2009--2010 学年度下学期周测优化试卷 高二英语下) 学年度下学期周测优化试卷 测优化试卷(高 英语下
Unit 15-16 测试时间:60 分钟
(各题型用时建议: 单项 5 分钟, 完形 17 分钟, 阅读 7 分钟, 短改 6 分钟, 书面表达 20 分钟, 共 55 分钟)
I.单项选择(共 10 小题,每小题 1 分,共 10 分)
  1. My parents suggested I should regularly to keep fit. A. give out B. turn out C. come out D. work out

  2. It is an honor for me to speak here. A. to ask B. asking C. being asked D. to have been asked

  3. Your room is so small.You should avoidtoo much furniture andall the empty space. A.buying;fill up B.buying;filling up C.buy;fill up D.to buy;to fill up

  4. European football is played in 80 countries, it the most popular sport in the world. A. making B. makes C. made D. to make

  5. Excuse me, manager, could you do something about the service in your restaurant? A. yet B. and C. so D. but

  6. The couple looked at the score their son had got in the exam, . A. disappointed B. disappointing C. disappointedly D. disappointingly

  7. He was always for knowledge, and at last became an expert in the field of art. A. fond B. content C. brave D. greedy

  8. Because some of the floorboards had away, it was unsafe to walk on the floor. A. rotted B. destroyed C. wasted D. washed

  9. Tomato soup that is usually sold at twelve cents a can is now for ten cents. A. for sale B. for show C. on sale D. on show

  10.There are five pairs , but I'm at a loss which to buy. A. to be chosen II.完形填空 A Shelter for the Homeless Last summer I was a volunteer at a shelter for the homeless, a place for homeless people to sleep at night. I wasn't working that summer and was 11 so I had some 12 time. only two classes in summer school, B. to choose from C. to choose D. for choosing
Three nights a week, I 13 in the kitchen of the shelter along with four other volunteers. We planned and 14 for 45 people hot meals 15 vegetables, chicken, fish and fruit. The
homeless people 16 this good food because many of them usually didn't eat well. I 17 this volunteer work, making 18 with the four volunteers in the kitchen. One was a
very nice elderly housewife, one a movie actor, another a young teacher, and the other a college student, 19 me.
I talked to a lot of the homeless people at the shelter. Their life stories 20 me with sympathy. Some of them had 21 with alcohol (酒) or drugs while others only had bad 22 . 23 she lost her job. She
One woman worked for almost 30 years for a small company, and looked for a 24 job, but couldn't find one, for she was too
25 . She could do nothing but 27
sell her furniture ? sofas, chairs, and tables 26 on job hunting, but she 28
she could pay for her food. The woman
couldn't find one. She had no money for her 29 and had to 30 , and homeless, she finally came to
sleep in her car. Then she had to sell her car. Alone, the shelter.
  11. A. studying
  12. A. full
  13. A. helped
  14. A. ordered
  15. A. with
  16. A. demanded
  17. A. wanted
  18. A. decisions
  19. A. as
  20. A. struck
  21. A. habits
  22. A. luck
  23. A. so
  24. A. good
  25. A. old
  26. A. if
  27. A. went
  28. A. also
  29. A. block
  30. A. afraid B. planning B. free B. waited B. bought B. from B. needed B. had B. wishes B. like B. filled B. worries B. pain B. again B. fresh B. poor B. because B. moved B. still B. cottage B. shy C. holding C. extra
D. taking D. long D. washed D. finished D. in D. requested D. enjoyed D. changes D. besides D. provided D. problems D. loss D. thus D. new D. dull D. in case D. worked D. even D. flat D. mad
C. appeared C. cooked C. by C. collected C. owned C. friends C. except C. seized C. difficulties C. experience C. then C. skilled C. sick C. so that C. came C. almost C. building C. shocked
III.阅读理解(共 5 小题,每小题 2 分,共 10 分)
A letter to Edward, a columnist (报刊专栏作家) Dear Mr. Expert: I grew up in an unhappy and abusive (漫骂的) home. I always promised myself that I'd get out as soon as possible. Now, at age 20, I have a good job and a nice house, and I'm really proud of the independence I've achieved. Here's the problem: several of my friends who still live with their parents wish they had places like mine ? so much so that they make mine theirs. It started out with a couple of them spending the weekends with me. But now they seem to take it for granted that they can show up any time they like. They bring boyfriends over, talk on the phone and stay out forever. I enjoy having my friends here sometimes ? it makes the place feel comfortable and warm ? but this is my home, not a party house. I was old enough to move out on my own, so why can't I seem to ask my friends to respect my privacy? Joan
Edward's reply to Joan Dear Joan: If your family didn't pay attention to your needs when you were a child, you probably have trouble letting others know your needs now. And if you've gathered your friends around you to rebuild a happy family atmosphere, you may fear that saying no will bring back the kind of conflict you grew up with ? or destroy the nice atmosphere you now enjoy. You need to understand that in true friendship it's okay to put your own needs first from time to time. Be clear about the message you want to send. For example, "I really love your company but I also need some privacy. So please call before you come over."
  31. We can learn from the first letter that Joan . A. lives away from her parents C. knows Mr. Expert quite well B. takes pride in her friends D. hates her parents very much

  32. We can infer from the first letter that . A. Joan considers her friends more important than her privacy B. Joan's friends visit her more often than she can accept C. Joan doesn't like the parties at all D. Joan dislikes the boyfriends her friends bring over
  33. According to Mr. Edward, why can't Joan tell her friends her feelings?
A. She is afraid of hurting her friends.
B. She does not understand true friendship. D. She does not put her needs first.
C. Her family experience stops her from doing so.

  34. The underlined word "conflict" in the second letter means. A. dependent life B. fierce fight C. bad manners D. painful feeling

  35. The second letter suggests that Mr. Edward . A. is worried about Joan's problem C. advises Joan on how to refuse people B. warns Joan not to quarrel with her friends D. encourages Joan to be brave enough
VI.短文改错(共 10 小题,每小题 1 分,共 10 分) Dear Mr and Mrs Chen, I am writing to tell you about your son. Recently we have been rather worried him. He suddenly told his teacher what he did not want to sit near his friend William. His teacher was surprised and allow him to move. The next week when asking to hand in his homework, he said he was very bored with always write the same ways. And then he painted his face blue . I wonder if he is behaving strange at home. I think it would be good idea if you could come to school to discuss it with me sometimes this week.
Yours sincerely, Agnes Chow III.书面表达(1 题,共 25 分) 假如你叫 Alice,你本应去机场接 Danial 回家,但你不得不在学校听 Mr.Smith 的演讲,你 的朋友 Mary 主动提出替你去机场接 Danial,你给 Danial 写信说明上述情况,并描述 Mary 的外表. 年纪: 大约二十几岁 身高: 瘦,不算很高 性格: 开朗 特征: 金色头发,戴眼镜,那天穿黄色 T-shirt,穿白色运动鞋 Dear Danial, I'm very sorry… …… I'm looking forward to seeing you. Your sincerely, Alice
Unit15-16 周测答案 I. 单项选择 1-5 DDBAD 6-10 ADACB II.完形填空 11-15DBACA 16-20 BDCBB 21-25 DACDA 26-30CABDA III. 阅读理解 31-35 ABCBC VI. 短文改错
  36. him 前加 about
  39. allow → allowed
  42. ways → way
  45. sometimes → sometime 书面表达范文 Dear Danial, I'm very sorry I can't come to meet you at the airport since I have to attend an important lecture at school. My friend Mary has kindly offered to meet you and bring you home. As you have never met her before, I'll describe her to you. Miss Mary is a young lady in her twenties with glasses. She is quite thin a girl of medium height. She has a round face with fair(golden) hair. She likes wearing white sports shoes. It is easy to recognize her because she will be dressed in a yellow T-shirt (and a skirt) that day. She is always cheerful like you. I do hope you manage to recognize my friend Mary without any difficulty. I'm looking forward to seeing you. Your sincerely, Alice
  37. what → that 或去掉 what
  40. asking → asked
  43. strange → strangely
  38. ∨
  41. write →writing
  44. be 后加 a



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