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Self1-1 Self-introduction Ladies and gentlemen: I'm happy to be here. I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Pat. Everyone calls me Pat. You can call me Pat. Taiwan. I'm from Taiwan. I was born in Taiwan. I grew up in Taiwan. Right now, I’m a student. I'm eager to learn. I study very hard every day. I like being a student. I like going to school. I think it's interesting and fun. I'm also learning English. I enjoy speaking class. English. It's my favorite class. I'm a friendly person. I always try to be polite. I like to get along with everyone. I want to be your friend. I hope we can meet. What do you say? Let's be friends. Let's get together. Please introduce yourself.
介绍自己/女士们先生们:我很高兴来到这里,我想要介绍自己, 介绍自己/女士们先生们:我很高兴来到这里,我想要介绍自己,我的名 字是帕特,人人都叫我帕特,你们可以叫我派特.我来自台湾, 字是帕特,人人都叫我帕特,你们可以叫我派特.我来自台湾,我出生在 台湾,我成长在台湾。现在,我是一名学生,我渴望学习, 台湾,我成长在台湾。现在,我是一名学生,我渴望学习,我每天都非常 努力地学习。我喜欢当学生,我喜欢上学,我认为那是非常有趣的事, 努力地学习。我喜欢当学生,我喜欢上学,我认为那是非常有趣的事,我 也在学习英语,我喜欢说英语,这是我最喜爱的课。我是一个友善的人, 也在学习英语,我喜欢说英语,这是我最喜爱的课。我是一个友善的人, 我总是试着有礼貌,我愿意和大家好好相处,我想成为你的朋友, 我总是试着有礼貌,我愿意和大家好好相处,我想成为你的朋友,我希望 我们能认识,你说怎么样?让我们作朋友吧,让我们聚在一起吧, 我们能认识,你说怎么样?让我们作朋友吧,让我们聚在一起吧,请介绍 一下你自己吧。 一下你自己吧。
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1-2 My Hobbies
I have many hobbies. I like to do many things. Let me share a few. too. I like video games. Computer games are cool, too. I could play them all day. I like collecting cards. I play games with them. I trade outdoors. them with my friends. Also, I like sports. I like being outdoors. I love fresh air and sunshine. Bike riding is fun. Rollerblading is neat. Swimming is my favorite. In addition, I like to draw pictures. I like to read comics. But please don't tell my parents. learning Furthermore, I like music. I like to sing songs. I'm learning to play an instrument. Of course, I enjoy learning English. I like speaking with foreigners. I love watching Disney cartoons. There is more I like to do. There is more I can say. I'll save it for another day.
我的业余爱好 我有很多业余爱好,我喜欢做很多事,让我来告诉你们一些.我喜欢电动玩具, 我有很多业余爱好,我喜欢做很多事,让我来告诉你们一些.我喜欢电动玩具,电脑 游戏也很棒,我可以整天玩这些东西,我喜欢搜集卡片,我用它们来玩游戏,我会和 游戏也很棒,我可以整天玩这些东西,我喜欢搜集卡片,我用它们来玩游戏, 朋友交换卡片,我还喜欢运动,我喜欢户外活动,我喜欢新鲜的空气和阳光, 朋友交换卡片,我还喜欢运动,我喜欢户外活动,我喜欢新鲜的空气和阳光,骑脚踏 车很有趣,溜直排轮(汗冰鞋)很棒,游泳是我最喜欢的运动。另外,我喜欢画画, 车很有趣,溜直排轮(汗冰鞋)很棒,游泳是我最喜欢的运动。另外,我喜欢画画,我 喜欢看漫画书,那请不要告诉我的父母,此外,我喜欢音乐,我喜欢唱歌, 喜欢看漫画书,那请不要告诉我的父母,此外,我喜欢音乐,我喜欢唱歌,我正学习 乐器。当然,我喜欢学习英语,我喜欢和外国人交谈,我爱看迪斯尼漫画, 乐器。当然,我喜欢学习英语,我喜欢和外国人交谈,我爱看迪斯尼漫画,我喜欢做 的事很多,我要说的也有很多,我会留到改天再说(且听下回分解)。 的事很多,我要说的也有很多,我会留到改天再说(且听下回分解)。
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1-3 My Family I have a wonderful family. I'm lucky to be a part of it. Let me tell you about them. My family name is Lee. My family history is long and proud. There are five people in my family now. My parents love me very much. They do a lot for me. When I need help, they are always there there My dad is a strong guy. He's honest and hardworking. He's like a superhero to me. My mom is a smart woman. She can do almost anything. I just can't praise her enough. I have two siblings. They are my older brother and younger sister. Sometimes we argue, but we mainly get along. My family likes being together. We like eating out and going to the movies. We also enjoy hiking and having picnics. My family isn't perfect. We have our ups and downs. But we always together forgive and make up. Our motto is "United together forever." I'll too. always cherish my family. I hope your family is lovely, too.
我有一个很棒的家庭,我很幸运是它的一分子。让我告诉关于这个家的事吧。 我有一个很棒的家庭,我很幸运是它的一分子。让我告诉关于这个家的事吧。我们家 的事吧 姓李,我的家族非常优秀,现在我们家有五口人,我的父母非常爱我,他们为我做了 姓李,我的家族非常优秀,现在我们家有五口人,我的父母非常爱我, 父母非常爱我 很多事,我什么时候需要帮助,他们总是给我帮助。我爸是个坚强的人, 很多事,我什么时候需要帮助,他们总是给我帮助。我爸是个坚强的人,他是个诚实 而勤劳的人,对我来说他就象超级英雄。我妈妈是个聪明的女人, 而勤劳的人,对我来说他就象超级英雄。我妈妈是个聪明的女人,她几乎会做任何事 情,我再怎么称赞她也不为过,我有两个兄妹,他们是我的哥哥和妹妹,有时我们争 我再怎么称赞她也不为过,我有两个兄妹,他们是我的哥哥和妹妹, 吵,但大部分时间我们相处很好,我的家人喜欢吃饭和看电影,我们也喜欢去郊游和 但大部分时间我们相处很好,我的家人喜欢吃饭和看电影, 野餐, 野餐, 我们的家庭并不是完善无缺, 我们的家庭并不是完善无缺, 我们的关系时好时坏, 我们的关系时好时坏, 但我们总是很快就和好了, 但我们总是很快就和好了, 和好了 我们的座右铭是永远团结在一起,我要珍惜我的家庭,我希望你也喜欢你的家庭。 我们的座右铭是永远团结在一起,我要珍惜我的家庭,我希望你也喜欢你的家庭。
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1-4 My Best Friend I have a best friend. We met at school. We're in the same grade. He's a diligent student. He's very hardworking. I learn a lot from good him. He helps me with math. I help him with English. We're a good study team. He's honest and reliable. I trust him completely. We share secrets all the time. He's loyal and brave. Once a bully teased me. He came to my rescue right away. He's considerate and polite. birthday. He makes me little gifts. He always remembers my birthday. He is fun to be with. He tells funny jokes. His stories make me laugh. He's a good listener. He knows when I'm blue. He picks me up when I'm down. He's one of a kind. We'll stay friends forever. I hope you have a friend like mine.
diligent 用功的 brave 勇敢的/bully 恶霸/tease 欺负/rescue 解救/ loyal 忠实的/ reliable 可靠的 considerate 体贴的 trust 信任 completely 完全地/ 我最好的朋友 我有一个最要好的朋友。我们是在学校认识的。我们是同一年级的。他是个勤勉的、 我有一个最要好的朋友。我们是在学校认识的。我们是同一年级的。他是个勤勉的、 用功的学生。他非常勤勉。我从他身上学到很多。他帮我学数学。我帮助他学英文。 用功的学生。他非常勤勉。我从他身上学到很多。他帮我学数学。我帮助他学英文。 我们是很棒的学习团队。他诚实又可靠。我完全信任他。我们总是把秘密告诉对方。 我们是很棒的学习团队。他诚实又可靠。我完全信任他。我们总是把秘密告诉对方。 他忠诚而勇敢。曾经有个恶霸欺负我。他马上就来救我。他体贴而且有礼貌。 他忠诚而勇敢。曾经有个恶霸欺负我。他马上就来救我。他体贴而且有礼貌。他会做 小礼物送我。他总是记得我是生日。跟他在一起很有趣。他会讲好笑的笑话。 小礼物送我。他总是记得我是生日。跟他在一起很有趣。他会讲好笑的笑话。他的故 事使我哈哈大笑。他是个很棒的听众。他知道我什么时候抑郁。当我举丧时他会使我 事使我哈哈大笑。他是个很棒的听众。他知道我什么时候抑郁。 振作。他是独一无二的。 我们会永远做朋友。 振作。他是独一无二的。.我们会永远做朋友。我希望你也向我一样有一个这样的朋 友。
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1-5 My Daily Schedule 确信) My day is typical. I bet (确信)it's like yours. Let me tell you my routine. My alarm goes off at 6:
  30. I take my time getting up. I rise and shine with a stretch. I take off my PJ's. I wash up quickly. I brush my teeth and comb my hair. I put on my uniform. I pack my backpack for school. Then, I put on my sneakers and leave. I never skip(省去) skip(省去)breakfast. I eat at home or on the way. But I always eat in a hurry. After school, I go to a cram school. I hit the books again there. I finish my homework for the day. Finally, I return home. I relax and take a break. I have dinner with my family. I watch 9:
  30. some TV. I go to bed around 9:
  30. I fall asleep right away. On weekends, everything is different. I sleep late and have a ball. Is your day the same as mine?
我的日子是平凡的,我确信(bet)我过的日子就跟你们一样, 我的日子是平凡的,我确信(bet)我过的日子就跟你们一样,让我告诉你们我每天 都会做的事, 点半响,我从容(慢慢)地起床。我醒来以后会伸个懒腰, 都会做的事,我的闹钟 6 点半响,我从容(慢慢)地起床。我醒来以后会伸个懒腰, 我会脱掉睡衣,我会很快地洗把脸,我会刷牙和梳头。我穿上制服, 我会脱掉睡衣,我会很快地洗把脸,我会刷牙和梳头。我穿上制服,我把上学要用的 东西装进书包,然后,我就穿上运动鞋就出门了。我从来不会不吃早餐,我会在家里 东西装进书包,然后,我就穿上运动鞋就出门了。我从来不会不吃早餐, 吃或在上学的途中吃, 但是我总是吃得很着急。 放学后, 我就去补习班 cram school) ( school) 吃或在上学的途中吃, 但是我总是吃得很着急。 放学后, , 我在那里再用功念一次书,我会把当天的家庭作业做完。最后,我就回到家, 我在那里再用功念一次书,我会把当天的家庭作业做完。最后,我就回到家,放松休 息一下,和我家人一起吃晚饭,我会看一下电视,我大约在 睡觉, 息一下,和我家人一起吃晚饭,我会看一下电视,我大约在
  9:30 睡觉,我会很快睡 着。在周末,每件事就会不一样了,我会睡得很晚并且玩得很痛快,你也过着和我一 在周末,每件事就会不一样了,我会睡得很晚并且玩得很痛快, 样的日子吗? 样的日子吗?
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1-6 My School
I love school. I think school is really cool. Let me tell you about my school life. I go to school five days a week. I'm there eight hours each day. School is a big part of my life. My school day is long. My schedule is so full. There is always something going on. My teachers are excellent. They help me to improve. They are very patient and kind. My classmates are good friends. We often study We together. We always help each other out. We are like a team. We play games and enjoy activities. We laugh and have fun when we can. My schoolwork keeps me busy. I have homework every day. I have quizzes and tests all the time. I like learning new things. I know knowledge for is power. I'm preparing for the future. My school is like a family. It's like a home away from home. I hope you feel the same way about your school.
我爱学校,我觉得学校真的很不错,让我把我的学校生活讲给你们听, 我爱学校,我觉得学校真的很不错,让我把我的学校生活讲给你们听,我一星期有五 天要上学, 小时,学校占了我生活的一大部分,我上课时间很长, 天要上学,我每天在那里呆 8 小时,学校占了我生活的一大部分,我上课时间很长, 课程表很满,总是有事在发生,总是有活动在进行,我的老师很优秀,他们帮助我进 课程表很满,总是有事在发生,总是有活动在进行,我的老师很



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