泉州一中 2009 届高考总复习冲刺模拟卷
第一部分 英语知识运用
第一节:单项填空( 小题, 第一节:单项填空(共 15 小题,每小题 1 分,满分 15 分) 从 A,B,C,D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项. , , , 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项.
  1. Without thorough understanding of China's specific conditions, you can't have say over the only-child policy. A. a; the B. the; a C. a; a; D. the; the
  2. Great inventors don't graduate from famous universities. Some didn't even go to university. A. likely B. necessarily C. really D. nearly

  3. ?Why are you making so much noise?
?I just can't help . A. so B. that C. that D. it

  4. ?I'm sorry to keep you waiting. I'll make shorter work of this.
?. I'm not in a hurry. A. Take it easy B. Take your time C. That's all right D. Do as you please
  5. ?What did she for so much money? ?Nothing but a few CDs. A. pay B. spend C. buy D. prepare
  6. ?I hope you enjoyed the film last night . ?How on earth do you know I went to a film? I you. A. won't tell B. didn't tell C. haven't told D. hadn't told
  7. Our school looks more beautiful with many red lanterns(灯笼) high over the square. A. to be raised B. raised C. being raised D. being risen
  8. The media today can draw public attention to help is actually needed. A. that B. when C. where D. how
  9. ?Why were you not at the concert? ?I a close game between two European football teams. A. watched B. had watched C. was watching D. have been watching
  10. ?I told him to take he considered helpful to him and his family from everything I was having then. ?You were really kind to him. A. what B. that C. whatever D. whichever
  11. Many people believe that poverty is only a problem in rural areas. , it is also a problem in some urban areas. A. As a result B. Furthermore C. In the end D. As a matter of fact
  12. Here is the first two books, the third one next month. A. to come out B. coming out C. will come out D. having come out
  13. for the fact that she got hit by a car and broke her leg on her way to school, she might have passed the exam.
A. Had it not been B. Were it not C. Hadn't it been D. Was it not
  14. I'm glad to introduce Mr. Smith to you, without consideration our project would have ended in failure. A. whom B. his C. whose D. who
  15. The further falling of the stock market as reported today has a fresh wave of selling.
A. give off B. set off C. put off D. got off 第二节: 小题; 第二节: 完形填空 (共 20 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 20 分) One of the political issues that is heard a lot about in the States lately is campaign(竞选)finance reform(改 革). The people who are 16 for reform usually want the 17 to pay for campaigns and/or limit the amount of money that candidates(候选人)and their 18 can spend. One reason that reform is called for is that it costs so much to 19 for political office. Candidates have to spend a great deal of time and effort 20 money. The incumbents (those already in office) have less time to do chief jobs since they must 21 so many money raising events. Another 22 is the fear that candidates will be owned or 23 by the "special interest groups" that give money to their campaigns. Sometimes this certainly seems to be the 24 . On the 25 side are those who say that it doesn't mean it's really 26 just because you call something "reform". They argue that the right to freedom of speech is 27 if the government can limit anyone's ability to get his or her message out to the people. If one person or a group of people want to tell the 28 what they think about an issue or candidate, they have to buy 29 on TV, radio, and in newspapers and magazines. They might want to put up advertisements along highways and on websites. All this costs a lot of 30 . Those against laws that control or limit spending say that you don't really have freedom of 31 or freedom of the press if you can't get your message out. They say the government should never be able to control 32 discussions. They believe that this is most important when the voters are about to make 33 . What do you think about this 34 ? Listen to what the candidates for national office have to say. Which candidates 35 the most sense to you?
  16.A.waiting B.calling C.standing D.preparing
  17.A.government B.president C.candidates D.citizens
  18.A.leaders B.bosses C.supporters D.states
  19.A.pay B.compete C.wait D.work
  20.A.raising B.earning C.giving D.getting
  21.A.notice B.report C.guard D.attend
  22.A.event B.cost C.reason D.office
  23.A.encouraged B.forced C.controlled D.ordered
  24.A.joke B.purpose C.case D.example
  25.A.other B.same C.another D.different
  26.A.worse B.better C.easier D.harder
  27.A.meaningless B.unimportant C.unnecessary D.impossible
  28.A.reporters B.truth C.story D.public
  29.A.time B.copies C.rights D.advertising
  30.A.energy B.effort C.time D.money
  31.A.argument B.opinion C.speech D.election
  32.A.common B.political C.general D.special
  33.A.profit B.trouble C.plans D.decisions
  34.A.quarrel B.problem C.issue D.affair
  35.A.find B.make C.create D.produce 第三节:阅读理解(共 20 小题,每题 2 分,满分 40 分) 第三节:阅读理解( 小题, A I was a freshman in college when I met the Whites. They were completely different from my own family, yet I felt at home with them immediately. Jane White and I became friends at school, and her family welcomed me like a long-lost cousin. In my family, it was always important to place blame when anything had happened. "Who did this?" my mother would scream about a dirty kitchen. "This is your entire fault, Katherine," my father would insist when the cat got out or the dishwasher broke. From the time we were little, my sister, brothers and I told to each other. We set a place for blame at the dinner table. w.w.w.k.s.
But the Whites didn't worry about who had done what. They picked up the pieces and moved on with their lives. The beauty of this was driven home to me the summer Jane died. In July, the Whites sisters and I decided to take a car trip from their home in Florida to New York. The two older sisters, Sarah and Jane, were college students, and the youngest, Amy, had recently turned sixteen. Proud of having a new driver's license, Amy was excited about practicing her driving on the trip. She showed off her license to everyone she met. The big sisters shared the driving of Sarah's new car during the first part of the trip, but when they reached less crowded areas, they let Amy take over. Somewhere in South Carolina, we pulled off the highway to eat. After lunch, Amy got behind the wheel. She came to a crossroads with a stop sign. Whether she was nervous or just didn't see the sign no one would ever know, but Amy continued into the crossroads without stopping. The driver of a large truck, unable to stop in time, ran into our car. Jane was killed immediately. I was slightly injured. The most difficult thing that I had ever done was to call the Whites to tell them about the accident and that Jane had died. Painful as it was for me to lose a good friend, I knew that it was far worse for them to lose a child. When Mr. and Mrs. White arrived at the hospital, they found their two daughters sharing a room. Sarah had a few cuts on the head; Amy's leg was broken. They hugged us all and cried tears of sadness and of joy at seeing their daughters. They wiped away the girl's tears and made a few jokes at Amy as she learned to use her crutches(拐杖). To both of their daughters, and especially to Amy, over and over they simply said, "We are so glad that you are alive." I was astonished. No blame. No accusations. Later, I asked the Whites why they never talked about the fact that Amy was driving and had run a stop sign. Mrs. White said, "Jane is gone, and we miss her terribly. Nothing we say or do will bring her back. But Amy has her whole life ahead of her. How can she lead a full and happy life if she feels we blame her for her sister's death?" They were right. Amy graduated from the University of California and got married several years ago. She works as a teacher of learning-disabled students. She's also a mother of two little girls of her own, the oldest named Jane.
  36. How did the author's parents differ from the Whites? A. The author's parents were less caring. B. The author's parents were less loving. C. The author's parents were less friendly D. The author's parents were less understandingw.w.w.k.s.
  37. How did the accident happen? A. Amy didn't stop at a crossroad and a truck hit their car. B. Amy didn't know what to do when she saw the stop sign. C. Amy didn't slow down so their car ran into a truck. D. Amy didn't get off the highway at a crossroad.
  38. The accident took place in . A. Florida B. California C. South Carolina D. New York
  39. The Whites did not blame Amy for Jane's death because . A. they didn't want Amy to feel ashamed and sorry for the rest of her life B. Amy was badly injured herself and they didn't want to add to her pain C. They didn't want to blame their children in front of others D. Amy was their youngest daughter and they loved her best
  40. From the passage we can learn that . A. Amy has never recovered from the shock B. Amy changed her job after the accident C. Amy lost her memory after the accident D. Amy has lived quite a normal life B A device that stops drivers from falling asleep at the wheel is about to undergo testing at Department of Transport laboratories and could go on sale within 12 months. The system, called Driver Alert, aims to reduce deadly road accidents by 20% - 40% that are caused by
tiredness. Airline pilots can also use it to reduce the 30% of all pilot-error accidents that are related to fatigue(疲 乏). Driver Alert is based on a computerized wristband. The device, worn by drivers or pilots, gives out a sound about every four minutes during a car journey. After each sound the driver must respond by squeezing the steering wheel (g 盘). A sensor in the wristband detects this pressing action and measures the time between the sound and the driver's response. Tiredness is directly related to a driver's response time. Usually, a watchful driver would take about 400 milliseconds to respond, but once that falls to more than 500 milliseconds, it suggests that the driver is getting sleepy. In such cases the device gives out more regular and louder sounds, showing that the driver should open a window or stop for a rest. If the driver's response continues to slow down, the sounds become more frequent until a nonstop alarm warns that the driver must stop as soon as possible. The device has been delivered to the department's laboratories for testing. If these tests, scheduled for six months' time, are successful, the makers will bring the product to market within about a year.
  41.According to the text, Driver Alert . A. aims to reduce tiredness-related accidents B. has gone through testing at laboratories C. aims to prevent drivers from sleeping D. has been on sale for 12 months w.w.w.k.s.
  42. How should a driver respond to the sounds from Driver Alert? A. By sounding a warning. B. By touching the wristband. C. By checking the driving time. D. By pressing the steering wheel.
  43.We can learn from the text that the driver needs to stop for a break when his response time is . A. about 400 milliseconds B. below 500 milliseconds C. over 500 milliseconds D. about 4 minutes
  44.When the driver gets sleepy while driving, Driver Alert . A. moves more regularly B. stops working properly C. opens the window for the driver D. sounds more frequently and loudly C American agricultural scientist Norman Borlaug has received the Congressional Gold Medal. Norman Borlaug is often called "the man who saved a billion lives" and "the father of the Green Revolution." His work helped fight starvation in India and Pakistan in the nineteen sixties. He won the nineteen seventy Nobel Peace Prize. He, ninety-three years old ,still works as an adviser at the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center in Mexico. In accepting the medal, he urged Congress and the administration to increase development assistance for agriculture. He said the world needs better and more technology to deal with hunger. In his words: "Hunger and poverty and misery are very fertile soils into which to plant all kinds of 'isms,' including terrorism." w.w.w.k.s.
  5.u.c.o.m In the 1940s, Norman Borlaug and a team developed highly productive and disease-resistant wheat for farmers in Mexico. About twenty years later, millions of people in India and Pakistan were in danger from grain shortages. The improved wheat from Mexico also grew well in South Asia, combined with changes in growing methods. Norman Borlaug persuaded farmers to use more fertilizers and pesticide chemicals and to water their crops with irrigation systems. Also many a crop can be planted in the same field. The results were big production gains that many believe saved as many as a billion lives. President Bush noted that hunger still affects much of the developing world. He said the most fitting honor for Norman Borlaug is to lead a second Green Revolution that feeds the world. Yet his support for new agricultural technologies has been criticized at times over the years. Some researchers worry about the effects of indu



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