小学二年级英语教案 Bk4 M9 Unit2 教案 Teaching Plan
Title 课题
NSE Book 4 Module 9 Unit 2

  1、能流利的运用主要句型进行讯问和说明路线 、
Aims 教学目的
Focus 教学重难 点 Aids 教学准备

  1、Where do you live?
  2、Go out of the school.
  3、You go past the factory. CAI Cards
Teacher’s Activity
Teaching Process 教学过程
I: Warming-up and Revision (
  1).Greetings (
  2).Sing a song. (
  3).Play a game “Listen and do” II. Leading-in Ask the students ”Where do you live?” Show a map about Apple Street. Then say “Can you help this girl find the Apple Street ? Now , listen!” III. Listening & reading Activities
  1、Play the tape and point to the map
  2、Play the tape again then ask question “Where’s Apple Street?” Then show the new words
Students’ Activity
Greetings Sing a song. Play a game Answer “I live in……” Look at the map and listen

  3、Play the tape again
  4、Show another map

  5、Show the chant
  6、Play the game “Simon says”
Look at the map and listen Listen and point then answer the question “Go out of the school .Turn left .Then go straight on. You go past the factory .Then you turn right.” Listen point and say Work in pairs “Where is Jess live? \Go straight on……” Listen point and say then do the actions. Competition
IV. Further Development
  1、 Show CAI. “Can you help the teddy bear find his home?” Choose the picture and guess.
  2、Do the Activity Book V. Homework Make a map about your home。
Choose the picture and guess
Do some exercises.
Feed back
教 学 反 馈


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