Unit 4
Films and film events
Welcome to the unit
Enjoy some pictures. Can you name the films from which these pictures come?
Free talk
Who is your favorite actor or actress? Why do you like him or her? Who is your favorite director? Can you name some of his/her works? What’s your favorite film? What can you learn from it? Why do you think it is a good film?
What do you think are the criteria of judging a good film?
A. popular film stars with good skills B. an attractive or moving plot C. a meaningful theme D. magnificent scenes Make your choice and give your reason!
Sharing Information
Ticket 1: The Black-and-White Festival What kind of information can you get from the first picture? One ticket for one adult only Showing black-and-white films from the 1930s Full day entry What other information do you want to know about the event?
Ticket 2: Hiding Dragon
What impressed you the most while looking at this ticket? What do you think may be the story of the film? Why do you think there is a single eye printed in the ticket? If you are asked to design the ticket, how will you do it?
Ticket 3: An invitation to the Academy Awards
What can we know about Academy Awards from the invitation? Is there any special requirement for the special night? What do you think of the design of the invitation? If you were given the chance to design an Academy Awards Invitation, what would it look like?
Ticket 4: The Day Before
What kind of information can we get from the ticket? Compared with the previous three tickets, what do you think of the design of the last ticket?
Compare the four pictures and discuss the following questions: Which of the four designs attracts you the most? Why? If you have a chance to improve the design of one of the tickets, which would you choose and what would you do about it?
What kinds of information might be included on a ticket? name of the film/film event time/date of the film/film event location of the cinema/event ticket price photo from the film awards the film has received
Suppose there is a new film for children, how do you think the ticket should be designed? bright colors cartoons or animated patterns printed on the ticket simple words discount for children
Come to the questions on our books:
  1. How much do you know about foreign film festivals?
  2. Who is your favorite director? Why?
  3. Do you prefer to go to the cinema or watch a film at home? Why?

  1. showcase
v. [T] to show the best qualities or parts of sth.: The main aim of the exhibition is to showcase British design. n. [C] a container with glass sides in which valuable or important objects are kept so that they can be looked at without being touched, damaged or stolen

  2. award
v. [T] to give money or a prize following an official decision: Carlos was awarded first prize in the essay competition.
[+ two objects] The university has awarded her a $500 travel grant. n. [C] They have authorized awards of ?900 to each of the victims. the Academy Award for Best Director

  3. genre
n. [C] FORMAL a style, especially in the arts, that involves a particular set of characteristics: What genre does the book fall into?comedy or tragedy? a literary/musical/film genre adj. produced according to a particular model or style: a genre movie

  4. honour UK, US honor v. [T]
  1) to show great respect for someone or sth., especially in public: He was honoured for his bravery. FORMAL We are honoured (= proud and happy) to have you here tonight.
  2) to honour a promise or agreement is to do what you said you would: They decided not to honour an existing order for aircraft.

  5. prefer (-rr-)
v. [T] to like, choose or want one thing rather than another: Do you prefer hot or cold weather? I prefer red wine to white. [+ ing form of verb] He prefers watching rugby to playing it. [+ to infinitive] I’d prefer not to discuss this issue. I’d prefer you not to smoke (= I would like it better if you did not smoke), please.

  6. formal
  1) public or official: a formal announcement
  2) in appearance or by name only: I am the formal leader of the project but the everyday management is in the hands of my assistant. formally adv. officially: The deal will be formally announced on Tuesday.

  1. Surf the Internet to find more information about films and film events.
  2. Prepare the Reading Part.


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