小学二年级英语教案 Bk4 M6 Unit2 教学设计
Title 题目 Aims 教学目的 Focus 教学重难点 Aids 教学准备 Teaching process 教 学 过 程 Book four Module 6 Unit 2 we are helping her. Comparing routines with current actions Language: Today is gandma’s birthday and we are helping her. Function: Comparing routines with current actions Word-cards Teacher’s activity 一.Warming up and revision Say hello to the students. 二.leading-in Draw two circles on the board. In one write “usually” and in the other write “now” Student’s activity Re-preparation
Sing the song “I am listening to music.
The student suggests activities and writes them around the circles. Then they can pick one activity from each circle 三 .Listening and reading and make sentences. activities Activity
  1. Listen and repeat Show the picture about the text. Play the tape. Look at the picture. Play the tape, again. Guess what happen in Write the words on the this girl’s home? board. Listen and find the Play the tape, sentence by words don’t understand. sentence. Read after the tape. Draw the table on the board. And do some mime. Look at the table then Usually Now ask and answer. Grandma Father Girl Activity 2 look and say Choose four students to come to the front of the class to do some mimes. Each student should perform two mimes. The first mime is what usually happens. The second mime is what is happening now. Other students answer what are they doing. Say it one by one. Then say it together
Look at the picture, talk about it. Teach the sentence: I usually … but now I am … Activity
  3.listen and say then say the poem. Before saying the poem:
  1. Have the students describe the picture
Look at the picture and talk. (A girl is sick in bed and she is thinking about playing with her friends) Listen to the tape, do some mimes. The eight students should hold up their pieces of paper so the

  2.play the tape. Teach the class can read them. The poem sentence by sentence. student holding the first parts of the poem should
  3.choose eight students to be on the left and the come to the front. Write out student holding the last the eight parts of the poem part of the poem should and give one to each person be on the right. at the front in a jumbled up order. Here are the eight parts of the poem:
  1) What do you usually do on Sundays? The students have to say
  6) What are you doing if it is from picture 1 or now? picture
  3) I usually play all of the day Look at the two pictures
  5) And what are you doing and write all the objects now this Sunday that go with each word.
  7) I am lying in bed with a Play the game. pain in my head.
  2) What do you usually do?
  8)That is what I am doing now!
  3) That is what I usually do. 四 .Further Development Activity
  4.game, find five differences say them. Before doing activity4 Tell the students that I am going to describe things from the pictures. Now one the board writes these verbs. wearing eating holding reading Do activity
  4. 五.Homework Make a dialogue with your partners. Feedback 教学反馈



   一课时 教学目标: 教学目标: 1、 能够听、说、认读单词:sheep,hen,cow,horse,goat,lamb。 2、 了解单词 sheep,hen,cow,horse,goat,lamb 的复数形式。 3、 听懂 Let's do 部分是指示语,并按要求做出相应动作。 【教学重点】单词:sheep,hen,cow,horse,goat,lamb 及其复数形式的表达。 句型:What are they?和 Are they…?的问答。 【教学难点】horse,sheep,goat 的 ...

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   Unit 2 What should I do? Section A 第二课时 课型:新授课 主备人:XXQ 复备人:CXC 一.学习目标: 1.new words: pay for\ cost\spend\take\part-time job\full-time job either\too\also have a bake sale 2.能够通过练习熟练掌握针对问题提出建议的表达法。 Target language: I need to get some money to pay for ...

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   广州市小学英语五年级下册 广州市小学英语五年级下册 Unit7 教学设计 Unit7 Is Yongxian’s New School Larger? Work with language 指教教师:天河区华阳小学 叶帆 学生:天河区华阳小学 五年级实验四班 一、 教学内容分析 本节课是本课的第二节课,主要总结、归纳比较级。比较级学生在第一、 二单元已有接触;本课在学习形容词比较级的同时,拓展融进了 unit8 的副词比 较级。通过本节课的学习,让学生对比较级有一个初步的概念。 二、 教学对 ...


   初中英语第一册 Unit2 Is this your pencil 教案 教学目标与要求 一、串记口诀 学习用品名称词 book 书? pen 钢笔, bag 书包装文具。 pencil-case 铅笔盒,pencil 译铅笔。 Eraser 橡皮擦,ruler 汉语译直尺。 keyboard 译键盘,computer 计算机。 mouse 汉语译鼠标,map 地图找位置。 Sharpener 钢笔刀,box 盒子装东西。 二、学习目标 同学们应能熟练运用动词 be 的一般疑问句及答语,并了 ...

牛津小学英语6A Unit7 At Christma(A)教学设计

   2010 年第二届全国中小学“教学中的互联网搜索”优秀教学案例评选 教学设计 一、教学内容: 《牛津小学英语》6A Unit7 At Christmas(PartA)第一课时 二、教材分析:本册教材是小学阶段英语学习的最后一个激发年级,也是初中英语教材衔接最紧密最直接 的一册书,它是在《新课程标准》的描写下编写的,主要是激发学生学习英语的兴趣,培养他们英语学习 的积极态度,一定的语态和良好的语音,语调基础,使他们形成初步运用英语进行简单日常交流的能力, 为进一步学习打下基础。 本单元的主要题 ...

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   高一英语上册 Unit 2 The Olympic Games 教学设计 面向学生: 面向学生: 高中 一、教材分析: 教材分析: 1.教材概述 本单元以世界性的体育盛会──Olympic Games 为话题, 旨在通过本单元的教学, 使学 生了解奥运会的起源、宗旨、比赛项目以及古现代奥运会的异同。学会用英语表达自己的兴 趣爱好以及如何向别人推荐某一种爱好,同时培养学生对体育运动的爱好。 2.教学目标 根据《新课程标准》关于总目标的具体描述,结合高一学生实际和教材内容,我们分语 言知识、语言 ...

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   What’ Unit 2 What’s the matter? 教学设计案例分析 1、设计简述: 设计简述: 本节课教学内容和教学目标及教学重难点的设定都是以英语《课程标准》为准 则,从学生的已有知识水平出发,并以交际法语言教学为理论依据。语言学习的过 程是一种发现语言规则并创造性地活用这些规则的过程,任何人类语言的交际活动 都离不开一定的语言环境。著名语言学家布鲁姆指出: “成功的外语课堂教学,应在 课内创造更多真实的生活情景,让学生有机会运用自己学到的语言材料” 。因此,运 用交际法进行 ...

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   360 教育在线??www.360eol.com 中国领先的教育网站 北京成人本科学位英语考试答题技巧: 北京成人本科学位英语考试答题技巧:阅读理解 主题思想题在考试中出现的频率较高,因为这类题可考查考生抓主要信息的能力,而能够抓住文章的主要 信息又是阅读能力的一个极为重要的方面. 这类题在设题时常会用到 title, subject, main idea , topic, theme 等词.常见的提问形式有以下几种: What is the main idea of the passage ...


   2009 学年第一学期曹杨小学 曹杨小学英语教研组计划 2009 学年第一学期曹杨小学英语教研组计划 一、指导思想: 指导思想: 本组新学期以“二期课改”精神为动力,以学校和教导处工作 计划为依据,继续以课程改革为中心,认真学习课改理论,积极参加 课改培训,开展探究课研究活动,更新教学观念。转变学生的学习方 式,完善和深化英语学科教学常规,为进一步提高我校英语教学质量 而扎实地开展工作。 二、情况分析: 情况分析: 1、教师队伍的现状 我校现有英语专职教师 8 名,兼职教师 1 名,其中小学 ...


   /" %&#$ #$v?_#$8"#?! Z"#?8??? ZV?/08wM? ?$à8á?quot;$à8á??wM?VVVE?! rb?MT???#??? èé#?ê 毹??! ??R:?*?$# ò# ó?# ?? P$? ???"%觥 ê’(??# ’(??恪??F恕?_????÷_%?BC" ...