4. The reason why I didn't go to Shanghai was a new job。
  A. because I got
  B. because of getting
  C. I got
  D. that I got
  5. It worried her a bit her hair was turning gray。
  A. while
  B. that
  C. if
  D. for
  6. Henry killed the dog. I'll ask him why 。
  A. did he do that
  B. he did that
  C. he did
  D. he has done so
  7. Have you seen Henry lately My boss wants to know 。
  A. how he is getting along
  B. how is he getting along
  C. what he is getting along
  D. what is he getting along
  8. It is generally considered unwise to give a child he or she wants。
  A. however
  B. whatever
  C. whichever
  D. whenever
  9. He asked me with me。
  A. what is the trouble
  B. what wrong was
  C. what was the matter
  D. what trouble it is
  10. I am sure he said is true。
  A. that
  B. about that
  C. of that
  D. that what
  11. When and why he came here yet。
  A. is not known
  B. are not known
  C. has not known
  D. have not bee
  12.I wonder how much 。
  A. does the watch cost
  B. did the watch cost
  C. the watch cost
  D. the watch costs
  13. Mary is someone might recognize her。
  A. afraid of
  B. afraid about
  C. afraid that
  D. afraid for
  14. is no reason for dismissing her。
  A. Because she was a few minutes late
  B. Owing to a few minutes late
  C. The fact that she was a few minutes late
  D. Being a few minutes late
  15. They came to the conclusion by a computer。
  A. that not all things can be done
  B. because of not all things be done
  C. being not all things can be done
  D. because not all things can be done
  Answers: 1-
  5. CDCDB 6-
  10. BABCD 11-
  15. ADCCA
  1. 拥有n p;
  2.获得 v a ;
  3. 满意 n s ;
  4. 放松 n r ;
  5. 称心的 a d ;
  6. 职业 n o ;
  7. 描绘 v p ;
  8. 城市的 a u;
  9. 承认 n r 。
  Answers: possession; acquire, satisfaction; relaxation; desirable; occupation; portray; urban; recognition
  2. 汉译英:
  3. 我方什么也没有作错。
  4. 生活质量这个术语容易理解但很难下定义。
  5. 研究和观察结果表明,人们越来越关心生活的质量。
  1. He always takes a positive attitude in correcting the mistakes of his students。
  2. His skin color isn't relevant to whether he is a good lawyer。
  3. There's not a mistake on our part。
  4. The term “quality of life” is easy to understand but difficult to define。
  5. Research and observation findings indicate that people are more and more concerned with the quality of life
  Ⅰ.Vocabulary and Structure (10 points,1 point for each item)
  1.Not until quite recently that language was closely related to culture。
  A.I realized   B.I did realize
  C.had I realized  D.did I realize 【】
  2.He has been widely exposed the public on television。
  A.on  B.in  C.for  D.to 【】
  3. The quality of life, especially as by the individual, varies with cultures。
  A.seen  B.seeing  C.to see  D.to be seen 【】



    自考“英语(二)”重点句型总结   1. 强调句 It was lightening that caused the forest fire last year。正是闪电引起了去年的那场火灾。   2. 虚拟语气 We hurried back to school lest/ for fear that it (should) rain. 我们匆匆忙忙地赶回学校,生怕天会下雨。   3. 比较级the more…the more The more time a person spends o ...


    4.In the United States, eggs are sold the dozen。   A.for  B.with  C.by  D.in 【】   5. It is just as foolish to say that one should never drink orange juice and milk together it is to say that one should never drink water and beer together。   A.when  ...


   七年级重点句型总结 1. Good evening. (晚上好.) Good night! (晚安! ) 2. Thanks.= Thanks a lot. = Thank you. =Thank you very much. Thank you all the same. (对方没有帮到你的忙,但依然表示感谢。 ) 3. What's this in English? 这个用英语怎么说? 4. There is a map of China on the wall. 墙上有一张中国地图。 ...


   英语八年级上重点词组句型总结 Unit 1: How often do you exercise 【复习目标】 会使用频率副词及短语; 能描述课余时间的活动安排; 会描述基本饮食结构. 【语言目标】 ● What do you usually do on weekends I sometimes go to the beach. ● How often do you eat vegetables Every day. ● Most students do homework every day ...


   英语四级作文万能句 (一)段首句 1. 关于……人们有不同的观点。一些人认为…… 关于……人们有不同的观点。一些人认为…… ……人们有不同的观点 There are different opinions among people as to .Some people suggest that . 2. 俗话说(常言道)……,它是我们前辈的经历,但是,即使在今天,它在许多场合仍然适用。 俗话说(常言道)……,它是我们前辈的经历,但是,即使在今天,它在许多场合仍然适用。 There is an ...


   四级考试常见易混淆词汇 advice (n.) 忠告,建议 advise (? v.?) 向……建议,忠告 adapt ?(v.)? 适应,适合;改编,改写? adopt ?(v.)? 采纳,通过;收养 affect ?(v.)? 影响;感动 effect ?(n.) (v.)? 影响,作用,结果;效果;产生,招致 angel ?(n.)? 天使? angle ?(n.)? 解,角度;方面;观点 all together (短语)一起,一道? altogether ?(adv.)? 全部地, ...


   四级考试流程: 四级考试流程 8:45 入场 带好准考证,身份证等有效证明 入场,带好准考证 身份证等有效证明 带好准考证 8:50-9:00 试音 9:00-9:10 发答题卡 1,2 9:10-9:40 写作 9:35 发试卷 A,B 9:40-9:55 快速阅读 9:55 收答题卡 2 10:00 听力 11:20 全部考试结束 注意写作和快速阅读部分有时间限制,分别为 注意写作和快速阅读部分有时间限制 分别为 30 分钟 和 15 分钟 四级考试试卷结构: 四级考试试卷结构 1. 写 ...


   I. Finding out word meanings 1. Definition (释义): e.g. Desalination, or the removal of salt from seawater, is a method of providing fresh water for business, home, and agricultural use. 2. Examples: e.g. As they moved westward, they faced many adver ...


   中考英语复习资料 名词 1. These have saved many children’s lives. (2004 年上海徐汇区中考试题) A. woman doctors B. women doctor C. women doctors D. woman doctor 2. This is bedroom. The twin sisters like it very much. (2004 年河北省中考试题) A. Anne and Jane B. Anne’s and Jane’s ...


   英语(基础)复习资料 product attribute 产品的属性 distribution channel 分销渠道 maximum effectiveness 最大的有效性 sales promotion 促销活动 personal selling 人员推 销 inventive tools 激励工具 buying allowance 购买 折扣 corporate-identity materials 有关公司的宣传 材 料 product life cycle 产 品 生 命 周 ...



   英语错题集 一.为什么建立英语错题集的必要性 在平时的练习、及每次的考试中,学生所出现的错误可以说是因人而异,各不 相同。有些学生是单词没巩固,有些学生是语法没掌握,还有的是由于句意不 理解而导致错误。尤其基础相对比较薄弱的同学错题复现的次数更多。总之, 学生的错误并不相同,而老师在评析练习试卷时,也不可能完全照顾到每一位 同学试卷上的错题情况,这就为建立错题集提供了必要性。每次做完练习或考 试过后,如果每个同学把试卷上或作业上做错的原题以及改正后的正确答案写 到错题集上,那么,同学们在复习 ...


   2011 年高考英语第一轮复习四点建议:明确复习目的、紧跟教学掌握方法、时刻注 意避免误区、因人而异安排时间。 一、首先明确复习目的 简言之,第一轮复习的“主要目的是基础能力过关”。目前,高考英语试 题在重视英语基础知识的同时,突出对语言运用能力的考查,形成了以篇章 阅读为主体的试题布局。高三复习的最终目的是提高考生的语言运用能力, 但知识是能力的基础,对能力的测试必然要结合对知识的测试,这是对考生 多年积累的、系统化的、活化的知识测试:大量的知识考查通过能力测试得 以实现,熟练掌握英语基础 ...


   阳光家教网 www.ygjj.com 七年级英语学习资料 Unit 1 where is your pen pal from? nit 主备课人:刘鑫 审核人:陈立源 二次备课 Teaching Goal: 1. common aims: A.Talk about where people are from. B.Talk about nationality, nation and language. C.Talk about where people live. 2. chief aims ...


   模块 6 短语归纳 Unit 16 Warm up knock over (开车)把……撞倒 science fiction 科幻小说 Lesson 1 leave an impression on sb. 给某人留下某种印象 block off 阻挡,封锁,堵塞 block out 封闭 as if / as though 好象 (放在 look, sound, smell, feel 等后) in this(that) way 这样(那样) be/get caught in 处于困境; ...


   Second Semester Book 3 Unit 1 Warm up Sometimes senses affect one another. One another: 彼此,相互;用于三者或三者以上事物之间。 E.g., There are 4 members in our family. We support one another. Blind people can read by touching letters in raised dots called Braille. R ...