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高二上英语总复习精华选择题 115 题
  1. I can’t that you will pass the exam. A. make sure B. undertake C. allow D. make certain
  2. You will find a true friend me. A. on B. about C. with D. in
  3. The German has traveled a lot, but no other place can this one. A .suit B. take C. matches D. compare
  4. According to the recent research, heaving coffee drinking and heart attack are not necessarily and effect. A. reason B. fact C. cause D. excuse
  5. The backs held they called” family day” once each year. A. that B. which C. what D. when
  6. their service, the workers of the hotel are active in learning English. A. Improving B. To improve C. Improve D. Having improved
  7. I have a lot of friends me, but I seldom have them me. A. to help; help B. helping; helping C. help; to help D. to help; help
  8. He left home early only he was late as he had gone a wrong way. A. found B. to find C. finding D. being found
  9. Many people agree that Knowledge of English is a must in international trade today. A. a; / B. the; the C. the; a D. /; the
  10. It was he said disappointed me. A. what; that B. that; that C. what; what D. that; what
  11. I an answer my letter within a few days. A. hope; for B. wait for; for C. look for; to D. expect; to 12 The mother put her coat over the child for fear that he cold. A. should catch B. caught C. catches D. will catch
  13. We were all overjoyed at the news the experiment turned out . A. that, success B. that, a success C. which, success D. which, a success
  14. This morning I had difficulty someone that car. A. finding, who get, to work B. to find, that got, worked C. finding, who could got, working D. in finding, got, to work
  15. He managed to make himself with his English . A. understand, breaking B. understood, breaking C. understand; broken D. understood ;broken
  16. One should remain modest one’s achievements. A. because of B. although C. despite D. except for
  17. What the taxi drivers in Beijing to take up the study of English? A. lets B. makes C. forces D. inspires
  18. I like to get up early so that I can get plenty of work before lunch. A. to do B. doing C. done D. being done
  19. On the morning the little match girl was found at the corner of the street. A. freezing; frozen B. freezing; freezing C. frozen; freezing D. frozen; frozen
  20. The managers discussed the plan that they would like to seethe next year. A. carry out B. carrying out C. carried out D. to carry out
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  21. ‘We must keep the things here secrets’, the general said at the man in charge of the information office. A. discussed; stared seriously B. being discussed; seriously staring C. to be discussed; seriously stared D. having been discussed; and seriously stared
  22. I saw the man down and the driver away. A. knocking; drive B. knock; driving C. knocked; driving D. knock; drive
  23. The population of the newly-built area has doubled in the past three years. A. larger than B. more than C. as many as D. as much as
  24. --What do you think of my behavior? I am being satisfied with it. A. far from B. far away C. far to D. far off
  25. Possibly the person who kept the bank died without anyone where the coins were hidden. A. knowing B .knew C. known D. knows
  26. Whatever you say, I shall my opinion. A. carry out B. keep up C. insist on D. stick to
  27. They expect the students to be responsible for the things they do, just as grown-ups . A. Will B. do C. can D. are
  28.He didn’t finish the maths exercises, not to the physics and chemistry exercises. A. say B. speak C. mention D. include
  29. He failed in the exam but his sister. A.went through B.got through C.got over D.got across
  30. --Why are you always forcing her to practice playing the piano since she an artist? --I want to make a famous pianist out of her. A.is meant for B.is intended for C. is ready for D. is good for
  31. To our delight, the pilot came back to our town after . A. absence of six days B. an absence of six days C. being absence six days D .absenting for six days
  32. I won’t pay $ 20 for that coat; it’s not worth . A. all that much B. that such all C. that all such D. much all that
  33.--Where is Mr.Li? He was here a moment ago. His secretary has just come. , he hurried out at once. A. being told something B. having told something C. having been told something D. telling something
  34., the subject belongs to biology. A. Strictly spoken B. Spoken strictly C. Strictly speaking D. Speaking strictly
  35. The key, she went through her handbag carefully. A.hadn’t been found B. having not been found C. not having been found D. wasn’t found
  36. I lost my way in complete darkness and, matters worse, it began to rain. A.made B. having made C. making D. to make
  37. in the traffic jam, he got to school very late this morning. A. Having caught B. Be caught C. Being caught D. Caught
  38. Mary and sue are twins, and we often can’t tell . A. which is which B.who is which C. which is who D. whom is who
  39. Though wounded, he as if nothing had happened.
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A. goes on fighting B. went on to fight C.continued fighting D. continues to fight
  40. There to be one billion people learning English now. A. is said B. is being said C. are said D. are been saying
  41. We’ll be happy to give you up-to-date about bus and train. A. information; time B. informations; time C. informations; times D. information; times
  42. of the church two farm houses. A. In the east; stands B. East; stands C.To the east; stands D.To the east; stand
  43. It was said was all he said. A. that; that ;that B. that; that; what C. which; it ; that D. that; what; that
  44. One of the men held the view the book said was right. A. that what B. what that C. that D. whether
  45. Information has been put forward more middle school graduates will be admitted into universities. A. while B. that C. when D. as
  46. I’ me so late I missed the train. A. that, is B. the reason, is C. that, is because D. it is, that
  47. they won the game was we had expected. A. That, that B. whether, that C. /, what D. that, what
  48. ? I believe you’ve done your best and things will improve. - Thank you. A. that; / B. /,/ C. what; that D. /, that
  49. we stll need $ 1000 to the sum(数目) we asked for. A. do with B. make up C. add up to D. save for
  50. Computers can help those who don’t a common language talk to each other. A. share B. pare C. care D. ask
  51. ? How often do you prefer to the dictionary when you are reading an English novel? -- Well,. I will look up the word if it affects my understanding. A. seldom B. very often C. it depends D. if possible
  52. Pop students is loved by lots of people, but it is not to everyone’s . A. taste B. favour C. sound D. smell
  53. The students in this college are all taking courses to degrees. A. devoting B. sticking C. turning D. leading
  54. There is a famous saying. Knowledge is and union is . A.power, power B. power; strength C. strength; power D. strength; strength
  55. They are afraid to speak for of making mistakes. A. love B. worry C. fear D. hate
  56. Beijing, hosting the 2008 olympics games, is calling on the citizens to learn English. A. prepared B. prepared for C. preparing D. preparing for
  57. ?what’s the weather forecast tomorrow? -sorry, I don’t know. A. for B.to C. with D. on
  58. He would much it it you could do him that favor. A. appreciate B. enjoy C. share D. admire
  59. Water will continue to be it is today next in importance to oxygen, A.How B. which C. what D.like
  60. Things are not they seen to be. A. What B. because C. that D. where
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  61. It is not I won’t do it, I can’t do it. A. what, but that B. that, but that C. because, but what D. what, that because
  62. it’s really no business of yours I spent my summer vocation. A. there B. where C. in which D. any place
  63. Afterseemed a long time, he came back. A. it B. that C. what D. which
  64. I said at the meeting about him made me suffer a lot. A. What little B. What few C.How litter D. How few
  65. to help in any other day, I gave her some money. A. For unable B. To be unable C. Be unable D.Unable
  66. computer is really most useful invention in the twentieth century. A. The; a B. The;/ C. A; / D. /; a
  67.?Is David a man with good manners? I don’t think so. In fact, he is but polite. A. something B. nothing C. everything D. anything
  68. The fellow felt uncertain the time when they wound set sail for London. A. of B. about C. in D. both A and B
  69. The result of the examination a secret. No one seemed it. A. remains; know B. is remaining; knowing C. remain; to know D. was remaining; knowing
  70. Even if they know, they don’t know. A. what to do with; what to deal with it B. what to deal with; how to deal with it C. How to deal with; what to do with it D. how to deal with it ; how to do with it
  71. Attention, please. These tickets are on the day of issue only. A. free B. available C. free of charge D. A,B and C
  72.?I hear Liu Huan will sing at the new theatre. --When did you that? A. Put;up B. make; up C. pick; up D. thak;up
  73. When he woke up, he found himself by an old woman. A. Look after B. looking after C. being looked after D. be looked after
  74. I don’t know the girl you the sheep. A.had fed B. had her fed C. had feed D. had to feed
  75.You couldn’t have chosen any gift better for me. -- . A. That’s all right. I’ll give you a better one next week. B. I’m sorry I can’t let you be satisfied C. I’m glad you like it so much. D. You have a gift for music, don’t you?
  76. Mrs Stewards kept telling her son not to get online too frequently, but didn’t help. A. she B. he C. it D. which
  77.Nowadays the doctors are trying their best to reduce the people’s fear they wound be affected by the present disease called ”bird flu(禽流感)” A. whether B. which C. that D. when
  78. The two presidents agree with each other on the whole, but much remains at the following meeting A.discussing B. discussed C. to discuss D. to be discussed
  79. First aid is science of giving medical care tobefore a doctor can be found. A. the;/;a B. the; the ; a C. a;/;the D. /;a; the
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  80. If you harder, you tomorrow’s exam. A. studied; will pass B. studied; would have passed C. had studied; would pass D. had studied; would have passed
  81. He to help, but he couldn’t get there in time. A. want B. wanted C. had wanted D. have wanted
  82. Without the Chinese communist party there a new china. A. is not B. would not have been C. will not be D. wouldn’t have
  83. Dad is used to smoking and drinking. There’s no chance I’m able to talk him into. A. whether; giving it up of B. whether; giving them up C. that; getting rid of them D. which; stopping it
  84.Can you think of some casesdrivers obviously knew the traffic rules but didn’t obey them? A. why B. where C. as D. which
  85. The Emperor got this kind of cloth at once. A. weave B. weaving C. woven D. to be woven
  86. In the year2010, the population of the world will be
  7.3 billion. A. as many as B. as large as C. as much as D. no more than
  87. He locked his carit should be stolen. A. if B. so that C. in case D. in order that
  88. Only when you devote all your energyyour subjectssucceedthe examinations. A. to studying; you can; in passing B. to study; can you; to passing C. to study; can you; to pass D. to studying; can you ; in passing
  89. has already been pointed out, grammar is not a set of dead rules. A. There B. It C. As D. Such
  90. It does no good anything at such a time. A. saying B. to say C. by saying D. with saying
  91. The boy was to his family. His parent felt it to be asked to speak at the meeting held the school’s birthday. A. an honor; great honor; in the honor of B. an honor; a great honor; in honor of C. honor; great honor; in honor of D. an honor; the great honor; in the honor of
  92. ? Have you ever been to the metropolitan museum of art? --Yes, I was taken. A. there when a child regularly B. as a child regularly there C.there regularly as a child D. when a child regularly there
  93. He tried to argue me picnicking while she tried to argue me picnicking. I really did not know whose advice I should follow. A. into going; out of going B. to go; to not go C. out of going; not to go D. not to go; to go
  94. Yesterday he an inspiring speech in our school hall. A. made B. gave C. delivered D. A ,B and C
  95. Our gun shots and shots the enemy trembling with fear. A. made B. forced C. left D. caused
  96. Yesterday he had h



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