4. The reason why I didn't go to Shanghai was a new job。
  A. because I got
  B. because of getting
  C. I got
  D. that I got
  5. It worried her a bit her hair was turning gray。
  A. while
  B. that
  C. if
  D. for
  6. Henry killed the dog. I'll ask him why 。
  A. did he do that
  B. he did that
  C. he did
  D. he has done so
  7. Have you seen Henry lately My boss wants to know 。
  A. how he is getting along
  B. how is he getting along
  C. what he is getting along
  D. what is he getting along
  8. It is generally considered unwise to give a child he or she wants。
  A. however
  B. whatever
  C. whichever
  D. whenever
  9. He asked me with me。
  A. what is the trouble
  B. what wrong was
  C. what was the matter
  D. what trouble it is
  10. I am sure he said is true。
  A. that
  B. about that
  C. of that
  D. that what
  11. When and why he came here yet。
  A. is not known
  B. are not known
  C. has not known
  D. have not bee
  12.I wonder how much 。
  A. does the watch cost
  B. did the watch cost
  C. the watch cost
  D. the watch costs
  13. Mary is someone might recognize her。
  A. afraid of
  B. afraid about
  C. afraid that
  D. afraid for
  14. is no reason for dismissing her。
  A. Because she was a few minutes late
  B. Owing to a few minutes late
  C. The fact that she was a few minutes late
  D. Being a few minutes late
  15. They came to the conclusion by a computer。
  A. that not all things can be done
  B. because of not all things be done
  C. being not all things can be done
  D. because not all things can be done
  Answers: 1-
  5. CDCDB 6-
  10. BABCD 11-
  15. ADCCA
  1. 拥有n p;
  2.获得 v a ;
  3. 满意 n s ;
  4. 放松 n r ;
  5. 称心的 a d ;
  6. 职业 n o ;
  7. 描绘 v p ;
  8. 城市的 a u;
  9. 承认 n r 。
  Answers: possession; acquire, satisfaction; relaxation; desirable; occupation; portray; urban; recognition
  2. 汉译英:
  3. 我方什么也没有作错。
  4. 生活质量这个术语容易理解但很难下定义。
  5. 研究和观察结果表明,人们越来越关心生活的质量。
  1. He always takes a positive attitude in correcting the mistakes of his students。
  2. His skin color isn't relevant to whether he is a good lawyer。
  3. There's not a mistake on our part。
  4. The term “quality of life” is easy to understand but difficult to define。
  5. Research and observation findings indicate that people are more and more concerned with the quality of life
  Ⅰ.Vocabulary and Structure (10 points,1 point for each item)
  1.Not until quite recently that language was closely related to culture。
  A.I realized   B.I did realize
  C.had I realized  D.did I realize 【】
  2.He has been widely exposed the public on television。
  A.on  B.in  C.for  D.to 【】
  3. The quality of life, especially as by the individual, varies with cultures。
  A.seen  B.seeing  C.to see  D.to be seen 【】



   4. The reason why I didn't go to Shanghai was a new job。   A. because I got   B. because of getting   C. I got   D. that I got   5. It worried her a bit her hair was turning gray。   A. while   B. that   C. if   D. for   6. Henry killed the dog. I'll ...


    自考“英语(二)”重点句型总结   1. 强调句 It was lightening that caused the forest fire last year。正是闪电引起了去年的那场火灾。   2. 虚拟语气 We hurried back to school lest/ for fear that it (should) rain. 我们匆匆忙忙地赶回学校,生怕天会下雨。   3. 比较级the more…the more The more time a person spends o ...


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   I. Finding out word meanings 1. Definition (释义): e.g. Desalination, or the removal of salt from seawater, is a method of providing fresh water for business, home, and agricultural use. 2. Examples: e.g. As they moved westward, they faced many adver ...


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   Chassis Chassis include the clutch , the transmission, the drive shaft, the final drive assembly, the front suspension, the rear suspension, the steering system ,the brake system, the wheels and tires. 1.clutch The engine produces the power to driv ...

苏教版(凤凰)牛津英语教案3A U9

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新目标英语英语九年级unit3Teenagers should be allowed to choose their own clothes.复习课件

   Unit 3 一.知识点 1.被动语态的谓语动词形式: be的各种时态形式+v-ed 1.被动语态的谓语动词形式 be的各种时态形式 被动语态的谓语动词形式: 的各种时态形式+v 含情态动词的: v含情态动词的: can/may/must/should be + v-ed 2.get/have + n./pron. + v-ed 叫/让/请别人做某事(即使 v请别人做某事( 谋事被做) 谋事被做) 例: I want to get my coat mended. 我要缝衣服. 我要缝衣服. ...