高 2008 级英语单项选择训练题

  1. a reply, I decided to write another letter. A. Not receiving A. possible would do. A. that; that B. that; what C. what; that D. what; what
  4. Shanghai, on the west coast of the Pacific Ocean, is well known for its “Oriental Pearl Tower”. A. locating B. located C. locates D. locate
  5. Computer, marked by rapid change and refinement, is entering a new period, to reshape our life and our world. A. which promise A. knocked; beat C. being knocked; hit A. set out A. to tie back childhood. A. a happier for three years. A. awoken; thinking A. should pay attention to C. ought to pay attention on a magazine, Science Fiction. B. awoken; think C. awake; thinking D. awake; think
  11. What the teacher said in class , or else you might fail in the test. B. ought to be paid attention to D. must be paid attention B. a happy C. the happier D. the happiest
  10. She lay for hours about her son, a soldier, who hadn’t come back B. set about B. tied back B. it promises C. that promises D. what promises
  6. With the door on, the thief’s heart faster. B. being knocked; beat D. knocked, hit C. set off D. set up D. tie the back B. Receiving not C. likely C. Not having received D. maybe D. Having not received
  2. Young drivers are far more to have accidents than older ones. B. probable
  3. “Keep one’s word” means you do you have told someone you

  7. The moment she came back from work, she to clean the kitchen thoroughly.
  8. The robber was pulled into the prison with his hand . C. tying back
  9. I used to be a very delightful girl. I guess no human being could have passed

  12. In the reading room, we found her at a desk, with her attention
A. seated; fixed coppers. A. sets about
B. sit; fixed
C. sitting; to be fixed
D. sitting; fixing

  13. Without a job, he always the market, trying to find a little work to earn a few B. thinks about C. knocks about D. looks about

  14. ?Did you have a sound sleep last night? --Yes, never sleep . A. badly B. worse C. best D. better
  15. -- you still one morning two weeks ago when you borrowed some money from me? --Oh, sorry! I have forgotten. A. Have; remembered A. could B. may B. Did; remember C. must have C. Had; remembered D. Do; remember
  16. Why did you throw the broken vase away over the wall? You hurt someone. D. might have
  17. ?Look, what are you doing? --Sorry, I how to improve the relationship with my parents. A. considered A. to buy inside. A. at which B. where C. in which D. through which
  20. ?Which picture on show do you like best? --The one on the left me most because it is huge and beautiful. A. impresses A. nothing but A. be returned B. presses C. reminds D. appreciates D. more than D. would be returned
  21. The headmaster’s speech was boring. Actually it was pretty inspiring. B. anything but B. should return C. all but C. return
  22. They demanded that the books to the school library at once.
  23. Wang Fang has succeeded in the entrance tests and her dream being a university student will . A. about; be true C. in; become a fact A. forbade B. of; come true D. from; turn into practice C. refused
B. have considered B. bought C. buying
C. was considering D. to be bought
D. am considering

  18. With the clothes she needed , she left the store.
  19. The clever boy made a hole in the wall he could see what was happening

  24. He was in poor health, so the doctor him to drink wine. B. prevented D. kept

  25. ?Haven’t you heard the news? --What news? --Some of the workers are while others are . A. on the march; on strike C. on the march; on the strike prison. A. the; / B. /; the C. /; / D. the; the C. has been built B. What; being caught D. What; caught C. Comparing D. When comparing D. is being built
  27. A new cinema here. They hope to finish it next month. A. will be built B. is built
  28. worried her most was in the rain when she was out. A. That; being caught C. That; to be caught A. Compare club. A. Would A. hope B. Shall B. wish C. Should C. itch D. Can D. expect D. inexperienced
  31. She can’t resist her to travel abroad.
  32. Being a (an) traveler, he was fully prepared for the long delay at the airport. A. experiencing for us. A. provided A. saw A. is door. A. a;/ A. at; to B. the; the B. to; at C. a; a C. at; at D. the; a D. to; to
B. on march; on strike D. on march; on the strike

  26. While he was at college, he took part in the war, and he was soon thrown into

  29. with the size of the whole earth, the biggest ocean doesn’t seem big at all. B. When compared
  30. I have enough energy left after a day’s hard work, I will go dancing in the
B. seasoned
C. adventurous

  33. The owner of the house us $ 10,000 for the house, which was too high a price B. supplied B. watched B. are C. shown C. noticed C. was D. offered D. observed D. appears

  34. They the train until it disappeared in the distance.
  35. The following some newly-published popular magazines.
  36. I was listening to wonderful music when there was knock on the

  37. I threw a piece of bread the dog, but it ran me.

  38. ?I think you should phone Jane and say sorry to her. --. It was her fault. A. No way worried. A. looks night. A. daren’t; didn’t dare to C. isn’t dare to; dared not A. The moment B. doesn’t dare; dare not D. doesn’t dare to; dare not to C. At the moment D. For a moment B. looking C. look D. to look
  40. The little child go out alone at night, so he walk in the dark that B. Not possible C. No chance D. Not at all
  39. Mrs Smith found her husband surrounded by letters and papers and very

  41. my car is being made ready for a long journey. B. In a moment
  42. Out , and away . A. the man went; was he C. went he; he was A. Would you leave B. went the man; he was D. the man went; he was B. Will you leave C. Were you to leave D. If you’ll leave

  43. right away, you would arrive there by 5 o’clock p.m.
  44. ?Brad was Jane’s brother! -- he reminded me so much of Jane! A. No doubt A. fond A. entry A. in fact B. Above all B. content B. effort B. in vain C. No wonder D. greedy D. faith D. in a word D. Of course
  45. He was always for knowledge, and at last became an expert in the field of art. C. brave C. effect C. in the end
  46. The actress’s into the world of politics surprised most people.
  47. He tried to memorize the poem, but .
  48. The bank is reported in the local newspaper in broad day light yesterday. A. being robbed C. to have been robbed A. will attend; went B. having been robbed D. robbed B. attend; should C. attend; did D. shall go; did

  49. They insisted that Mr Li the meeting, but Wang Lin .
  50. ?Who is the man talking to our teacher? --A professor a visit to our school. A. has paid B. pays C. is paying D. paying



   高 2008 级英语单项选择训练题 1. a reply, I decided to write another letter. A. Not receiving A. possible would do. A. that; that B. that; what C. what; that D. what; what 4. Shanghai, on the west coast of the Pacific Ocean, is well known for its “Oriental Pea ...


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