Hello/ Hi 你好

  1. ? How do you do? 你好 (用于初次见面)
? How do you do? 你好

  2. ? How are you? 你好吗?
? Fine, thank you. And you? 我很好,谢谢。你呢?
? I’m fine, too. 我也很好。

  3. ? Nice to meet you. 见到你很高兴。
? Nice to meet you, too. 见到你我也很高兴。

  4. ? Good morning, sir/madam. 早上好,先生/女士。
? Good afternoon 下午好
? Good evening 晚上好
(Self- Introduction) 自我介绍
Can you introduce yourself?/ Can you say something about yourself?
What’s your name? / May I have your name please?
How old are you?/ What’s your age?
Where is your hometown?/ Where are you from?/ Where do you come from?
? When and where did you graduated?
? I graduated from Qingdao No.2 Vocational secondary school/senior high school in 20
我是2007年毕业于青岛第二中等专业学校/ 高中。
? What are your hobbies?/ In your spare time, what do you like to do?
? My hobbies are listening to music, reading books, surfing the internet, shopping, running, climbing mountains, watching TV, playing football, playing basketball, playing tennis, singing and dancing, etc.
?What’s your character?
?I’m an optimistic/ lovely/gentle/ upright/ honest/ patient/ easy-going/ shy person.
我是一个开朗的/ 可爱的/ 温柔的/ 正直的/ 诚实的/ 耐心的/ 随和的/ 害羞的人。
?What’s your strength?
?I am a honest and positive person, work hard, willing to learn.
?What’s your weakness?
?I’m a stubborn girl. / I’m a timid girl, because I am scared of snake( mouse)./ I’m easy to forget things./ I’m a shy boy.
我是个倔强的女孩儿。/我是个胆小的女孩,因为我害怕蛇(老鼠)。/我很容易忘事。/ 我是个害羞的男孩儿。
? What kind of books do you like to read?
? I like reading magzines, novels, newspapers and love stories.
Personnel Questions (个人问题)
? Are you married?
?No, I’m a single.
?Do you have a boyfriend/ girlfriend?
你有男朋友/ 女朋友吗?
?No, I haven’t.
Apologize (道歉用语)
Sorry, I can’t understand./ I can’t catch you./ I can’t hear you very clearly.
对不起,我不懂。/ 我听得不是很清楚。
Could you repeat it again?
Could you speak slowly please?
Pardon? / I beg your pardon?
Family situation (家庭问题)
? How many people in your family?
? There are five people in my family. They are my parents, elder brother, younger sister and I. I love my family very much. They agree with me to go to Singapore, and also will be happy for me.
我家里有五口人。他们是我的父母、哥哥、妹妹。 我很爱我的家人。他们同意我去新加坡工作,而且也会为我感到高兴的。
?What does your parents do?
?They are workers.
? When you come over to Singapore, who will take care of your family members?
?My parents have jobs, and they are very healthy, my brothers and sisters also can take care of themselves. So I don’t worried about that.
?Do you have any relatives or friends in Singapore?
?No, I haven’t.
Inerview Diction(面试问题)
?Have you ever been to Singapore or any other countries?
?No, I haven’t./ Yes, I have been to Japan for 3 years.
没有。/ 是的,我曾经去过日本三年。
?Why do you want to go to Singapore?
?Firstly, Singapore is a beautiful(漂亮的), clean(干净的), and developed(发达的) garden city(花园城市), I like it very much. Secondly, the most important reason is that I can eran more money(挣钱) there. Thirdly, I can accumulate(积累) some abroad working experience(国外工作经验), so it is very useful for my future(未来). The above(以上的) three points are the reasons that I go to Singapore.
?Do you have any working experience? / What have you work as before?
你有工作经验吗?/ 你之前是做什么工作的?
?I work in Qingdao hotel as a waitress now. Qingdao hotel is a three-star hotel(三星级酒店) with beverage, guest rooms and entertainment(集餐饮、娱乐、客房为一体).
?What’s your mainly duties?/ What’s your job scope in your past job?/ What do you do there?
?My mainly duties are doing preparation work before dinner(做餐前的准备工作), like setting table(摆台), cleaning the dinning environment(清洁就餐环境). Receiving guests(迎宾), guiding them to their seats(引座), ordering food(点餐) and introducing specilities(介绍特色菜品), serving(上菜) and closing accounts(结账). Moverover, I will providing good service during dinner time, including pouring teas and wines(斟茶倒酒), changing dishes(更换骨碟) so as to satisfied with the cusomers(让顾客满意).
?How do you serve the customer normally?/ Treat me like a customer, how would you serve me?
通常你会怎样的方式去服务你的客人?/ 假如我是客人,你会以怎样的方式招待我?
?First, welcome(欢迎) the guests to our hotel warmly(热情的) and guide them to their seats(引座). Then take orders(点餐), including ordering food and introducing specilities(介绍特色菜品). And I will providing good service(提供优质的服务) for them during dinner time. Next, help guests to pay for the bill(结账). Finally, I will say thank you for your coming, see you next time/again(欢迎下次光临).
?What’s your favorite food/ drink?
你最喜欢的食物/ 饮料是什么?
?I like eating vegetables(蔬菜), meat(beef, pork, mutton), rice, bread, milk, coffee, coco-cola(可口可乐), seven-up(七喜), ice-cream(冰激淋), hamburger(汉堡), fried-chicken(炸鸡), egg, and fruits, etc.
?What’s the specilities in your hotel?
?Brised prowns, fruit salads, and sea food and so on.



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