《新标准英语》book 4 Module 5 Unit1 教案
Topic PURPOSE Module 6 Unit 1 Ling ling is skipping Type Presentation
  1. Knowledge purpose Talking about what are the people doing ?
  2. Ability purpose Cultivate students’ listening, speaking and reading ability.
  3. Morality purposes
  1) Make students corporate well with each other.
  2) Make students help each other and play together Talking about the present continuous tense
  1. lingling is skipping.
  2. dam is hiding and sam is seeking.
  3. they are playing hide and seek.
  1. how to use the present tense freely and correctly. Computer, pictures, cards masks. Module5 Unit 1 Ling ling is skipping . Sam is hiding and daming is seeking. They are playing hide and seek.
I Warming up What do you liking doing when it is windy? Sunny?raining? II Presentation you have different things to do , now let’s find out what are daming,sam,amy, fangfang like doing during the break? (Put the poster on the blackboard) ask questions about the poster
  1. Point to the four pictures on the blackboard. Who ‘s she ? what’she doing? Who can show me in the front?
  2. ask questions about daming and sam in the same way.

  3. let children look at the screen. And repeat it.
  4. Put the words cards on the blackboard and encourage students to describe different weather in different seasons again.
  5. Play the tape and have children listen carefully. Then make them to act out the play. 略。 )
  6. Have students open their books and read after the tape.
  7. Play a game Have students do the guessing 8

  8.look at the screen and describe the picture.
  9.look at the screen and find out the rule of forming the participle
  10.look at the screen and introduce a web site for learning English by games. Ask your friends: What’s your favorite game?



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