高二暑期辅导检测 英 语 试 题
命题人:高二英语备课组 班级 学号 姓名 一、单项选择题(25 分)
  1. To do a bit for the motherland, . A. working hard is necessary B. to learn a foreign language is needed C. it is important to master science D. one should serve the people whole-heartedly
  2. In no country Britain, it has been said, experience four seasons in the course of a single day. A. other than; one can B. rather than; one can C. other than; can one D. rather than; can one
  3. In the reading room, we found her at a desk, with her attention on a book. A. sitting; fixing B. to sit; fixed C. seating; fixing D. seated; fixed
  4. This machine . It hasn’t worked for years. A. didn’t work B. wasn’t working C. doesn’t work D. isn’t working
  5. Smith is said a new programmed three months ago, but I don’t know when he will finish it. A. to design B. to be designing C. to have designed D. to have been designing
  6. For many cities in the world, there is no room to spread out further, New York is an example. A. for which B. in which C. of which D. from which
  7. This group of golden-haired westerners are very curious about used to be called Forbidden City. A. where B. what C. which D. that
  8. well prepared you are, you still need a lot of luck in mountain climbing. A. However B. Whatever C. No matter D. Although
  9. Our government has taken some measures to solve the shortage of electricity, but it may take some time we have enough power. A. since B. after C. unless D. before
  10. The flowers his friend gave him will die unless every day. A. watered B. watering C. water D. to water
  11. Was it from the lake he often went fishing he saved the drowning girl? A. that; that B. where; where C. where; that D. that; where
  12. Could I ask you a rather personal question? Sure, . A. pardon B. go ahead C. good idea D. forget it
  13. What a pity! Considering his ability and experience, he better.
A. need have done B. must have done C. can have done D. might have done
  14. Sorry to interrupt you. Please go on. Where was I? You you didn’t like going to college in Hong Kong. A. has been saying B. has said C. said D. were saying
  15. Where is your new home now? In the new developed zone. But I downtown for five years. A. have live B. had lived C. lived D. was living
  16. Since you have repaired the TV Set, is no need for me to buy a new one. A. it B. there C. this D. that
  17. I really liked it I read the book. A. the first time B. at the first time C. for the first time D. at first
  18. The crowd stepped aside to way for the Procession. A. take B. make C. turn D. move
  19. You may have your own decision on this matter, and I have little doubt you’ll succeed. A. if B. whether C. that D. what
  20. Please all the figures to see how much they . A. add; add up to B. add up; add up to C. add up; add up D. add; add to
  21. have been burnt during the fire. A. More than one book B. A good number books C. Many a book D. A great many books
  22. Children under sixteen are not permitted to see such kind of films bad for their mental development. A. that is B. that are C. as is D. as are
  23. On the opposite wall dozens of pictures two maps of China. A. hang; including B. is hung; together of with C. are hanged; with D. are hanging; as well as
  24. It Is said that Barbara’s sister fell off her bicycle on her way to school, in the left leg. A. seriously damaging B. hurting badly C. breaking seriously D. badly hurt
  25. The discovery of new evidence led to . A. the thief having caught B. catch the thief C. the thief being caught D. the thief to be caught 二、完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 l.5 分,满分 30 分) The House Fairy(神仙) As young parents, my husband and I felt that at age 6 and 8, our children were old enough to be cleaning their rooms and making their beds. But they thought__26__. My complaints, repeating myself, even self-justified 自认公正的) ( shouting, were landing on__27__ears. I felt frustrated (沮 丧), and very often a whole afternoon's scolding would end with their__28__into tears. I realized I
needed to __29__my methods of "mothering". One day while they were at school, I had great fun __30__their rooms. On their desks, in plain __31__, I left the cards: "Dear Bill (the other card was__32__to Sarah), your room was messy this morning and I'm sure you like it clean. Love, the House Fairy." __33__arriving back, the children were __34__excited to receive the little note from the House Fairy. The next day, their rooms were fairly tidy. Sure enough, there was another note from the House Fairy__35__ for them, thanking them for their nice "gift" of a clean room and __36__asking them to play a certain violin __37__. Each day, thank-you notes would be worded differently to keep the ideas__38__. Sometimes the House Fairy would propose(提议)a little __39__: "If you can finish your homework today and __40__it before dinner, I'd like to watch a particular television program with you tonight." Sometimes some colored markers or other little items would be left in__41__of jobs especially well done the day__42__. __43__I can't remember how long "the House Fairy" continued leaving her love notes. When they were no longer age appropriate, we used various versions of Post-Its. The bathroom mirror became the__44__centre of our home. Appointments, notices about visiting relatives, lesson schedules, and changes in plans could be posted. We all benefited from and __45__the idea of sharing reminders and daily details of life through notes. I believe the true legacy of the House Fairy notes survives in our frequent and enjoyable communication.
  26. A. different B. no C. otherwise D. doubtful
  27. A. side B. deaf C. neither D. either
  28. A. crying B. breaking C. bursting D. bumping
  29. A. adjust B. adopt C. access D. addict
  30. A. to tidy B. tidying C. tidied D. tidy
  31. A. distance B. words C. speech D. sight
  32. A. sent B. read C. delivered D. addressed
  33. A. As B. At C. Of D. Upon
  34. A. more than B. rather than C. no more than D. other than
  35. A. asking B. waiting C. praying D. expecting
  36. A. politely B. friendly C. gently D. toughly
  37. A. music B. song C. piece D. tone
  38. A. respectable B. uninteresting C. incredible D. fresh
  39. A. challenge B. question C. suggestion D. advice
  40. A. go with B. go through C. look up D. look into
  41. A. response B. answer C. praise D. honor
  42. A. ahead B. before C. over D. ago
  43. A. Actually B. Even so C. Even if D. Though
  44. A. reminder B. main C. memory D. life
  45. A. learned B. appreciated C. shared D. thanked
三、阅读理解(共 12 小题;每小题
  2.5 分,满分 30 分) A Annie Oakley was born in 1860 in Darke County, Ohio. Her family was very poor. And she became a servant for another family. When Annie returned to live with her own family, she decided to help them earn money. She taught herself how to shoot her grandfather’s gun and began hunting animals for food. She could shoot the animals without ruining the important parts of the meat. Soon her ability to shoot a gun became well known in her town. When she was sixteen years old, she was invited to a shooting contest with a famous marksman (神枪手) named Frank Butler. Annie surprised everyone when she won the competition. Perhaps because their shooting abilities attracted them to one another, Annie and Frank married in that year. In 1882, Annie took the name Oakley. She and Frank Butler started putting on shows together. Frank Butler was the star of the show and Annie Oakley was his assistant. The famous Native American chief, Sitting Bull thought highly of her skill and called her “Little Sure Shot” because of her shooting ability and because she was only one and one-half meters tall. Later Annie Oakley was the star of the show while Frank Butler was her assistant. Posters for the show called her a “Champion Markswoman”. During WWI, Annie Oakley offered to help the army. She proposed (提议) to train a group of women volunteers who would become soldiers in the war. However, the United States did not accept this offer. She also offered to give the American army-shooting lessons. She traveled across the country and visited many training camps. She gave shooting demonstrations and raised money for medicine and supplies. Annie Oakley died on November 3, 19
  26. Her husband Frank Butler died eighteen days later.
  46. Annie took part in a shooting contest with Frank Butler in. A. 1872 B. 1876 C. 1882 D. 1886
  47. According to the passage, Annie Oakley . A. lived a hard life in her childhood B. often went hunting with her grandfather C. joined the army during WWI D. trained some women soldiers in the war
  48. The underlined part (in Paragraph
  2) was written to show Annie. A. was very fond of hunting B. was quite skilled in shooting C. knew animals quite well D. earned little money by shooting
  49. Compared to Frank Butler, Annie. A. lived a longer life B. had a better shooting skill C. was always the star of the shooting shows D. started to take part in shooting contests earlier B A scientist who developed a way to calculate (计算) how much water is used in the production of anything from a cup of coffee to a hamburger was awarded the 2008 Stockholm Water Prize.
Professor John Anthony Allan of the University of London in Britain won the award for introducing the idea of "virtual water", a calculation method that has changed the nature of trade policy and research. Allan has written seven books and published more than 100 papers. The Stockholm International Water Institute said this idea is now embedded (埋藏) in the production of foods and industrial products. The institute said Allan’s work had made a big effect on global trade policy and research, especially in water-scarce (缺水) regions. “The improved understanding of trade and water management issues on local regional and global scales are of the highest value for the successful and sustainable (可持续的) use of water resources.” it said. “People do not only use water when they drink it or take a shower”, the institute said. “Behind the morning cup of coffee, there are 140 liters of water that was used to grow, produce, .package and ship the beans.” That is about as much water as a person in England uses on average for all daily drinking and household needs. “For a single hamburger, about 2,400 liters of water are needed. In the USA, the average person uses nearly 7,000 liters of virtual water every day.” It said that was more than three times the average use of a Chinese person.
  50. Allan was awarded the prize because. A. he wrote seven books on trade policy B. he published more than 100 papers on water management C. he found a new kind of water in water-scarce areas D. he came up with the idea of virtual water
  51. Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage? A. The average American uses about 7,000 liters of water a day. B. The average Chinese uses nearly 2,300 liters of virtual water a day. C. An Englishman usually drinks about 140 liters of coffee a day. D. A hamburger usually contains about 2,400 liters of water.
  52. What do we learn about John Anthony Allan from the passage? A. He won the 2008 Nobel Prize. B. He has written over 100 books. C. He works at the University of London. D. He lives in the USA.
  53. What effect does the idea of virtual water have? A. It helps us realize the importance of trade. B. It helps people do successful business. C. It helps us make use of water scientifically. D. It tells us how much water we use a day. C Every pet owner loves his pets. There is no argument here. But when we asked our readers whether they would clone their beloved animals, the responses were divided almost down the middle. Of the 228 readers who answered our question, 108 would clone, 111 would not and 9 weighed each side without offering an opinion. Clearly, from the readers’ response, this is an issue that reaches deeply into both the joy and final sadness of owning a pet. It speaks, as well, to people’s widely differing expectations over the
developing scientific action. Most of the respondents who favored the idea strongly believed it would produce at least a close copy of the original(原物); many felt the process would actually return an exact copy. Those on the other side, however, held little hope that a clone could ever truly recreate a pet; many simply didn’t wish to put themselves into the argument over the natural law of life and death. Both sides expressed equal outpouring of love for their animals. More than a few respondents owned “the best dog (or cat) in the world.” (The majority of respondents proved themselves dog owners.) They wrote a lot of their pets as their “best friend,” “a member of the family,” “the light of my life.” They told moving stories of pets’ bravery, cleverness and selfless devotion. Little wonder the probability of loss is so disturbing?and the probability of cloning is interesting. “People become so fond of their anima



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