阳疯狂 阳疯狂 语
阳疯狂 阳疯狂 语

加剂 加剂

  1. Thank you for everything. /Thank you very much indeed.
  2. I appreciate it /your help very much.
  3. I don't know how to thank you enough.
  4. It's kind of you to say that.
  5. You've been a great help /very helpful.
  6. Thanks a million, Mr. Lee, for what you have done for me.
  7. I hope I can repay you for it.
  8. You've been very thoughtful.
  9. I appreciate your consideration.
  10. Thank you very much, but I guess I'd better do it myself.
  11. Thank you /Thanks for trying (your best).
  12. Thank you anyway /all the same /for asking.
  13. I'm most /very /extremely /tremendously /awfully /terribly grateful to you for taking so much trouble to explain the best way of getting there. 潇 :Sure. /You're most welcome. /Don't mention it. /It was nothing. /It was my pleasure. /Think nothing of it. /That's all right. /any time. /Don't worry about it . /Forget it. /You bet. 额 戏: 、 鼓励-?%
  1. I do /completely /strongly agree (very much).
  2. That's /You're absolutely right.
  3. I think exactly the same way.
  4. That sounds like a good idea.
  5. I'm with you on that matter.
  6. I see your point /what you mean,
  7. That's understandable.
  8. It was all worth it.
  9. You said it. /You can say that again.
  10. You hit it /the nail right on the head.
  11. You have every reason to be proud of it.

  12. You're pretty close.
  13. That would be fine /great.
  14. That figures! That sounds reasonable.
  15. Whatever you decide is all right with me.
  16. That's it. That will do.
  17. I'll say. That's what it is.
  18. I suppose so. No doubt about it.
  19. You can put it that way.
  20. That's just what I think. /I take the same view.
  21. I'm afraid you're right. /I have to agree with you.
  22. Come on, you can do that. /I bet you can make it.
  23. You have nothing to worry about.
  24. Never say die. It's a piece of cake.
  25. You never know what you can do till you try.
  26. You will come up with the right answer.
  27. It is not as difficult as it looks.
  28. You've got lots of time to improve your English.
  29. Take your medicine like a man.
  30. Well, that's life, isn't it? /I know how you fell.
戏:甜 语 你 坚 赞扬 类 阳光

  1.You did a fine /good /great job.
  2. You've done a wonderful job. Well done! Well done!
  3. That's great /wonderful /beautiful /amazing /fantastic!
  4. You're so nice! /That's very nice of you.
  5. Mrs. Smith, you're a wonderful cook.
  6. I'm very proud of you.
  7. I didn't expect you to do such a good job.
  8. For a beginner, you're pretty good.
  9. You are the right man for the job.
  10. She is quite good with her hands.
  11. We loved it /I love it /I like it.
  12. You've got a point there.
  13. You look young for your age.
  14. You have a very good memory /beautiful eyes.
  15. You're lovelier than your pictures.
  16. How do you keep fit /in shape?
  17. You look nice in your new shirt.
  18. That tie goes well with your suit.
  19. It really looks good on you.
  20. You must be very popular.

  21. Where did you get such a nice tan?
  22. You flatter me immensely.
  23. What a lovely couple you make!
  24. How come you speak such good English?
  25. You speak English without an accent.
  26. You have a good command of English.
  27. She is cut out for that job.
  28. You've got it.
  29. You made a tough decision.
  30. You have an eye for beauty.
  31. He has an old head on young shoulders.
  32. You always know the right thing to say.
  33. He is quick - witted.
  34. You are a walking dictionary /encyclopedia.
  35. I wish I had your will power.
  36. I admire you for sticking to your plans.
  37. I owe my success to my Mom.
  38. I envy you for your ability to cope with the situation.
  39. You are coming along well.
  40. That's a good buy.
间-dA dA

  1.Are you married or single?
  2. Do you have anyone in mind?
  3. I've been dying to see you. (Gnz? 见你。)
  4. My girlfriend and I broke up.
  5. How did you get to know her? (你 怎么认识她 。)
  6. How long have you known her?
  7. She is not my kind of girl. (她 欢 种。)
  8. He was our go-between. (…G 们 。)
  9. Miss Park is kind of short, but she has a beautiful personality. (她 , 她个 〖 久 〗 。)
  10. She is well built. /She has a good figure. (*?? )
  11. His appearance is impressive. (Y7 刻。)
  12. She looks neat and fresh. (她看 来优 清 。)
  13. She wears too much make-up.
  14. Forgive me for being 20 minutes late for our date.
  15. You are everything to me. There's no one like you.
  16. Mary and Amold are going steady. (… 为 侣)
  17. It was love at first sight. (|…n 见钟 )

  18. I don't have the heart to tell her. (G 没 气。)
  19. Our date today was NATO.(No Action, Talk Only)
  20. I love you with all my heart. (G040 爱你。)
  21. I'm so happy with you in this starry night. (? 丽 晚)
  22. They are right matches. ( 们 对。)
  23. She always plays with love. (她总 爱 。)
  24. She gave me the cold shoulder. (她对 。)
  25. He makes a pass〖 〗at every girl he meets.
  26. When are you planning to get married?
  27. Where are you going on your honeymoon?
  28. I've got a strange feeling that this marriage won't last very long. (G…n 个 怪 感觉:这 会长久。)
  29. They are expecting their first child. (怀 个 )
  30. His wife has him under her thumb. ( 控 。)
  31. I'm through with you! (G 们 为 。)
  32. I can't face him after what I've done.
  33. I got a "Dear John" letter〖绝交 〗from her.
  34. I like him the way he was. (G? 欢 过去 样 。)
  35. It was so exciting to meet her again after so many years.
  36. Cry on my shoulders. (y 屈告诉 吧。)
  37. He made up with his girlfriend. (?=? )
  38. You are my best friend in the whole world.
  39. You're the only one I can turn to. ( 赖 )
  40. I am on speaking terns with him. (99X 交)
  41. Mr. Park is a devoted husband. (? 实 )
  42. He doesn't take me seriously. ( 对 没 诚 。)
  43. She is constantly in love. (她 恋爱。)
  44. I don't like the way you are treating me.
  45. He cheated on his wife. /He two-times his wife. ( 对 。 )
  46. I'm too deeply involved〖 〗.
  47. He is fun to be with. (与 处 。)
  48. I think I have fallen in love with someone.
-%GF ,学 %GF

  1.What college are you attending?
  2. What are you majoring in? /What's your major?
  3. What grade /class〖 级 级〗are you in?

  4. What school did you go to? /Where do you go to school?
  5. How many courses are you taking this semester?
  6. I'd better hit the books〖 奋 钻研 学习〗.
  7. Many students are working at part time jobs.
  8. I'm a graduate〖毕业 〗of Harvard University.
  9. I've got six months to go until the graduation.
  10. He worked his way through college〖 工 读〗.
  11. He's busy preparing for class〖 备功课〗.
  12. I don't think I have a mathematical brain〖数学头脑〗.
  13. This has been a hard course〖这门功课 难〗for me.
  14. I've been studying all day, and I'm sick and tired of it〖厌倦〗.
  15. He seems to be getting on very well at school. ( 学校 。)
  16. Speaking of school, how are your grades this term?
  17. The costs of college get higher every year.
  18. She's an easy-going〖随 〗teacher.
  19. The course I took was above me〖 过 〗.
  20. As far as English is concerned, he is second to none. (w 语来说, 没 够 。)
  21. He is burning the midnight oil〖开 车; 读〗.
  22. How did the test turn out? (考试结果怎样?)
  23. I hope I'll go down in history as a famous English professor. (G? …为 来历 教 。)
  24. There's nothing wrong with hard work. (刻苦没 错。)
  25. Examinations are at hand. (考试 。)
  26. She is at the top of her class. (她 。)
  27. How did you get on in your exam? (你考 怎样?)
  28. He is a college dropout. ( 从 学辍学 废。)
  29. He took French leave. ( 辞 别。)
  30. She was kicked out of〖开 ; 学〗the university.
  31. Se won the first place in a speech contest. (?n. )
  32. I'm taking 19 credit hours. (G…n= 九个学 。)
  33. I don't wasn't to cut class〖旷课; 学〗.
  34. Have you ever-studied French? (你学过 吗?)
  35. What's the book abort? (这 书写 么?)
  36. She is giving me piano lessons in exchange for her English classes.
  37. Where did you go to high school? }w 课时 句 :
  38. What do you call this in English? (怎么称 这个?)

  39. How do you pronounce this word? (怎么 ?)
  40. How do you spell it? ( 拼写?)
  41. How do you say that in English? (/w 怎么说?)
  42. What's the meaning of NATO? /What does NATO mean? /What does NATO stand for? (NATO 2< 么?)
  43. How does "live" differ from "leave"? (…< 么 ?)
  44. What's the difference between A and B?
  45. I can't express myself very well in English.
  46. How well do I speak English? (Gw 说 怎么样?)
-工 nn ) 工 (n n

  1.What do you do for a living? (你 么为 ?)
  2. I'm with the Bank of China.
  3. What position do you hold? (你 职 么?)
  4. I'm in charge of the sales department.
  5. I'm tired of working all day. (G 厌倦 工 。)
  6. I'm off today. (G假。)
  7. I have two days off a week. (Gn…= 两 。)
  8. What kind of job do you have?
  9. What's your occupation? (你 职业 么?)
  10. What business are you in? (你从 哪 ?)
  11. What do you do, if I may ask? /Whom do you work for?
  12. What's your position in the company?
  13. Is he still with IBM? ( 还 IBM 工 吗?)
  14. I moonlight as a reporter. (G 兼职当记 。)
  15. The professor runs a restaurant on the side〖 业〗.
  16. I work part time〖兼职〗at the gas station.
  17. I'm unemployed out of a job〖 业〗at the moment.
  18. Stone has been out of work for three months.
  19. What's the starting salary in your company?
  20. He has a white-collar job〖 领工 〗.
  21. He is a salesman or something. (? 销员 类 。)
  22. Do you have any openings〖空缺〗for a typist?
  23. That's a pretty good salary. (|9R? 。)
  24. He has the advantage of a good education. (……o?? 教
  25. Could you work in her place? (你 她吗?)
  26. She was hired on the spot〖当场〗by the company.
  27. I'm looking for somebody fit for the work.
  28. We need a man who knows the ropes〖内 〗.
  29. He jumps from one job to another. ( 经 换工 。)
优势。 )

  30. What's your new job like? (你 工 么 质?)
  31. He is equal to the task. ( 胜 这个工 。)
  32. He is a leader in his field. (…e 业 领导 。)
  33. That's just what you are cut out for〖 你适 〗.
  34. He is new at the work /green to the work. (没经验)
  35. I'm fresh out of college. (G 刚从 学毕业。)
  36. He is not up to the job. ( 胜 这个工 。)
  37. It's his first venture into business〖 界〗.
  38. It's well worth the time. ( 值 时间。)
  39. He jumped at the offer. (%g…o 这个工 机会。)
  40. I know all the ins and outs〖详 〗of the business.
  41. Let's share the money fifty-fifty〖 〗.
  42. His restaurant is a real moneymaker〖 赚钱〗.
  43. He's on his way up. (! 业 。)
  44. His concert brought the house down〖 满 喝 〗.
  45. He did everything within his power to achieve the goal. ( 竭尽 去 标。)
  46. It took years of hard work. (|…??+ 苦工 。)
  47. The work is in full swing. (工 进 。)

-工 ((( ) 工 (

  48. The times have been very bad. (时机 。)
  49. We are in the red. (G 们 损/& 。)
  50. The company went broke. (这家公 产 。)
  51. I visited Japan on an observation tour of its industries. (GGr 它 工业。)
  52. I have to feed a family of five〖养 口 家〗.
  53. I've got to keep my nose to the grindstone〖拼 工 ; 倦 工 〗to support my family.
  54. Two of trades seldom agree. (e…z 家。)
  55. There is no hope of success.
  56. There was no way he could solve the problem.
  57. He is in trouble all the time. ( 总 烦。)
  58. He's gone out of business. (. 业 。)
  59. He makes a good living. ( 过 优 。)
  60. The game is not worth the candle. (这 值 。)
  61. He has money to burn. ( 钱 样。)
  62. His yearly salary is in seven digits〖 数〗.
  63. He is as poor as a church mouse〖 贫 〗.

  64. They live from hand to mouth〖 口 〗.
  65. Let's get the ball rolling. (让 们开 吧。)
  66. Right now my hands are full /tied〖 可开交〗.
  67. Nice to have you with us. I'm happy to work with you. I hope you will like it here.
  68. I've got a lot of work /a million things to do.
  69. I'm behind in my work. (G 工 进 。)
  70. He is working like a horse. (? 工 。)
  71. I'm so busy that I don't get around to it. (G??? 时间去 它。 )
  72. I must meet the deadline. (G 须 。)
  73. Do I have to get it done by noon〖 〗?
  74. I want to get my work finished by tomorrow.
  75. He is in conference〖开会〗right now.
  76. I'll get through〖 〗this work by noon.
  77. This situation permits of no delay〖 许 〗.
  78. What makes you work so hard? (为 么你这样卖 ?)
  79. It's shaping up. (进 顺 。)
  80. We have to talk the matter over〖讨论〗now.
  81. The work is not as difficult as you think.
  82. I'm beginning to see〖开 〗what you mean.
  83. That's where our difficulty lies〖困难 〗.
  84. Did it work? (e?f 吗?)
  85. Her guess turned out to be true〖结果 为 实〗.
  86. Typing is easy once you get the hang of it. (n 你 /懂 /jh 诀 窍, 简单。)
  87. Are you through with your work? (工 吗?)
  88. I should stick to my work schedule〖坚 工 进 〗.
  89. How is he making out〖进 〗in his job now?
  90. I'll see what I can do about it. (G 会尽 为。)
  91. I will get his to accept the offer〖 议〗.
-工 qq ) 工 (q



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