1、Tapes are the best teachers and learning companions.
They will never get bored, never get tired, and never charge you more! Love your English tapes. Make the most of this wonderful learning tool!

  2、Try to pronounce everything just like the speaker on the tape.
Imitation is the first and most important step. It’s much easier to imitate another speaker than it is to sound out each word according to phonetics in a dictionary!

  3、Listen to Crazy English professional tapes as much as possible.
Many tapes don’t have standard pronunciation. Don’t waste your time following and practicing poor pronunciation!

  4、Listening and imitating should always go together.
Use the LIP method! Listen, Imitate, Practice!

  5、Language speaking is like singing.
Try to learn English the same way you learn a song. Speaking with emotion, tone and rhythm will make your English perfect and fluent.

  6、The best way to learn new words is to learn the correct pronunciation.
Try your best to pronounce every word as accurately as possible.

  7、Repeat the words in useful sentences as many times as possible.
That is the only way to“own” a word and make it yours forever! Repetition is the mother of learning!

  8、Try to find as many good English sentences as possible and yell them as loudly and quickly as possible using correct pronunciation.
There are three P’s to mastering a sentence! First Pronounce each word in the sentence accurately and with exaggeration. Next, Practice each sentence as many times as possible with the Three-ly and One ?Cbreath methods! Last, Perform each sentence by saying it naturally and acting it out with emotion!

  9、The number of sentences is more important than the number of words.
Your English level will depend on the number of sentences you can speak. You can communicate much more with ten sentences than you can with one hundred isolated words!

  10、Set specific goals that you know you can achieve.
Success breeds success! Set more challenging goals as you make progress. Even if you only start with three sentences a day, you will know twenty-one new sentences by the end of the week!

  11、Try to use what you’ve learned in everyday life.
Dare to show off your English, especially to people who don’t speak English! The more you use English, the more fluent your English will become.

  12、Try to create your own English environment.
Practice with your friends, family and people you see every day. If you don’t have anyone to practice with, talk to yourself in a mirror! It sounds crazy but it will work!

  13、Pretend you don’t speak Chinese when you are traveling on an airplane, staying in a hotel, or even ordering at McDonald’s.
The employees in these places don’t know you and most speak some English! Forget about your face! You really will only be losing face for overseas Chinese who don’t know how to speak their mother tongue!

  14、Make your own English study cards and carry them wherever you go.
You will make the best use of spare time every day and reinforce your memory. This small action will produce a great result.

  15、To remember the new words and phrases you’ve learned, carry a small notebook to record and review the new materials.

  16、Collect English learning material everywhere!
English magazines and newspapers are a great choice. Writing down sentences while watching American movies is another great source of reallife learning material!

  17、Any spare moment can be a great opportunity to exercise your English skills.
One minute is enough to read a sentence 20 times. Remember, one minute can also produce miracles. Never say that you don’t have enough time to learn English!

  18、Try to read a short English passage every day to build up your language sense.
This is extremely important and helpful if you want to score high on your exams. Try your best to form this great habit. We must change this situation: Reading is the weakest point for Chinese students. The only way to improve your reading ability is to read as much as possible!

  19、Keep an English journal.
Try to write a few sentences about your day and then blurt them out as many times as possible before you go to sleep. This will teach you to “think” in English. This habit will also help you live a move organized and fruitful life. Besides, you will score higher on your composition exams!

  20、Reading loudly will greatly improve your fluency and concentration.
You will also hear your own mistakes and be able to improve them.

  21、Choose materials that interest you!
Reading about things that you like will naturally make learning more enjoyable and efficient. Everything is easier if you enjoy doing it!

  22、Speak crazily not lazily.
Always speak with zeal, pride and confidence. You will not only improve your English greatly this way, but also totally reshape your life. You will become more energetic, charming, and popular. A successful person inspires everyone around him to become successful! All great achievements begin with enthusiasm!

  23、Make your parents proud by teaching them some English sentences.
You can become an excellent teacher through tutoring your parents. Teaching is a great way to learn! Also remember, learning English can make people happier, feel younger and live longer!

  24、Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
The more times you ask for help, the more powerful your English will become. Never hesitate to ask! Learn as much as you can from as many different people as you can! An eager student will always find a teacher!

  25、Practice English for at least 5 minutes before and after every meal.
Your English will naturally grow as your body grows. If you can form this habit, you will be a very successful English learner! You will not only speak good English, but also become a fantastic test-taker!

  26、Keep English constantly in your mind by listening, speaking of reading every day!
Constant exposure will make it much easier to master this language. If you review only once a week, you will have a hard time remembering what you’ve learned.

  27、Always remember: The more times you move your mouth, the more developed your muscles will become, and the more fluent your English will be.
Open your mouth whenever you have a second! Don’t be afraid of being laughed at! You know, great people are always laughed at by fools.

  28、Use all your senses to learn English.
You must hear English, read English, touch English, smell English, and taste English. Feel English with your heart. Immerse yourself in this language. Begin to think in English.

  29、Keep a positive attitude about English.
If you think of English as a burden, it will be one! If you think of English as fun and exciting, you will practice more often and make progress more quickly!

  30、Practice the 3-ly and One-breath methods as frequently as possible.
These two magic methods will turn your Chinese muscles into international muscles.

  31、I will blurt out 10sentences every day.
I will blurt out 1 passage every week.
I will read English at least 10 times a day!
I always know actions speak louder than words.



   1、Tapes are the best teachers and learning companions. They will never get bored, never get tired, and never charge you more! Love your English tapes. Make the most of this wonderful learning tool! 录音带是最好的老师,也是最好的学习伙伴。 录音带从不会厌倦,从不会疲倦,也绝不会伸手向你要更多的钱!热 ...


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