Writing a film review
Let’s enjoy some pictures.
Are you familiar with these pictures? Have you read or seen any about it? Why do you think that Harry Potter books and films are so popular around the world?
Read the review quickly and try to find how is this reading passage organized. Part 1: (Para. 1-
  3) brief introduction of the film’s plot Part 2: (Para. 4-
  5) the writer’s commentary on the special effects and acting in the film Part 3: (Para. 6-
  7) problems of the film Part 4: (Para.
  8) the recommendation by the writer
listen to the recording of the review and try to answer the following questions:
  1. Where is the film set?
  2. What does the writer think about the three young actors?
  3. What is the complaint many people have made about the film?
  4. What problem does the writer think the film has?
Check the answers

  1. Where is the film set? It is set in England.
  2. What does the writer think about the three young actors? The three young actors are the real highlight of the film. They do very well even compared with the experienced adult actors.

  3. What is the complaint many people have made about the film? The film is too long. At 142 minutes, it is almost a half hour longer than an average film.
  4. What problem does the writer think the film has? The writer feel too much time is dedicated in showing the sport in Quidditch and several interesting scenes were deleted from the film.
Read the review again. While reading, find more detailed information to complete the following table:
Main characters Harry Potter Hagrid Ron Weasley Hermione Granger Voldemort
Information about the character
Played by
Main Information about the chara character cters
Played by
a sensitive young boy whose Daniel parents were a wizard and a Radcliffe witch and were killed by an evil wizard when Harry was a baby; living with his relatives, the Harry Dursleys, and abused, ignored Potter and hated by them; having the magical powers of a wizard and a reputation in the world of witches and wizards because of his parents
Main Information about characters the character Hagrid a very large person who works at Hogwarts and rescues Harry from the Dursleys and takes him to the school Harry’s friend and schoolmate
Played by Robbie Coltrane
Ron Weasley
Rupert Grint
Main Information about the Played characters character by Hermione Granger Harry’s friend and schoolmate Emma Eatson
The school’s evil wizard, who killed Harry’s parent
Part B Work in groups of four and discuss the questions in Part B. One of you in each group should write down the answers to questions 6-
  8. First choose a film to review. Assign different jobs to each group member.

  1. Who has not dreamt of suddenly finding out that he or she is actually someone special and famous? (P
  62) dream verb [I] dreamed or dreamt, dreamed or dreamt 梦想
  1) I dream of living on a tropical island.
  2) He never dreamed that one day he would become President.

  2. Harry, a sensitive young boy, has been living with his relatives. (P
  62) sensitive adjective 灵敏的,敏感的 sensitive skin Some people’s teeth are highly sensitive to cold. 相关短语: 相关短语: be sensitive to 对…… 敏感 be sensitive about 介意,在乎 介意,
Test yourself:

  1. Try not to say anything hurtful to her. She is a very person. A. reasonable B. sensible C. sensitive D. tough
  2. The elderly need special care in winter, as they are to the sudden changes of weather. A. sensitive B. sensible C. flexible D. positive

  3. Contrary to this, Harry finds out that his father was a wizard … contrary adjective opposite 相反 a contrary point of view Contrary to all our expectations, he’s found a well-paid job and a nice girlfriend. 相关短语: 相关短语: on the contrary 相反 to the contrary 与……相反 相反 be contrary to 相反的
Test yourself:
What you have done is the doctor’s orders. A. attached to B. responsible to C. resistant to D. contrary to

  4. Much of this early part of the film could have been skipped and more time could have been spent at Hogwarts. (P
  63) “情态动词+have+过去分词”是很重要的一 情态动词+ 情态动词 +过去分词” 种句型, 种句型,除should外,may, might, must, 外 couldn’t, needn’t, ought to等都可以用于这一 等都可以用于这一 句型,但要注意, 使用不同的情态动词, 句型,但要注意 使用不同的情态动词,句子的 意思就有所不同。 意思就有所不同。表示对已发生的事情进行推 就表示的可能性程度而言, 最大, 测, 就表示的可能性程度而言,must最大, 最大 could其次,may更次之,might最小。 其次, 更次之, 最小。 其次 更次之 最小
could + have done 表示“本来有能 表示“ 力做而实际上没有做” 力做而实际上没有做”。 I could have won if I hadn’t fallen over. must + have done 表示对过去情况的 推测,只用于肯定句,意思是“ 推测,只用于肯定句,意思是“一 定……”。 。 Her eyes were red, she must have been crying.
can (could) + have done表示对过去 表示对过去 情况的推测,只用于否定和疑问句中, 情况的推测,只用于否定和疑问句中, 意为“一定没有……,一定不会 意为“一定没有 ,一定不会……”。 。 语气更加委婉些。 用 could 比用 can 语气更加委婉些。 He couldn’t have gone to bed , you see , the light in his room is still on .
should (ought to) + have done 表示“本来应 表示“ 该做而实际上没做” 其否定式则表示“ 该做而实际上没做”,其否定式则表示“本来不 该做而实际上做了”,常含有责备的语气。 该做而实际上做了” 常含有责备的语气。 You should have been here five minutes ago. How I regretted the days when I had played and should have studied. needn’t + have done 表示“本来不必做的事, 表示“本来不必做的事, 实际上做过了。 实际上做过了。” I got up early, but needn’t have done so, because I had nothing to do that morning. would like to have done 表示“本来希望做而 表示“ 却未做的事” 却未做的事”。 I’d like to have gone to college.
?I’ll tell Mary about her new job tomorrow. ?You her last week. (2004福建 福建) 福建 A. ought to tell B. would have told C. must tell D. should have told 解析】答案D. 【解析】答案 should have done 表示 过去)本来应该做了某事” “(过去)本来应该做了某事”,言外之意又 没做,表达说话人极为不满的情绪。 没做,表达说话人极为不满的情绪
Mr. White at 8:30 for the meeting, but he didn’t show up. (2004全国 全国) 全国 A. should have arrived B. should arrive C. should have had arrived D. should be arriving 解析】答案A. 【解析】答案 后一分句中的一般过去时 暗示, 暗示,Mr. White“(过去)本来应该 :30 (过去)本来应该
  8: 到会” 项是错误结构。 到会”。C项是错误结构。 项是错误结构
My English-Chinese dictionary has disappeared. Who have taken it?
(2003上海春 上海春) 上海春
A. should B. must C. could D. would 解析】答案C. could have done表示对过去 【解析】答案 表示对过去 情况的推断,意为“可能是……”。should 情况的推断,意为“可能是 。 have done表示本来应该做而没有做;must 表示本来应该做而没有做; 表示本来应该做而没有做 have done表示过去一定那样做了,对过去情 表示过去一定那样做了, 表示过去一定那样做了 况的肯定的推测; 况的肯定的推测;would have done常用来表 常用来表 示虚拟语气。 示虚拟语气。
He hesitated for a moment before kicking the ball, otherwise he a goal. (2001上海春 上海春) 上海春 A. had scored B. scored C. would score D. would have scored 解析】答案D. 根据 根据otherwise可以判断 【解析】答案 可以判断 出要用虚拟语气。 出要用虚拟语气。表示过去发生的事要用 would have scored。译文:在踢球前他 。译文: 犹豫了一会儿,否则他就会射中球门。 犹豫了一会儿,否则他就会射中球门。

  1. Read the film review in Part A on page 131 of the Workbook.
  2. Write a film review according to the notes in Part B on the same page.
  3. Review what you have learnt in this unit.



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