级高考英语专题复习短文改错解题技巧及试题 高 2011 级高考英语专题复习 短文改错解题技巧及试题
一、综观近几年重庆高考短文改错题,命题形式有: “缺词”为 1?2 处; “多词”,一般为 1?2 处; “错词”为 7 处; 二、近几年高考短文改错的错误类型: (词法,句法和行文逻辑等)
  1、词法方面 、
  1)名词的数:如 I’ll get good marks in all my subject. subjects their
  3)指示代词:如 Although this few words sound simple enough , 去掉 myself
  5)不定代词:如 Now someone at home reads instead.
  2、动词: 、动词:
  1)动词的时态、语态: 如 At once I apologize and controlled me at my best till the dinner started. apologized
  2) 非谓语动词: I was often a little tired after a day’s work and watch TV demands very 如 little effort. watching with the
  3) 动词短语: Holiday and birthday postcards from relatives and letters from friends can 如 all provide you for stamps from all over the world.
  3、形容词、副词的词性及比较等级: 如 Yes, a concert can be very excited. exciting 、形容词、副词的词性及比较等级
  4、冠词:如 We may be one family and live under a same roof… 、冠词:
  5、介词:如 Can you tell me about what I should do? 、介词:
  6、句法方面: 、句法方面:
  1)主谓一致:如 Now the picture and prize is hanging in the library. are
  2)并列连词: (and, but, or, so 等) :如 She was smiling but nodding at me. and
  3)从属连词(引导主语从句、表语从句、宾语从句、同位语从句、状语从句等) : 如 I felt so nervous as I shook like a leaf. that which
  5)感叹句、疑问句、祈使句的结构:如 Working hard, and you’ll succeed at last. Work
  7、词义的重叠:如 Whenever I see them, I will often think of my English teacher. 、词义的重叠:

  2)人称代词、物主代词:如 The Smiths did his best to make me feel at home. these

  4)反身代词:如 On Thursday I will have to decide what I want myself to do over… everyone/everybody
去掉 about

  4)关系代词/关系副词(引导定语从句) :如…I live in Beijing, where is the capital.
  8、固定搭配:如 In any other words, I am an only child. 、固定搭配: 三、高考英语改错题的解题指导原则 短文改错没有任何技巧,只能老老实实的走下去 针对其命题特点,我们提出如下两条核心的总体原则: (一)通读全文 其重要性毋须重申。通过阅读全文,迅速对以下几个问题做出判断:
  1、 文章的主体时态 任何体裁和题材的文章都是发生在一个宏观的时态背景之下的, 主体时态。 主体时态 通过浏览全文,圈定其主体时态到底是现在时、过去时还是将来时。然后在进一步解题 然后在进一步解题 的过程中,凡是和该主体时态发生冲突的局部时态,都有可能存在问题,需要引起警惕。 的过程中,凡是和该主体时态发生冲突的局部时态,都有可能存在问题,需要引起警惕。
  2、文章的叙事逻辑。在篇章改错的语境中,个别单句在语法上可能是完全正确的, 但它的逻辑却和全文的整体逻辑出现重大分歧。比方说,一篇议论文,整体上对某个话 题是持肯定态度,但其中的个别单句却背道而驰地表示了否定,那么该单句就有可能是 因为多词或少词错误而导致了这种逻辑冲突。
  3、文章的叙事角度。是作者对自我事件的描述,还是对一般话题的阐述?这直接关 系到改错题中经常出现的代词指代问题。 代词指代问题。 代词指代问题 (二)以句为改错单位 尽管篇章改错是每行设置为一个小题, 但每一个完整的英文句子往往横跨 2-3 行, 而 出题人往往会抓住学生紧盯单行的毛病,而故意设置跨行错误或考察句首句尾与上下文 的衔接。 此外,一定要特别注意符号 注意符号的准确性。考生必须根据试题的要求,使用规范的符号, 注意符号 在高考中不少考生因为使用符号不当而导致扣分,那是很不应该的,也是非常可惜的。 四、高考英语单句短文改错专项练习 高考英语单句短文改错专项练习(下列句子各有一处错误,请改正) 高考英语单句短文改错专项练习
  1. Now people get a lot of informations from TV.
  2. German is a European country.
  3. They didn’t want me to do any work at family.
  4. Yesterday I met an old friend of my father.
  5. Boys and girls, don’t lose hearts. Do better next time.
  6. They are of different size.
  7. It is so beautiful place that you must visit it.
  8. What a terrible weather we have been having!
  9. It took place in France, an European country.
  10. Suddenly I caught a sight of my English teacher in the crowd.
  11. What good time we had last night!
  12. We shall spend three-day holiday together.

  13. I came to understand that was not easy to earn money.
  14. Some parents think useless for girls to go to school.
  15. When he bought a chocolate cake, he put them in a secret place.
  16. One day I wrote a little story and showed to my teacher.
  17. It’s important that we should think over before doing anything.
  18. The truck was moving so fast that the driver couldn’t control.
  19. I apologized and controlled me at my best till the dinner started.
  20. We must take part in the social practice to prepare us well for our future.
  21. The teacher did not punish for cheating but instead gave me a second chance.
  22. Henry did not like his car, that ran badly and often broke down.
  23. There was a five-pound note in the pocket of the trousers I had told her to wash it.
  24. People can hardly do some fishing there.
  25. I visited a place where is surrounded by mountains.
  26. I am sure you will find one you like it.
  27. It was yesterday when he broke the window.
  28. He had lost his glasses without them he couldn’t see.
  29. Oliver Twist, the hero of the story, he was an orphan.
  30. It starts with choosing a tree from neither a farm or a store.
  31. She never has enough time for that she wants to do.
  32. I find what I have one shortcoming in my character.
  33. What necessary it is that we get rid of the bad habits .
  34. It didn’t matter that I would win or not.
  35. People in the US drink more coffee than people in any country.
  36. The development will bring us much more hopes and chances.
  37. The Olympics are held each four years.
  38. A summer, Fane traveled abroad.
  39. I hope you think about my request as soon as possibly.
  40. I know you are particular interested in Human Rights.
  41. As there is no air or water, there can be no life , too.
  42. There were too many nice things that I didn’t know what to choose.
  43. He decides to travel a lot and visit such many new places as possible.
  44. I couldn’t see as clear as before.
  45. The water in it is so dirty that it smells terribly.
  46. I appreciate your help very well.
  47. You always gave me specially attention and inspired me.

  48. It was until midnight that it stopped raining.
  49. People both at home and abroad have been great helped by the new computer.
  50. He has to work if he wants to live comfortable.
  51. She is a brave and honesty girl.
  52. It is much easy to make plans than to carry them out.
  53. It is convenient for me to prepare for the exam than before.
  54. He gave me an order worthy 15 million dollars.
  55. The tree was put into a Christmas stand that holds the tree up straightly.
  56. Is teaching kids English as interested as you expected in college?
  57. We had guests last night who had not stayed in it ago.
  58. We are all very much active and the activities are enjoyable.
  59. If you won’t want to take a taxi, you can go by bus.
  60. Our city is a modern city. It set up in the early 1980s.
  61. Bad habits not come suddenly.
  62. I have caught a bad cold for a week and I can’t get rid of it.
  63. Following the road and you will find the store.
  64. I rush over without delay, jumped into the water and swam towards him.
  65. You must do everything you can help them.
  66. When a rabbit see something dangerous, it runs away.
  67. Its tail, which is white, moving up and down as it runs.
  68. Think perhaps I was too tired, I stood up and was going to sleep.
  69. I was often tired and watch TV demands little effort.
  70. The little girl hurried home with the remained money.
  71. His young patient was soon able to get up and ran about again.
  72. It was kind of them to meet me at the station and drove me to their home.
  73. She liked it very much and reads it to the class.
  74. There were over 1000 students attend it.
  75. Is it likely to be any food at the party on Saturday?
  76. Please excuse us for not able to say goodbye to you.
  77. He spends hours on the telephone, talks to his friends.
  78. Filling with many people, the room is crowded.
  79. At the interview there are many people who wait to interviewed for jobs.
  80. It will cost a rocket a hundred thousand years to reach it.
  81. There used to have a church in front of the school.
  82. Hope you great success in your work!

  83. All you can do is encouraging him, show him understanding and offer him advice.
  84. In Friday afternoon, some students took part in a speech activity.
  85. In a few weeks the story was returned to her.
  86. It was very fine when I got up early on last Sunday morning.
  87. I rushed out the house as quickly as I could.
  88. It is necessary to decide what is worth taking notice.
  89. I had difficulty in grammar after I entered into the school.
  90. She could hardly afford for the medical care.
  91. But we don’t seem to have much time to talk about together.
  92. He was punished because what he had done.
  93. The ice isn’t thick enough for us to skate.
  94. I gave you my luggage at a quarter of an hour ago.
  95. I am writing to thank you with your kind help.
  96. He means to come no earlier as that time.
  97. We must return back to school this afternoon
  98. Child as he is, but he knows a lot.
  99. Having been ill for a long time, so she fell behind her classmates. 1
  00.Thinking he happened to have no work to do, and he came back home. 五,高考短文改错(每行都有错,请按标准改)
Passage 1:(20
  09.全国卷 I) (
After five years away in my hometown, I find that the neighborhood which I used to living in has changed a lot. The Sichuan Restaurant and the older fish shop across the street from our middle school were gone. There exist now a park that has a small river running through. The factory at the comer of Friendship Street or Zhongshan Road has been moved out of the city, and sports center has been built in their place. The market at the corner of Friendship Street and Xinhua Road has been given way to a supermarket. Besides the bookstore next to our middle school is still there.
  77. 78 .
  09.全国卷 II)
Hi, Susan. I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to return to your bike on time yesterday. I mean to give it
76 77
back to you before four in the afternoon,and I was hold up on my way back. Just before I turned corner of park street. I happened to see an accident. A little girl is hurt and her mother needed help. So I helped them going to the nearest hospital. I stayed here for one and a half hour and made sure that the girl was all hope you understand. Thank you! Li Ling
78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85
  09.陕西卷) (
My classmate, Joseph, is at present in hospital With a breaking leg. He was walking to school the other day when he let a bicycle ran right into him . He never watches where he is going, so he often gets into the trouble. But he is having a nice time there. She has a comfortable. room, patiently nurses, and a great deal of time to read. Some friends of his go to see him every day, they take him Lost of good book and fresh fruit. He is not losing any time From school because he is busy study what he has Missed in classes. The doctor says he is recovering fast than Expected and will b out of hospital a few weeks.
  85. 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76
Passage 4:(10 四川) (
An English lady was finally decided that she really should learn to drive, And after many attempts, she past her driving test and told her husband that, to release, he was going to drive him over to France for a holiday, and then a week after the trip, she suddenly announced that they wouldn’t take the holiday. “How did you change your mind?” he asked her by surprise. “Well, it is all because of the business of driving on right.” She said, “I have been practicing for three weeks now, but I still couldn’t get used to it-in fact, I’ve nearly killed three peoples.”
Passage5:(10 全国Ⅰ)
It was a chance of a lifetime to win a first
prize on the Story Writing Show. All I had to do was to write a story or present it. My teachers have been telling me how great my writing was. So if they had said was true, I would have a chance of winning the prize . What were better , I had useful help . There was Uncle Chen


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   英文小短剧本文转自 www.coffbar.com,www.coffbar.com 小品剧本,个人简历 简历封面 A(衣衫褴褛) B(衣着光鲜) C 小花 D 小草 E 椅子 F 新闻记者 B 坐在 E 上吃东西,A 一乞丐上前 A:先生,先生,请给我些面包,谢谢,我饿得不行了. B: (厌恶)让开,让开. (然后便起身离开,这时他的钱包掉到 E 上头了) A:先生,先生(A 看见后,立即拾起,追上了走远的 B) B:让开,让开啊,我没吃的了,也没钱了(看也不看 A,仍自顾自地走了) C:他 ...