Gramm ar
Look at the following sentences. Pay attention to the differences:
This is the book that you asked me to buy. This is just the book that you asked me to buy. I know his phone number. I do know his phone number.
function ?
用词或短语帮助强调 短语帮助强调
You are the very person I all, looking for. at am on earth
so, very, just, in the world Menthe only shopping at all. don’t enjoy
What on earth areonly person You are the you doing?
who is honest in this world. Why in the world are you always late?
用助动词帮助强调 Do be careful! He did tell me the news. She does love talking. 强调谓语 强调谓语(predicatea Do teach him ) 有人称和数的变化 人称和 lesson!
What kind of sentences are they? It is I who am wrong. It is in a small factory that my brother is going to work.
强调句型 (sentence pattern)

  1. 构成 (structure) 强调人 强调人
It is /was +强调部分 强调部分+that (who/whom) +其他成分 强调部分 其他成分
只能 是 单数
强调除谓语以外 强调除谓语以外 的句子成分
They will have a meeting in the hall tomorrow.
It is they that/who will have a meeting in the hall tomorrow.
It is a meeting that they will have in the hall tomorrow.
It is in the hall that they will have a meeting tomorrow.
It is tomorrow that they will have a meeting in the hall.

  2. 强调句型的注意点
It is your father who is wrong this time. It is his parents who have come to China.
一致 主语
主谓一致:被强调部分作主语 主语时 ① 主谓一致:被强调部分作主语时, 其形式与谓语动词 人称和 谓语动词在 其形式与谓语动词在人称和数上保持 一致。 一致。
It is Mary who often helps (help/helps) me with my English. It is I that (be) against you. am It is the boy students of Class Two who playing football on the playground. are
It is I who am wrong.
主语 宾语
主格 宾格
It was her whom I saw in the street just now.
人称照应:强调主语用主格, ② 人称照应:强调主语用主格,强调 宾语用宾格。 宾语用宾格。
这次得冠军的是她。 这次得冠军的是她。
she It was that won the championship this time.
你明天要去采访的是他。 你明天要去采访的是他。 It is him who(m) you will interview tomorrow.

be前面可加情态动词 be前面可加情态动词
It must be Peter who has let this secret out. It may be next week that she leaves for Tokyo. It might be last night that the thief broke in their house.
④问句形式: 问句形式: 一般问句: 一般问句:Is/Was it + 被强调部分 + that + Is it the dictionary that you are looking for? Was it yesterday that he was fired?
特殊问句:疑问词 特殊问句:疑问词+is/was +it +that +What is it that you want me to do ? Who was it that told you the news? When was it that you called me? How was it that you succeed?
他想申请的是这家公司吗? 他想申请的是这家公司吗? that he wants to Is it this company apply for? 你们是在哪里买到这本小说的? 你们是在哪里买到这本小说的? Where was it that you bought the novel?

当强调not…until结构时,必须将 结构时, 当强调 结构时 not until连用,后面接肯定式。 连用, 连用 后面接肯定式。
I didn’t realize what trouble he was in until at that time. It was not until at that time that I realized what trouble he was in.
The teacher didn’t stop his lesson until the bell rang. (改成强调句) 改成强调句) 改成强调句 It was not until the bell rang that the teacher stopped his lesson. 直到他父亲来了男孩才开始做作业。 直到他父亲来了男孩才开始做作业。 It was not until his father came that the boy began to do his homework.

  3. 强调句型的判断
去掉, 把“It is/was that”去掉,如果剩余部 去掉 分句子结构仍然完整, 分句子结构仍然完整,那么这个句子就是 强调句;如果句子不完整,则不是强调句。 强调句;如果句子不完整,则不是强调句。 如: It is true that he once went to America. 主语 从句 It was at 8 o’clock that he came back. 强调句型

  1. It was at the theatre Lincoln was murdered. A. where B. at which C. which D. that
  2. It was the theatre Lincoln was murdered. A. which B. that C. where D. the one
It was midnight when he came back. It was at midnight he came back. that It is in the classroom we will that have the test. It is the classroom we will have where the test.

  4. 强调句型高考考点

  1)强调句型与定语从句合用,增加试题 强调句型与定语从句合用, 迷惑性。 迷惑性。 It was on the day when he joined the Party that he was killed. 定语从句 他正是在入党的那天被杀害的。 入党的那天被杀害的 他正是在入党的那天被杀害的。
It was in Beihai Park( they met for the first time) the old couple told us their love story. A. where; that C. where; when B. that; that D. that; when
该题中“ 该题中“they met for the first time”为被 为被 强调部分“ 强调部分“Beihai Park”的定语 的定语

  2)强调句型与宾语从句合用,强调句型 强调句型与宾语从句合用, 用于宾语从句,为一大热门考点。 用于宾语从句,为一大热门考点。 例如: 例如: She looks sad. Could you please tell me
( that prevents her from being as happy as before?)
A. what it is C. how it is B. it is what D. it is how

  1. Was it in 1969 the American astronaut succeeded landing on the moon? ? Quite right. A. when; on C. when; in B. that; on D. that; in

  2. It was he said disappointed me. A. what; that C. what; what B. that; that D. that; what

  3. is no possibility Bob can win the first prize in the match. A. There; whether C. There; that B. It; that D. It; whether

  4.--Where was____ ____you picked up the ____ wallet? ? --Just near the school gate. A. it C. the place B. it that D. the place that

  5. I must find out why____ many ____so ____ students made the same mistake. A. is it that C. it is what B. was it which D. it was that

  6. __ is a fact that English is being accepted as an international language.? ? A. There B. It C. That D. This

  7. Our classroom is very clean. Do you know who __ cleaned it? ? A. was it that C. was it who B. it was that D. he was

  8. Is it in the factory__ you visited last __ week__ __this kind of car is made? __ ? A./; /;that /; C. where;that ; B. where;when ; D./; /;when /;

  9. It was 1920 __ regular radio broadcasts began.?? ? A. until; when C. until; that B. not until; when D. not until; that

  10. It is ten years Miss Gao returned to China. A. that C. since B. when D. as

  11. It will be three years we get together again. A. that C. since B. when D. before
? I think we have met the word before. ? Yes. It is in the reading material we reading yesterday. ? A. that, did B. that were ? C. when, were D. when, did
? She was nearly killed in the road. ? Oh, when was that happen? ? It was in 2001 she was travelling with her friends. ? A. that B. when C. while D. why
? What do you think of teacher, Bob? ? I find it fun and challenging. It is a job you are doing something serious but interesting. ? A. where B. which C. when D. that

  1. Mary and I had an appointment to meet at the shopping centre at 1 p.m. (P57-
  4) appointment N. make /fix an appointment with sb. 与某人约会 have an appointment with sb. 与某人有个约会 keep an appointment 遵守约定 break an appointment 失约
appoint v.
  1) [T often passive] FORMAL约定 约定 A date has been appointed (= arranged) for the election. Ten minutes before the appointed time (= the arranged time), he sat nervously outside her office.
  2) to choose someone officially for a job or responsibility 任命,委派 任命, We’ve appointed three new teachers this year. [+ to infinitive] A commission has just been appointed to investigate fraud claims.

  2. … made an agreement never to see... (P
agreement (倒
  2) n. [C or U] when people have the same opinion, or when they approve of or accept sth.: The whole family was in agreement with her about/on what they should do. If the three parties cannot reach agreement now, there will be a civil war. [+ that] There’s widespread agreement that the law should be changed.
? make an agreement 达成协议, 达成协议,达成共识 ? reach/ come to/ arrive at an agreement 达成协议 ? break an agreement 违反协定

  3. It gives me great satisfaction that my uncle is finally realizing his dream and attaining success. (P57 ?B-
satisfaction n. [C or U] a pleasant feeling which you get when you receive sth. you wanted, or when you have done sth. you wanted to do: She looked at the finished painting with satisfaction. satisfy v. to please someone by giving them what they want or need: They have 31 flavors of ice-cream?enough to satisfy everyone! satisfy conditions/needs/requirements to have or provide sth. that is needed or wanted: She satisfies all the requirements for the job.
? realize 实现; 实现;意识到 She realized her dream of becoming an actress. He finally realized his mistake. ? attain v. [T] to reach or succeed in getting sth. to achieve: He has attained the highest grade in his music exams. We need to identify the best ways of attaining our objectives/goals.
  1. Finish the exercises of Parts C1 and C2 on page 126 of the Workbook. ?
  2. Prepare for the Task Part.
Goodbye !!!


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