七. 情态动词+完成形式、时态的考点

  1. We our breakfast when an old man came to the door.
A) just have had
B) have just had
C) just had
D) had just had

  2. You all those calculations! We have a computer to do that sort of thing.
A) needn't have done
B) must not have done
C) shouldn't have done
D) can not have done

  3. By the end of this month, we surely a satisfactory solution to the problem.
A) have found
B) will be finding
C) will have found
D) are finding

  4. It seems oil from this pipe for some time. We 'll have to take the machine apart to put it right.
A) had leaked
B) has been leaking
C) leaked
D) is leaking

  5. Once environmental damage , it takes many years for the system to recover.
A) is done
B) is to do
C) does
D) has done

  6. Mary's score on the test is the highest in her class; she have studied very hard.
A) may
B) should
C) must
D) ought to

  7. With all this work on hand, he to the cinema last night.
A) mustn't go
B) wouldn't go
C) must
D) ought to

  8. He came back late, which time all the guests had already left.
A) after
B) by
C) at
D) during

  9. It was very kind of you to do the washing up, but you it.
A) mustn't have done
B) wouldn't have done
C) mightn't have done
D) didn't have to do

  10. You her in her office last Friday; she's been out of town for two weeks.
A) needn't have seen
B) must have seen
C) might have seen
D) can't have seen

  11. the fifth generation computers, with artificial intelligence, and perfected now.
A) developed
B) have developed
C) are being developed
D) will have been developed

  12. It's reported that by the end of this month the output of cement in the factory by about 10%.
A) will have risen
B) has risen
C) will be rising
D) has been rising

  13. Sir Denis, who is 78, has made it known that much of his collection to the nation.
A) has left
B) is to leave
C) leaves
D) is to be left

  14. Before the first non-stop flight made in 1949, it necessary for all planes to land for refueling.
A) would be
B) has been
C) had been
D) would have been

  15. The room is in a terrible mess; it cleaned.
A) can't have been
B) shouldn't have been
C) mustn't have been
D) wouldn't have been

  16. Until then, his family from him for six months.
A) didn't hear
B) hasn't been hearing
C) hasn't heard
D) hadn't heard

  17. The conference a full week by the time it ends.
A) must have lasted
B) will have lasted
C) would last
D) has lasted

  18. Great as Newton was, many of his ideas today and are being modified by the work of scientists of our time.
A) are to challenge
B) may be challenged
C) have been challenged
D) are challenging

  19. I'd rather read than watch television; the programs seem all the time.
A) to get worse
B) to be getting worse
C) to have got worse
D) getting worse

  20. My train arrives in New York at eight o'clock tonight. The plane I would like to take from there by then.
A) would leave
B) will have left
C) has left
D) had left

  21. Research findings show we spend about two hours dreaming every night. No matter what we during the day.
A) should have done
B) would have done
C) may have done
D) must have done

  22. He must have had an accident, or he then.
A) would have been here
B) had to be here
C) should be here
D) would be here

  23. It was essential that the application forms back before the deadline(截止日期)。
A) must be sent
B) would be sent
C) be sent
D) were sent

  24. We desire that the tour leader us immediately of any change in plans.
A) inform
B) informs
C) informed
D) has informed

  25. Look at the terrible situation I am in! If only I your advice.
A) follow
B) had followed
C) would follow
D) have followed

  26. It is recommended that the project until all the preparations have been made.
A) not be started
B) will not be started
C) is not started
D) is not to be started

  27. We didn't know his telephone number, otherwise we him.
A) had telephoned
B) must have telephoned
C) would telephone
D) would have telephoned

  28. Had he worked harder, he the exams.
A) must have got through
B) would get through
C) would get through
D) would have got through

  29. I don't think it advisable that Tim to the job since he has no experience.
A) be assigned
B) will be assign
C) is assigned
D) has been assigned

  30.If the whole operation beforehand, a great deal of time and money would have been lost.
A) was not planned
B) has not been planned
C) had not been planned
D) were not planned

  31. as commander-in-chief of the armed forces, I have directed that all measures for our defense.
A) had been taken
B) would be taken
C) be taken
D) to be taken

  32. We are all for your proposal that the discussion .
A) be put off
B) was put off
C) should put off
D) is to put off

  33. for my illness, I would have lent him a helping hand.
A) Not being
B) Had it not been
C) Without being
D) Not having been

  34. To be frank, I'd rather you in the case.
A) will not be involved
B) not involved
C) not to be involved
D) were not involved

  35. It is politely requested by the hotel management that radios after 11 o'clock at night.
A) were not played
B) not to play
C) not be played
D) did not play

  36. Jean doesn't want to work right away because she thinks that if she a job she probably wouldn't be able to see her friends very often.
A) has to get
B) were to get
C) had got
D) could have got

  37. right now, she would get there on Sunday.
A) Would she leave
B) If she leaves
C) Were she to leave
D) If she had left

  38. It's already 5 o'clock now. Don't you think it's about time ?
A) we are going home
B) we go home
C) we went home
D) we can go home

  39. before we depart the day after tomorrow, we should have a wonderful dinner party.
A) Had he arrived
B) Would they arrive
C) Were they arriving
D) Were they to arrive

  40. It is important that enough money to fund the project.
A) be collected
B) must be collected
C) was collected
D) can be collected



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