1. Mr. and Mrs. Smith are so excited today, for they bought yesterday. A. many furnitures B. so many furniture C. quite a few furniture D. a lot of furniture
  2. have traveled in space-ships already. A. Women astronauts B. Women astronaut C. Woman astronauts D. Woman astronaut
  3. have come up with the solutions to the problem. A. The boy student B. The boys student C. The boy students D. The boys students
  4. Li Ying has three . A. brother-in-law C. brothers-in-laws
B. brothers-in-law D. brother-in-laws

  5. If you are frightened, tell one of . A. the grown-up B. the grown-ups C. the up-growns D. the up-grown
  6. The lady over there is . A. Jane and Mary mother C. Jane’s and Mary’s mother
B. Jane and Mary’s mother D. Jane’s and Mary mother

  7. They are of different presses. Now they are having a meeting in one of the offices. A. editor-in-chiefs/editor-in-chief’s B. editor-in-chief/editor-in-chief’s C. editor-in-chiefs/editor-in-chief D. editor-in-chief/editor-in-chief’s
  8. He needs a . A. few day’s rest C. little day’s rest
B. few days rest D. little days rest

  9. I borrowed a book of yesterday. A. you B. your C. yours D. your’s
  10. Ever since Picasso’s painting went on exhibit, there large crowds at the museum every day. A. is B. has been C. have been D. are
  1. It was who cleaned the dorm room. A. he and I B. him and me C. he and me D. him and I

  2. These machines are better than we turned out last year. A. that B. what C. those D. which
  3. “May I help you with some shoes, sir?” “Yes, I’d like to try on those black .” A. one B. ones C. two D. pair
  4. “Do you like the book Sidney gave you?” “Very much. It’s exactly I wanted.” A. one which B. the one C. one what D. one that
  5. “Have you found the pen you lost yesterday?” “Yes, I have found .” A. one B. it C. either D. both
  6. Poe and Hawthorne in the development of the short story as a distinctive American genre. A. and both leaders were B. both were leaders C. were both leaders D. who were leaders
  7. My parents in this evening. A. are both C. both are
  8. are very clever. A. Both them C. The both boys
B. all are D. are all
B. Both of them D. Both of boys

  9. Catherine had spent mowing the lawn. A. the whole day B. all during the day C. altogether a day D. entirely a day
  10. the girls came on the trip. A. Neither C. None of
B. Nobody of D. No one of

  1. His salary as a driver is much higher . A. than a teacher B. than that of a teacher C. than of a teacher D. than those of a teacher

  2. all the poems I have read recently, Thomas Hardy’s The Darkling Thrust seems the most relevant to our times. A. Of B. Among C. In D. About
  3. To the best of my knowledge, the climate in Arizona is better year-round. A. than any other state B. than other states C. than in any other state D. than is any other state
  4. Questioning the quality of the air they breathe becomes less important than about the next paycheck. A. having questioned B. questioning C. to have questioned D. question
  5. He live in the country than in the city. A. would B. likes to C. would rather D. had better
  6. The culture and customs of America are more like of England than of any other country. A. that B. what C. which D. those
  7. Dried foods take up less room and weigh than the same food packed in cans, and they do not need to be stored in special condition. A. few B. fewer C. little D. less
  8. But she would rather stay at home alone than to Jane’s gossip. A. to listen B. listening C. listen D. listened
  9. The new method for refining aluminum was that it became practical for many purposes, one of the first of which was for making pots and pans. A. so more cheaper B. so much cheaper C. so many cheaper D. such much cheaper
  10. living things are linked together as intimately as bees and flowers. A. Fewer B. Few C. Little D. Less
  1. The students expected there more reviewing classes before the final exams. A. is B. to be C. being D. have been

  2. Where shall I put my boxes? The drawer is the place. A. to put them B. putting them in C. to put in them D. to put them in
  3. She has no pencil . A. to write about C. to write
B. to write with D. to write in

  4. Though small, the room is comfortable . A. to live B. to live in C. living in D. live in
  5. The girl walked quietly into the room awake her roommates. A. so as to B. in order not to C. so as to not D. for to not
  6. We were surprised at the exam. A. him not pass C. his not passing
B. his passing not D. him not to pass

  7. one’s work properly may be worse than not doing it at all. A. Not to do B. Doing not C. Doing D. Not doing
  8. He prided himself on at chess. A. having never beaten C. having never been beaten
B. having been never beaten D. never have been beaten

  9. “How did you learn to drive?” “strict obedience to my tutor.” A. Giving B. By giving C. Give D. To give
  10. Jane was scolded by the director because she left the office with the door. A. unlocking B. not being locked C. unlocked D. not locking
  11. in ancient times, the book still appeals to readers today. A. Though it written B. Though written C. It was writer D. Written it was
  12. After a whole day’s heavy work, the old worker returned home, . A. hungry and felt exhausting B. hunger and exhausted C. hungry and exhausted D. hungry and having been exhausted

  13. The old writer could not sleep at night, his wrongs and sorrows him no peace. A. gave B. have given C. being given D. giving
  14. Television has become a major instrument of communication, us to see as well as to hear all kinds of programs. A. to permit B. permitted C. being permitting D. permitting
  15. The decision ,what is to be done now is how to carry it out. A. been made B. has been made C. having been made D. having been making
  16. Some people are sitting on the grass; others are strolling along the lake side, . A. chatting and to laugh B. to chat and to laugh C. chatting and laughing D. chatting and laughed
  17. I was overjoyed at the news of my hometown so much progress. A. to make B. to have made C. made D. having made
  18. Electrical resistance is a common property of all materials, . A. only differs in degree B. only in degree it differs C. differing only in degree D. and differing in degree only
  19. That the brain, once oxygen, dies has been proved. A. depriving of B. deprived C. being deprived D. deprived of
  20. The Red Cross help for refugees, over two million dollars have been raised. A. appeals for B. appeals to C. has been appealing for D. appealing for
  1. Nobody enjoys having a tooth . A. drill and fill C. to drill and fill
B. drilling and filling D. drilled and filled

  2. It’s no use our any longer. He may come by any train. He is used to finding his way around. A. to wait B. waiting C. to have waited D. having waited
  3. The revolutionary fighter would rather die with his head high than with his knees bent. A. to live B. living
C. live
D. lived

  4. I forgot her that my coat buttons need to be sewn on. A. reminding B. having reminded C. to remind D. to have reminded
  5. It’s no good remember grammatical rules. You need to practice what you have learned. A. trying to B. to try to C. try to D. tried to
  6. I feel like to the village we saw many new houses. A. writing B. to write C. write D. having written
  7. As we approached the village we saw many new houses . A. built B. build C. being built D. building
  8. Tim cannot but his supervisor to help him solve the difficulty he has in doing his project. A. to ask B. ask C. asking D. asked
  9. Would you mind quiet for a moment? I am trying a form. A. keeping; filling out B. to keep; to fill out C. keeping; to fill out D. to keep; filling out
  10. I don’t remember to professor Brown during my last visit to Harvard. A. having introduced B. having been introduced C. to have introduced D. to have been introduced
  1. Even if it this afternoon, I will go there. A. to ask B. ask C. asking D. asked
  2. last year and is now earning his living as an advertising agent. A. He would leave school B. He left school C. He had left school D. He has left school
  3. We each other for ten years. A. had known C. have been knowing
B. have known D. know

  4. They fulfilled the plan earlier than they , A. have expected B. expected
C. were expecting
  5. “Will she finish the work soon?” “Yes, she it by next Friday.” A. shall finish C. have finished
  6. It almost every day so far this month. A. is raining C. rains
  7. My wife . A. has forever criticized me C. was forever criticizing me
D. had expected
B. finish D. will have finished
B. rained D. has been raining
B. forever criticizing me D. is forever criticizing me

  8. He in a small workshop, but now he is the head of a big business company. A. used to working B. was used to work C. used to work D. was used to working
  9. My grandmother rural life. A. has used to C. is used to
B. used to D. uses to

  10. I my breakfast when the morning post came. A. had B. had been having C. was having D. have been having
  1. The professor was knowledgeable and eloquent and with enthusiasm. A. was always listened B. was always listened to C. always was listened D. always listened to
  2. He returned a week later and found his house. A. had broken into B. was broken into C. to be broken into D. had been broken into
  3. The United Kingdom Great Britain and Northern Ireland. A. consisted of B. is consisted of C. consists of D. consist
  4. These oranges nice. A. are tasted C. is tasted
  5. In 1950, she was the largest ship that .
B. taste D. tastes
A. was ever built C. has ever been built
B. has ever built D. had ever been built

  6. The house suddenly collapsed while it down. A. was pulled B. pulled C. was been pulled D. had been pulled
  7. “How do you like your new position?” “I .” A. don’t satisfy B. am not satisfied C. can’t satisfy D. haven’t satisfied
  8. She in the feet on her way home from work. A. was hurting B. is hurt C. hurts D. got hurt
  9. There are more than fifty proposals at the conference. A. discussed B. to be discussed C. discussing D. having discussed
  10. Though Newton was a great scientist, many of his ideas today and are being modified by the work of today’s scientists. A. are to challenge B. are challenging C. may be challenged D. have been challenged
  1. We her letter last week. We don’t know what has happened to her. A. must receive B. must have received C. ought to receive D. ought to have received
  2. If the doctor could have come earlier, the patient . A. could not have died B. should not have died C. wouldn’t have died D. would not die
  3. As it turned out to be a small driving test, we so hard. A. needn’t prepare B. did not need have prepared C. did not need prepare D. needn’t have prepared
  4. It was kind of you to offer me financial help, but you it. A. mustn’t do B. wouldn’t have done C. mustn’t have done D. didn’t have to do
  5. According to the western culture, one ask his acquaintance such personal questions as his age, income or marital status. A. needn’t B. don’t have to C. mustn’t D. have not got to

  6. Jane doesn’t have time to go to the concert; she for her final examination. A. being prepare B. must be preparing C. might have been preparing D. is to be prepare
  7. My disappointment apparent the moment I entered the office, because some of my colleagues asked me sympathetically, “Are you all right with the boss’s decision?” A. must be B. had been C. must have been D. had to be
  8. The prize-winner did so well at the speech contest that he it many times this couple of weeks. A. should have rehearsed B. would have rehearsed C. must have rehearsed D. could have rehearsed
  9. He doesn’t know how to make good use of the enormous calculative capability of computer; this job within an hour. A. should finish B. must have finished C. could be finishing D. ought to have been finished
  10. It’s a pity you failed in this course. You the books on the professor’s reading list before you took the final examination. A. might have read B. should have read C. must have read D. have read
  1. If you that late movie last night, you wouldn’t be dozy now. A. haven’t watched B. didn’t watch C. hadn’t watched D. wouldn’t have watched
  2. Had I know it, I you. A. have told C. wouldn’t be cold
  3. the storm, we should have reached our destination. A. For but C. In spite of
  4. She insisted that what she had done right. A. was C. be
  5. I wish you me yesterday. A. tell C. would tell
B. had told D. would have told
B. But for D. In case of
B. is D. had been
B. could tell D. had told

  6. it left to me to decide, I would not hesitate to prefer the latter. A. If B. Were C. Had D. Should
  7. It is important that he to the dean before leaving for his vacation. A. speak B. spoken C. have D. speaks
  8. It’s about time people notic



   1. Mr. and Mrs. Smith are so excited today, for they bought yesterday. A. many furnitures B. so many furniture C. quite a few furniture D. a lot of furniture 2. have traveled in space-ships already. A. Women astronauts B. Women astronaut C. Woman a ...


   高中英语语法练习-动词的虚拟语气 一、基础练习 1. I’ve bought a box of chocolates for our daughter. Oh, how good a dad! But she doesn’t like sweet things, that? A. Don’t you know B. Haven’t you known C. Didn’t you know D. Hadn’t you known 2. Have you decided already?Yes, ...


   初中英语语法练习题 初中英语语法练习题 1( ) 1 -Have you got some water to drink? -Here you are. There still some in the bottle. A. are B. were C. is D. was ( ) 2 there many American friends in the school last Friday? A. Is B. Was C. Are D. Were ( ) 3 There a great ma ...


   MBA 英语备考 英语学习是一个点点滴滴积累的过程,因此,在备考过程中,大家就需要努力做到系统,循 序渐进和按部就班。 首先,大家目前要对自己的英语水平做一个客观的评估,一个准确的定位,继而制定出 相应的复习计划和策 略。 从整年的备考来讲,英语复习大致分为四个阶段: 第一个阶段是基本功夯实阶段。万丈高楼平地起,关键是要打地基,这一阶段主要侧重 英语知识的系统复习。 大家应该把重点放在基础知识的积累方面, 具体而言就是词汇和语法 两方面知识的积累。 第二个阶段是真题解密阶段。所谓真题解密阶段 ...


   快乐学习 健康备考 词汇 词汇亮剑 77、hold out 抵抗,顶住压力 = resist hold out against the attacks hold back 阻止,抑制 hold back sb. from doing prevent ,stop, keep, hinder, restrain , inhibit , prohibit + sb. from doing hold down 压低 hold the price down hold over 拖延(被动) put o ...


   MBA 培训中心 www.lirenmba.com 010-62751161 英语模拟试题 Section I Vocabulary (10 points) Directions: There are 20 incomplete sentences in this section. For each sentence there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the one that best completes the sent ...


   MBA 英语翻译自测题 Rumor has it that more than 20 books on creationism/evolution are in the publishers pipelines. A few have already appeared. The goal of all will be to try to explain to a confused and often unenlightened citizenry that there are n ot tw ...


   MBA 英语单选 2008 年真题 1) The two countries achieved some progress in the sphere of trade relations, traditionally a source of A_ irritation. A mutual B optional C neutral D parallel 2) Modern manufacturing has__B a global river of materials into a stun ...


   启用前? 启用前?绝密 2010 年全国硕士研究生入学统一考试 年全国硕士研究生入学统一考试 管理类专业硕士学位联考 [英语 试卷 5A 英语]试卷 英语 考生须知 1. 2. 3. 考生答题前严格遵守各项考场规则,得到监考人员指令后方可开始答题。 答题前,考生应将答题卡上的“考生姓名”“报考单位”“考生编号”等信息填写清楚,并与准考证 、 、 上的一致。 本试题含有综合填空、阅读理解、英译汉、写作五个部分,综合填空、阅读理解的答案必须用 2B 铅 笔填涂在答题卡 1 上,如要改动,必须用橡 ...


   A a bit 一点;一些 The modern opera was a bit of a disappointment; we expected it to be much better . 这部现代歌剧有点令人失望,比我们想象中的差得多. I asked her to give me a hand but she's being a bit unwilling about it. 我请她过来帮忙,但她却有点不乐意. I'm a little bit tired. Let's take a ...


4A广告公司中常用英语词汇(doc 8)

   www.3722.cn 中国最庞大的下载资料库 (整理. 版权归原作者所有) 如果您不是在 3722.cn 网站下载此资料的, 不要随意相信. 请访问 3722, 加入 3722.cn 必要时可将此文件解密 4A 广告公司中常用英语词汇 A above-the-line advertising 线上广告,广告代理商能从媒介获得佣金 (代理费)的广告,如报刊广告、广播广告、电视广告、影院广告、户 外广告等。 account executive (AE) :客户经理,广告公司的业务人员职称。客户 ...


   六、根据句意及音标写出相应的单词(共5小题;每小题1分,满分5分) 58. We must keep kwai t in the reading room.. 59. They live on the /’nainθ/ floor. 60.There is a good / / in the center of our town. 61.She is very helpful and clever, so we make her our/ /. 62. Now we are ...


   中华人民共和国海事局海船船员适任统考成绩单 2009年第1期(总第47期)驾驶专业 准考证号 B194210016 B194410007 B194410009 B194410017 B194410023 B194410031 B194510005 B194510009 B194510013 B194510015 B194610001 B194610003 B194610007 B194610009 B194710001 B194710002 B194710003 B194710004 B19 ...

2011年高考英语复习04-10年高考题荟萃汇编:第一节 定语从句

   (ks5u.com) 您身边的高考专家 第一节 定语从句 第一部分 六年高考题荟萃 2010 年高考题 1. (10 福建 24) Stephen Hawking believes that earth is unlikely to be the only planet has developed gradually. A. that B. where C. which 考点: 考点:定语从句 解析: 解析:先行词为 planet,表示地点,故用 where。 2. (10 湖南 28) I ...


   小学六年级英语( 小学六年级英语(下)第一单元测试题 听力部分(30 分) 一、听选单词。听句子,从 A、B、C 中选择所听句子中包含的单词。每小题 2 分,共 10 分。 ( ) 1 A. strong B. stronger C. longer ( ) 2. A. taller B. shorter C. smaller ( ) 3. A. hot B. short C. shorter ( ) 4. A. 156cm B. 165cm C. 155cm ( ) 5. A. happy ...