程 NSE Book4Module9 Unit 1

  1. Enable the students to listen ,say and read the new word :straight turn, right ,left wear lake road Sentence: Where is lake road?\Go straight on.\Turn left.\Turn right.
  2、Raise their interest to learn English .Encourage the students to have good cooperation with each other and learn form each other.
  1、Important point :Students can read and say these words: straight turn, right ,left wear lake road
  2、Difficult point: Students can read, say and use these sentences freely and correctly. CAI Picture Cards Tape Radios
Teacher’s Activity

  1、 Warning up and Revision ① Greetings. Eg :Nice to see you again. How are you? Etc ②Play the tape ③Teacher might give students some order, students must listen carefully and do it. Eg: Turn around, Point up, Point down, Point the sky. etc
  2、Leading-in ①CAI shows out a picture of simple map. T: I want go to the school , but I’m lost ,,Who can tell me how to walk? ②Today ,Sam visit his friend Daming . But he’s lost , too. Let’s go and see what’s wrong with Sam.
  3、Listening & Reading Activities. ①Play the tape ②Play the tape again .Learn to the new words
Student’s Activity
  1)Say the same sentences
Re-prepara tion
  2)Sing”Shake, shake, shake” Do and say: ⑶Turn around, Point up, Point down, Point the sky.
  1)Students free talk how to walk in Chinese. (
  2)students listening carefully ,make clear the aims. (
  1) Children open your books ,listen and point.
  4、Further Development. ①Play the games. Use the cards ,
  2)read and use look and guess.Listen ,point together and repeat. Children say the dialogues in pairs. ⑶ Children Match by themselves, act in pairs. say and best and
  1)Do their best to sentences (
  2) Through the dice compete. ③Encourage the students to find another (
  3) Whose road is the road and draw out . nearest, then encourage reward. Review the direction words. ②Do the exercise of part

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