试卷(一) A Letter of Invitation Dear Frank, How are you? I heard that you are going to take part in the "Friendship" basketball match in our city with your school's basketball team soon. Since our team is also one of the most famous university basketball teams in our country, I'd like to invite you and your team to pay a visit to our university and join a match with our team on Saturday afternoon. Besides that, our students would appreciate it if you could give them a lecture, in which you may introduce something about the American culture as well as the life of American university students. After the basketball match and lecture, I will show you around the city and take you to dinner with typical Chinese food. What do you think of the arrangement? If you have any suggestions or problems, please do not hesitate to contact me. Again, you and your team are warmly welcome here. I'm looking forward to your reply. Yours sincerely, Li Ming
试卷(二) Dear Dave, I have come to your house. But you happened to be out. I came to invite you to visit the exhibition of Chinese paintings. The exhibition is from the 8th to the 18th this month in the Art Museum and famous paintings through the ages will be exhibited there. It will be very attractive. If it is convenient, I'll pick you up at your home at 8 o'clock on the 8th of this month. Please contact me with a call as soon as possible. Yours Li Ming 试卷(三)
Dear President of IOC, How do you do? As we all know, the 29th Olympic Games is going to be held in Beijing in 20
  08. Now the selection for its mascot has begun. I, a Chinese ordinary middle school student, want to recommend a kind of special animal to youthe Tibetan antelope. First, the Tibetan antelope is mild and friendly, which I think could symbolize peace of the world and friendship among people of different countries. Second, this kind of animal not only can endure extremely low temperature, but also can run very fast. These characteristics also symbolize the spirit of the Olympic Games"FASTER, HIGHER, AND STRONGER". Therefore, I think it is the suitable mascot for the 29th Olympic Games. Could you please consider my recommendation? If you want to know more about the Tibetan antelope, please do not hesitate to contact me. I also have some pictures of them. I can send them to you next time. Thanks very much! Yours sincerely, Li Ming 试卷(四) Dear Sir/Madam, How do you do? I learned from the advertisement that English Weekly is looking for some part-time journalists. I'm very interested in this position. Now let me briefly introduce myself. I'm Li Hua, 15years old, currently studying in Xinhua Middle School. I have an excellent academic record and a wide range of interest in a lot of subjects, such as history, geography, arts and literature. Not only can I speak English fluently, but also I can express my ideas freely on paper. Moreover, as I have been one of the editors of our school's newspaper since 2 years ago, I'm quite experienced in editing and writing. Last but not the least, I can cooperate very well with my classmates, which I believe will benefit my future work. I'd appreciate it if you could give me this opportunity. I'm looking forward to your reply. Thanks! Best wishes! Yours, Li Hua.
试卷(五) My New School I will become a middle school student in September. Here is some information about my new school. Located in Haidian District, my new school is one of the key schools in Beijing. It has a history of more than 60 years. A lot of graduates from this school have become famous throughout our country. There are altogether 35 classes in the school now, with over 2600 students and 180 teachers. Covering a big area, the campus of our school is very beautiful, with many trees and flowers. There are 1 lab building, 2 teaching buildings and 2 playgrounds in the school. The teachers here not only have a good knowledge of their fields, but also are very strict with the students, who also show great respect for their teachers. In one word, I believe I will love my new school and study hard with my new classmates there. 试卷(六) Dear parents, I haven't written to you for a long time. How's everything? I have lived in Detroit for more than a year. Everyone is friendly and kind to me. With the help of my teaches and classmates, I have made great progress in my studies. On the whole, the climate is different from what I thought. Anyway, I have got used to the dampness and cold in winter and the dampness and heat in summer. It's a busy, industrial city that never sleeps. People in this city are always on the move? in a hurry and afraid of being late for school and work. They even haven't enough time to communicate with each other. Therefore, I like our small city better. Tomorrow summer I will go back home to spend my holidays. Best wishes. Yours sincerely, Fan Lixia
[题目要求]请根据下列图画编一个小故事,描述图中所发生的 事情,字数在 100 词左右:
要求:故事必须包括所有 4 幅图画的内容,人名必须用 Xiao lan and Xiao Ming,其他细节如时间,地点等可以自己酌情增 加,但文章前后应一致,符合逻辑,内容连贯,语言通顺.
One day, Xiao Lan and Xiao Ming went back home together. They were laughting and talking after a whole day in the school.Suddenly, xiao Ming saw a bird in a tree. No sooner had Xiao lan stopped him than Xiao Ming picked up a stone and threw it at the bird, The bird was badly hurt and fell off the tree. Xiao Lan flet so sorry that tears rolled down her cheeks and said, "I won't be your good friend any more if you hurt a bird again." Just then an old man came uo to them and told Xiao Ming not to kill birds again. The old man then went on saying,"Your young Pioneers should Protect animals and the enviroment. Birds are friends of mankind." 转自学易网 www.studyez.com
Xiao Ming felt ashamed and nodded his head. He said to the old man that he would never forget what he had told him. 转自学易网 www.studyez.com
[题目]你们学校学生会(the Student Union)将为来访的澳大 利亚朋友举办一个晚会,请你根据下述内容要点拟一个 100 词左 右的英语广播通知,欢迎同学参加: 转自学易网 www.studyez.com
时间:10 月 12 日(周五)晚七点.
May I have your attention, please? I have an announcement to make. The Student Union is going to hold a party on Friday evening, October 10, to welcome our friends from Australia. The party will be held in the 2nd Reading Room in the library. It'll begin at 7:00pm.
At the party we'll have music, dancing, singing and games. Australian friends will perform some nice programs in the party. Everyone is welcome. Please come in time.
PETS 二级作文范文:请假条
[题目要求]王军的外婆上星期从楼上摔下来,跌断了右 腿,现在卧床.王军的母亲李一花为此向刘老师请假,说明家中 的情况,王军的父亲现在北京开会,需要王军在家照顾外婆,大 约 3 天.请根据上述提示用英文写一张请假条,约 80-100 词,不 要根据中文翻译写作文.
Dear Mr. Liu,
I'm Li Jun's mother. I'm writing to ask for permission for Li Jun's absence. The fact is that he has to stay at home to take care of my mother who had a serious fall from upstairs and got her right leg broken last week. I'm sure he will be back in three days when my husband returns from a meeting in Beijing. 转自学易网 www.studyez.com
Thank you.
Li Yihua
PETS 二级作文范文:英文简历 [题目要求]某外资企业想要招聘几名英文秘书,外方经理 想了解应聘者的情况,请你用英文写一篇自我介绍,词数在 100 左右.
简历:1999 年毕业北京师范大学英语系;在某中学里教了 2 年英语;后来在外文书店里当了 2 年店员.
特长:汉语交好,英语也不错,1996 年曾获北京英语竞赛第 二名,平时利用业余时间自学英语,现在能与外宾交谈.自信能 胜任此项工作,并决心把工作搞好.
My name is Li Yijia. I was born on August 28, 1978, in Guangzhou. In 1999 I graduated from English Department of Beijing Normal University. First, I taughe in a middle
school for two years, then I worked as a salesman in the Forgein Language Bookstore for two years.
I am not only good at Chinese but good English. I am greatly interested in English. In 1996 I won the second place in the English competitions in Beijing. I have continued learning English in my spare time. Now I am glad that I can talk with foreigners freely. 转自学易网 www.studyez.com
I am sure I am fit for the work and determined to do my job well
PETS 二级作文范文:欢迎辞
一批外宾到你们学校参观,并决定参加你班的英语晚会,会 上由你致词表示欢迎,并介绍班级情况.为此,请你写一篇简短 的发言稿.内容要点如下:
注意:1,致词必须包括所有内容要点,但不要逐条翻译; 2,词数 100 词左右;3,请直接将书面表达写在答题卡背面.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Welcome to our class and welcome to our evening party. First of all, let me say a few words about our class. There are 50 students in our class-26 of us are boys and 24 are girls. Most of us are from Beijing. We are mostly at the same age-about
  17. Some go in for sports, and some are interested in reading,. We have 6 subjects in all, including English, Chinese and mathematics. All of us like to study English, and we usually spend a lot of time on it.转自学易网 www.studyez.com
In our program tonight, there will be a short play, group singing and so on. I hope you will enjoy them and haove a good time. Thank you.
[题目要求]假如你是一名导游,陪同外宾游览长城,下车前用 英语告诉外宾:
2,讲话时间是八点半,在长城停留两个小时,十点半离开. 游览车在入口处等,请记住车牌号,准时上车;
注意:字数 100 词左右.
Ladies and gentlemen:
Here we are at the foot of the Great Wall. It's the longest wall in the world and has a history of over 2000
years. It's one of the wonders of the world. we will spend two hours on the wall. It's 8:30 now. We'll leave at 10:
  30. The bus will be waiting for us at the entrance. Please remember our bus number and be back on time. Besides, please take your valuable things with you and shut all the windows before getting off.
Have a good time! Thank you.
[题目]假定你是王林,你得加拿大朋友 Mark 与你在同一个城市 工作.你去邀请他和你一起参观一个中国画展.他不在,请你根 据以下要点给他写个留言条,要点:
2,展会日期及地点:本月 8 日-18 日,艺术博物馆
注意:1,词数 100 词左右,信的开头与结尾已为你写好; 2,请直接将书面表达写在答题卡背面. 转自学易网 www.studyez.com
I have visited you just now but you were not in, so I had to leave the message to you. I want to invite you to visit the Chinese Art Exhibition in the Art Museum. The
exhibition will display the most famous paintings in the past dynasties and traditonal Chinese painings. The exhibition will be open from the eighth to the eighteenth of this moonth. So can we meet at the gate of the Art Museum at 9:30 am on Sunday?
Wang Lin
PETS 二级作文范文:英文通知
假定你是学生会工作人员,最近学生会决定成立英语俱乐 部,要写一个通知,通知必须包括下列内容:
注意:词数 80-120 词,开头已经写好;请直接将书面表达写 在答题卡背面.
The student Union has recently agreed to set up:
The student Union has recently agreed to set up an English Club. It aims to encourage students to learn English outside of class, to raise English ablities and to create a favourable English-learning atmosphere. During this term foreign experts will give lectures on English and American cultures once a week, and students can meet once a week at the English Corner. Besides, we will also have lectures given on the study of English. 转 自学易网 www.studyez.com
Anyone in the school is welcome to join the club by filling in the related from and providong one photo by the end of this month.
Our first meeting will be held in the school gym at 5:00 p.m. Friday, 21 February, 20
The Student Union 14 Februry, 2004


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