1. 他的叔叔过去住在乡下,现在住在城里。(used)
  2. 他一点也不喜欢喝咖啡,宁可喝茶。(prefer)
  3. 对学生来说,学会一门外语是多么重要啊!(how)
  5. 这件大衣值多少钱?(cost) 他把他的一生献给了宇宙飞船的研究。(devote)

  6. 你最好现在不要把坏消息告诉他。(had better)
  7. 他是一位有经验的驾驶员,他习惯于在各种各样的天气情况下开车。(used)
  8. 今晚你应该复习功课,而不应该看电视。(instead)
  9. 没有什么能阻止这孩子冒险爬那棵高树。(prevent)
  10. 妈妈很少晚上一个人出去,是吗?(seldom)
  1. His uncle used to live in the country. Now he lives in the city.
  2. He doesn’t like coffee at all, but he prefers tea.
  3. How important it is for students to learn a foreign language!
  4. How much does the coat cost?
  5. He devoted his life to studying spaceships
  6. You’d better not tell him the bad news now.
  7. He is an experienced driver and he is used to driving in all kinds of weather.

  8. You should review your lessons instead of watching TV tonight.
  9. Nothing can prevent the child to risk climbing that tall tree.
  10. Mother seldom goes out alone at night, does she?

  11. 尽量用英语表达自己,别害怕犯错误。(afraid)
  12. 到去年底,中国的人口是多少?(population)
  13. 从广州到纽约的路是多么长啊!(it)
  14. 当我一到达机场时,飞机就起飞了。(Hardly)
  15. 这男孩洗完了脸,似乎才几秒钟。(seem)
  16. 如果你不努力学习,你不会取得成功。(unless)
  17. 无论你做什么,应尽最大努力。(Whatever)
  18. 不管这项任务多么困难,我们要尽最大的努力准时完成。(However)
  19. 虽然他是孩子,他知道怎样生活和学习。(as)
  20. 既然天好,我把所有的窗都打开了。(Now that)

  11. Try to express yourself in English. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes.
  12. What was the population in China by the end of last year?
  13. What a long way it is from Guangzhou to New York!
  14. Hardly had I reached the airport when the plane took off.
  15. It seemed only seconds before the boy finished washing his face.
  16. You will not succeed unless you work hard.
  17. Whatever you do, try your best.
  18. However difficult the task may be, we will try/do our best to complete in time.
  19. Child as he is, he knows how to live and study.
  20. Now that the weather is fine, I opened all the windows.

  21. 这里的气候与昆明的气候一样好。 (as… as)
  22. 她再也不像过去那样讲和笑。(no longer)
  23. 我们对世界了解得越多,我们将取得更大的成功。(the more… the more)
  24. 只要我们不失去信心,我们会找到办法克服困难的方法。(As long as
  25. 无论谁做这事都没有什么区别。(whoever)
  26. 一旦她开始跳舞,她就忘记了时间。(Once)
  27. 这座山是那么高以至于我不能爬到山顶上。(… so… that)
  28. 只要你一直练习说英语,不多久你肯定会掌握它。(On condition that)
  29. 长江是中国最长的河流,去年夏天我们去参观过。(visit)
  30. 你见到过写昨天我们讨论过的那篇作文的女孩吗?(whose)

  21. The climate here is as good as that of Kunming.
  22. She no longer talks and laughs as she used to.
  23. The more we know the world, the more successful we will be.
  24. As long as we don’t lose heart, we’ll find a way to overcome the difficulty.
  25. Whoever does it makes no difference.
  26. Once she started to dance, she forgot about the time.
  27. The mountain is so high that I can not climb up to its top.
  28. On condition that you practise speaking English all the time, you’ll certainly master it very soon.
  29. The Yangtse River, which we visited last summer, is the longest river in China.
  30. Have you seen the girl whose composition we discussed yesterday?

  32. 我们需要更多的练习是十分清楚的。(practice)
  33. 你没听李老师的报告真是太遗憾了。(miss)
  34. 碰巧我那天晚上有空。(happen)
  35. 据提议试验应该在低温下做。(suggest)
  36. 他已经做的事情与我们无关。(nothing)
  37. 她问我花了多长时间建成这座大桥。(take)
  38. 直到昨天我才知道他要来。(not… until)
  39. 这城市不像三年前的那样子了。(used)
  40. 这正是你要寻找的东西。(look)

  31. As is known to all, the compass was first made in China.
  32. That we need more practice is quite clear.
  33. It is a pity that you missed the lecture made by Teacher Li.
  34. It happened that I was free that evening.
  35. It is suggested that the experiment should be made under low temperature.
  36. What he has done has nothing to do with us.
  37. She asked me how long it had taken to build the bridge.

  38. It was not until yesterday that I knew he was coming.
  39. The city isn’t what it used to be three years ago.
  40. This is what you are looking for.

  41. 彼得一直没有来的原因是他没赶上这班火车。(catch)
  42. 他认为每次考试作好准备是重要的。(it)
  43. 学好一门外语需要时间和努力。(effort)
  44. 如何解决这道难题将在明天的会上讨论。(solve)
  45. 对学生来说,把座位让给这位老年妇女是最礼貌的。(polite)
  46. 与汤姆打赌是没有用的,因为他永远不会改变他的想法。(no use)
  47. 我宁可失去这场比赛,也不愿意伤害他。(would rather)
  48. 除了请医生外,似乎没有别的事可做。(nothing but)
  49. 据说这本书已被译成好几种外语。(translate)
  50. 爱伦今天上午缺席,因为她要去补牙。(have sth. done)

  41. The reason why Peter hasn’t come is that he didn’t catch the train.
  42. He thinks it important that he does full preparation before the examinations every time.
  43. Learning a foreign language well requires time and effort.
  44. How to solve the problem will be discussed at tomorrow’s meeting.
  45. It is polite for the student to give up his seat to the elderly woman.
  46. It is no use debating with Tom, because he will never change his mind.
  47. I’d rather lose the game than hurt him.
  48. There seemed nothing else to do but send for a doctor.
  49. It is said that the book has been translated into several foreign languages.

  50. Ellen was absent this morning because she had her tooth filled.

  51. 我不能让你整天上上下下地跑着。(have sb doing)
  52. 噪音那么多,以至于演讲者无法使自己被听众听清楚。(so… that)
  53. 作为奥林匹克运动会的主办国是不容易的。(easy
  54. 成年人有时太忙,不能玩耍。(too… to)
  55. 老师们认为英语语法不难学。(think)
  56. 他给了我很大的帮助,真是不胜感激。(It’s …of sb)
  57. 不懂装懂的人总有一天会受到惩罚。(pretend)
  58. 说实话,直到昨天我才知道他们去上海了。(not… until)
  59. 只有通过实践,才能提高你的口语水平。(only)
  60. 再也没有比看到学生的进步更使老师们高兴的了。(nothing… than)

  51. I can’t have you running up and down all day long.
  52. There was so much noise that the speaker couldn’t make himself heard.
  53. It is not easy to be a host nation for the Olympics.
  54. Adults are sometimes too busy to play.
  55. The teachers don’t think it is difficult to learn English grammar.
  56. It is very kind of him to give me so much help.
  57. Those who pretend to know what they do not know will be punished one day.
  58. To tell the truth, I didn’t know that they had already gone to Shanghai until yesterday.
  59. Only by practice will you be able to improve your spoken English.
  60. Nothing can give teachers more pleasure than to see the students’ progress.

  61. 任何人都不能进入会议室,除非得到校长的要求。(unless)
  62. 雨和雪都不能阻止孩子们上学。(Neither… nor)
  63. 众所周知,近几年上海发生了很大的变化。(well known)
  64. 自从进入高中以来,我们在学习上取得了很大的进步。(progress)
  65. 不管他说什么,做什么,我们都不相信他。(whatever)
  66. 电脑在现代科学研究中起着重要的作用。(part)
  67. 直到现在为止,我们已经学了大约五年多英语。(up till now)
  68. 这支医疗队由五名医生和三名护士组成。(be made up of)
  69. 世界是由物质构成的。(consist of)
  70. 没有他的及时帮助,我不可能克服那么多困难。(but for)

  61. Nobody can be allowed to enter the meeting-room, unless they are invited by the headmaster.
  62. Neither rain nor snow can prevent the children from going to school.
  63. It is well known to all that great changes have taken place in Shanghai in recent years.
  64. We have made great progress in our studies since we entered the high school.
  65. Whatever he says or does, we don’t believe him.
  66. The computer plays an important part in modern scientific research.
  67. Up till now, we have studied English for about more than five years.
  68. The medical team is made up of five doctors and three nurses.
  69. The world consists of matter.
  70. But for his timely help, I couldn’t have overcome so many difficulties.

  71.听到这不幸的消息,她禁不住哭了起来。(on hearing…
  72. 对学生来说,学好一门外语是必要的和重要的。(it)
  73. 李梅病了,老师决定帮他补上所缺的课。(make up for)
  74. 像那样的问题是容易回答的。(such)
  75. 为了节省钱,你可以乘公共汽车去那里而不要叫出租车。(save)
  76. 许多书籍和杂志能提供给我们精神食粮。(provide)
  77. 总的来说,酸雨是工业发展的结果。(result
  78. 小红的作文很令人满意,我肯定她的老师会对它满意。(satisfied)
  79. 我们将尽可能多地改进我们的工作。(possible)
  71. On hearing the sad news, she couldn’t help crying.
  72. It is necessary and important for the students to learn a foreign language well.

  73. Li Mei is ill and her teacher decides to help her make up for the lessons she missed.
  74. Such a question as that is easy to answer.
  75. To save money, you may go there by bus instead of calling a taxi.
  76. Many books and magazines can provide us with mental food.

  77. Generally speaking, acid rain is the result of the development of industry.
  78. Xiao Hong’s composition is quite satisfactory. I’m sure her teacher will be satisfied with it.

  79. We will make as many improvements as possible in our work.
  80. Everyone knows that smoking damages people’s health.

  81. 我们的班长被认为是我们班上最好的学生。(regard)
  82. 现代科学技术的发展使我们的社会发生了巨大变化。(bring about)
  83. 如果不练习说英语,你就学不好英语。(without)
  84. 每个人都应该知道如何遵守交通规则,这样就能避免交通事故。(avoid)
  85. 我已经认识到只有努力学习,才能学好英语。(realize)
  86. 你在课堂上应集中注意力学习,否则你就不能理解老师所讲的内容。(concentrate)
  87. 他又把邻居家的窗户打破了,这使他的父母很生气。(which)
  88. 良好的健康取决于好的食物、运动和充足的睡眠。(depend on)
  89. 那个学期他阅读的不是一本英语小说而是五本英语小说。(not… but)
  90. 他是否已被那所大学录取令他的父母很担心。(whether)
  1. Our monitor is regarded as the best student in our class.
  2. The development of modern science and technology has brought about great changes to our society.
  3. You can’t learn English well without practicing speaking English.
  4. Everyone should know how to obey the traffic rules, and thus many traffic accidents can be avoided.
  5. I have come to realize that one can’t learn a foreign language well unless he works hard.
  6. You should concentrate on your lessons in class, otherwise you can’t understand what the teacher has said.
  7. He broke his neighbour’s windows again, which made his parents very angry.
  8. Good health depends on good food, exercise and enough sleep.
  9. Within that term he read not one English novel but five.
  10. Whether he had been admitted to that university or not worried his parents.

  91. 不久我们就要参观那座博物馆了。(before)
  92. 尽管有很多困难,我们仍将执行我们的计 划。(carry)
  93. 当我们听到中国将主办 2008 年奥运会的消息,我高兴得跳了起来。(learn)
  94. 政府向遭受水灾的人们提供药品和食品。(provide)
  95. 据报道这个国家三分之一的城市缺水。(short)
  96. 这两家公司的贸易谈判中断了,以至于经理们不得不寻找其他的合作伙伴。(between)
  97. 电子邮件同电话一样,在日常交流中起着重要作用。(as well as)
  98. 学生们向老师解释玛丽缺课的原因是她患了感冒。(reason)
  99. 如果你不是昨晚熬夜的话,你现在就不会打瞌睡了。(sleepy) 1
  00. 应该采取行动来阻止黑客侵犯我们的电脑系统。(prevent)
  91.It won’t be long before we visit that museum.
  92. In spite of many difficulties, we’ll still carry out our plan through to the end.
  93. On hearing the news that 2008 Olympic Games would be held in China, I jumped up because of joy.
  94. The government provided medicine and food supplies for the people in the area affected by flood.
  95. It is reported that one-third of the cities in the country are short of water supply.
  96. Th



   1. 他的叔叔过去住在乡下,现在住在城里。(used) 2. 他一点也不喜欢喝咖啡,宁可喝茶。(prefer) 3. 对学生来说,学会一门外语是多么重要啊!(how) 4. 5. 这件大衣值多少钱?(cost) 他把他的一生献给了宇宙飞船的研究。(devote) 6. 你最好现在不要把坏消息告诉他。(had better) 7. 他是一位有经验的驾驶员,他习惯于在各种各样的天气情况下开车。(used) 8. 今晚你应该复习功课,而不应该看电视。(instead) 9. 没有什么能阻止这孩子冒 ...


   1在人民广场地下建造一个交通中心是个绝妙的主意.(It) 2我们不能只是在教师节时才想到要尊敬教师.(think of) 3他所钦佩的人不是歌手或演员,而是献身于科学的科学家.(not…but) 4直到他长大成人才真正体会到父亲对他的爱.(Only when) 5说起中国足球,大多数球迷是又爱又恨.(talk of) 6一个人不可能一辈子不犯错误,但要尽量少犯错误.(as…as possible) 7他觉得给别人带来幸福的人才是世界上最幸福的人.(bring) 8使我惊讶的是,在北欧地区几乎 ...

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   31.众所周知,指南针首先是中国制造的。(As) ? 32. 我们需要更多的练习是十分清楚的。(practice) ? 33. 你没听李老师的报告真是太遗憾了。(miss) ? 34. 碰巧我那天晚上有空。(happen) ? 35. 据提议试验应该在低温下做。(suggest) ? 36. 他已经做的事情与我们无关。(nothing) ? 37. 她问我花了多长时间建成这座大桥。(take) ? 38. 直到昨天我才知道他要来。(not… until) ? ...



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