儿童英语歌曲(一 儿童英语歌曲 一)
  1. A Bicycle built for two
  4.Friends lullaby
  6.I am a policeman
  2.Animal fair
  5.Home on the Range
  7.In the good, old summertime

  8.It ain`t gonna rain no more
  9.I've been working on the railroad
  10.Mary Had a little Lamb
  12.Old Macdonald
  14.Row, row,row your boat
  15.She'll be comin' round the mountain
  16.Take me out to the ball game
  17.Ten Little Indians
  18.The Blue-tail fly
  11.Oh, Susanna
  13.Pop! Goes the weasel

  19.The Green Grass Grew all around
  20.The Hokey Pokey
  21.The mail must go through
  22.The man on the flying trapeze
  23.This old man
  24.Three Blind Mice 儿童英语歌曲( 儿童英语歌曲(二)
  1. Bingo
  2.Camptown Race
  3.Carrot Stew

  4.Free Jacques

  5.Here we go looply-loo! !

  6.Here we go round the Mulberry Bush
  7.John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt

  8.London Bridge
  10.On top of Old smoky
  12.Red River Valley
  14.Shortnin' Bread
  16.Swanee River

  9.Old Blue
  11.Polly Wolly Doodle
  13.Sailing Medley
  15.Skip to my Lou

  17.The Bear Went over the mountain
  18.The Dump Truck song
  19.The farmer in the dell
  20.The sidewalks of New York
  21.There was and old lady
  23.When the saints go marching in 儿童英语歌曲(三) 儿童英语歌曲(
  1. A Hunting We will go
  7.did you Ever see a Lassie
  9.Good Night, Ladies
  11.Hush, little Baby
  13.Just for you
  15.Michael, Row the boat ashore
  16.Nursery Rhyme Medley
  17.Oh Dear, what can the matter be
  8.Down in the Valley
  10.Grandfather's Clock
  12.If you're happy
  14.Loch Lomond
  2.Activity Melody
  5.Billy Boy

  4.Alphabet song

  18.Over the River and through the woods
  19.Shoo, fly don't bother me pike
  21.Twinkle, twinkle, little star
  22.Waltzing Matilda
  20.Sweet Betsy from

  23.Why do they make things like they do
  24.With Apologies to Mother Goose 儿童英语歌曲(四) 儿童英语歌曲(
  1. Big Rock Candy Mountain
  2.Brother, come and dance with me
  5.Comin' Through the Rye
  7.Down by the station
  9.Froggie went a-courting
  11.Git along, little Dogines Window
  13.He's Got the Whole workd in his hands
  14.I'm a little Teapot
  18.Mickey Mouse March
  15.It's A Small world
  17.Meet me in St. Louis
  19.Nursery Rhyme Medley
  4.Cockles and Mussels
  6.Do your ears hang low
  8.Dry bones
  10.Funiculi, Funicula
  12.Go in and Out the

  20.Oh where, oh where has my little dog gone
  21.Old Dan Tucker

  22.Reuben and Reachel
  23.The Marvelous Toy
  24.The wabash Cannonball
  25.The wheel on the bus
  26.There's a hole in my Bucket
  27.Yankee Doodle
  28.You are My sunshine



   儿童英语歌曲(一 儿童英语歌曲 一) 1. A Bicycle built for two 4.Friends lullaby 6.I am a policeman 2.Animal fair 5.Home on the Range 7.In the good, old summertime 3.Dixie 8.It ain`t gonna rain no more 9.I've been working on the railroad 10.Mary Had a little Lamb 1 ...


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