The trick to getting away from an assailant ? even one who's bigger and stronger than you are ? is to hit 'em where it hurts. You Will Need Knowledge of the human anatomy Bravery A self-defense course (optional) Fighting back against an assailant is risky and could lead to injury ? only do so if you have no other choice.

  1.攻击者 攻击者 The victim put up a heroic struggle against his assailant. 那位受害者与攻击者展开了英勇的 搏斗. 搏斗. He caught up a stick and struck
Step 1: Gouge their eyes(攻击对 ( 方的眼睛) 方的眼睛)
Jab their eyes with your fingers, thumb, or a key: The attacker will instinctively try to protect their eyes, giving you a chance to escape. Even spitting at their eyes might give you the split second you need to break away. Hold their ear with one hand as you jab their eyes with the other; it will help you inflict the damage you need to escape.

  1.gouge 挖出,欺骗 挖出,
如:A maniac have gouge several hole in the priceless painting. 有个狂徒在那幅价值连城的画上乱凿了几 个洞.

  1.(用尖物 戳;猛击 用尖物)戳 猛击 用尖物 She jabbed me in the arm with her umbrella. 她用伞捅我的胳膊. 她用伞捅我的胳膊.
  2.(用尖物 捅,戳,刺 用尖物)捅 用尖物 He kept jabbing at the paper cup with his pencil.
他不断地用铅笔扎着纸杯. 他不断地用铅笔扎着纸杯.

  1.吐痰 吐出 吐痰; 吐痰 It's bad to spit. 吐痰是不好的行为. 吐痰是不好的行为.
  2.发出呼噜呼噜声 发出呼噜呼噜声 The motor coughed and spat. 马达发出似咳嗽和呼噜的声音. 马达发出似咳嗽和呼噜的声音. The guns were spitting fire. 枪炮在突突地发射. 枪炮在突突地发射.

  1.(使)裂开 (使)破裂 使 裂开 使 破裂 裂开; The wood splits easily. 这木头容易劈开. 这木头容易劈开. The big tree was split by the lightning. 那棵大树被闪电劈开了. 那棵大树被闪电劈开了. They split the box open. 他们把箱子砸开了. 他们把箱子砸开了. 及物动词 vt.

  1.把…强加给 使承受 遭受 打击;使 把 强加给 使承受, 遭受;打击 强加给, 打击; 吃苦头 Mary inflicted her children on her mother for the weekend. 周末玛丽硬把孩子们交给母亲照料. 周末玛丽硬把孩子们交给母亲照料.
Step 2: Take the wind out of them (占上风) 占上风)
Spread your fingers away from your thumb and jam the webbed part of your hand against their windpipe; the heel of your hand can work, too. Or grab their windpipe with your fingers and squeeze as hard as you can. If you're in a position to use your elbow, ram that into their throat.

  1.夯实 土等 把(杆,株等 埋实 夯实(土等 株等)埋实 夯实 土等);把 杆 株等 I rammed down the earth around the newlyplanted tree. 我将新栽的树周围的土捣硬. 我将新栽的树周围的土捣硬.
  2.猛压 硬塞 装(弹药 猛压;硬塞 弹药) 猛压 硬塞;装 弹药 The robbers rammed the gag in her mouth. 强盗用力将堵嘴物塞进她口中. 强盗用力将堵嘴物塞进她口中.
Step 3: Bloody their nose(打对方的 ( 鼻子) 鼻子)
Open your hand, pull it back, and then smash the heel of your palm under their nose in an upward motion. Besides making their nose bleed profusely, this will cause their eyes to water, temporarily limiting their vision.
smash v. 粉碎,溃裂,使破产 粉碎,溃裂,
如:The elephant smashed through the trees. 大象在树林中横冲直撞. I'll smash you in the eye! 当心我给你眼睛一拳!

  1.毫不吝惜的,慷慨的,挥霍的,浪费的 It was a mistake. My profuse apologies. 这是一个错误.我深表歉意.
Step 4: Go for the groin(如果对方是 ( 男性,攻击他的胯下) 男性,攻击他的胯下)
If the attacker is male, grab his testicles and squeeze with all your might. If this isn't possible, knee him in the groin. Never try to kick someone in the groin; it makes it possible for them to grab you by the foot or leg.
Step 5: Bring them to their knees (踢他们的腿腕) 踢他们的腿腕)
Kick them on the side of their kneecap; you'll inflict a lot of pain while minimizing the risk that they'll be able to grab your leg. If you find yourself behind your attacker, kick the back of their knee; there's a good chance it will cause them to collapse.
Step 6: Step on their toes(踩对方的 ( 脚趾) 脚趾)
If someone grabs you from behind, raise your leg and then slam it down on their toes or instep. Besides inflicting pain, it may hinder their ability to run after you.
Step 7: Raise a ruckus(大喊"滚 (大喊" 开")
Make as much noise as you can; it increases the chance that your attacker will abandon you in favor of finding a more docile victim. Safety experts recommend that you yell "Back off!" rather than "help," because people are inclined to ignore the latter.
docile 容易教的,温顺的 容易教的,
如:the docile masses of an enslaved nation. 被奴役民族温顺的群众. 被奴役民族温顺的群众. docile pupils 听话的学生
Step 8: Take a course(报一个防身术 ( 教学班) 教学班)
Consider taking a self-defense course so you can practice and perfect these moves. Research shows that women who fight back during an assault avoid rape more often than those who don't.
assault vt. 袭击,突袭 袭击,
如:Trainee commandos are put through an exhausting assault course. 受训的突击队员要参加令人筋疲力尽的突 击课程. The court determined that the man was guilty of assault. 法庭裁定那个人犯了侵犯人身罪.



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