石家庄市第十四中学 2006--2007 学年 度第二学期期中考试 高二英语试卷(满分 100 分 ; 时间 90 分钟)
一 .单选(1*
  1. As we left college, I wondered what the future held for me. A. in shop B. in store C. in order D. in place 2 Why didn't you attend the dinner party? I couldn't find you anywhere. but I got a slight pain in Oh, my stomach. A. I'm thinking of going B. I'd like to C. I hoped so D. I had intended to
  3. in a black jacket, the man took out his gun and pointed it at me. A. Dressed B. Having dressed C. To dress D. Dressing
  4.The elderly need special care in winter, as they are to the sudden change of weather. A. positive B. sensible C. flexible D. sensitive
  5.I don't doubt he's telling the truth. A. that B. if C. whether D. why
  6.The man hurried to the railway station only that the train had left five minutes before. A. know B. knowing C. to be told D. being told
  7. They have a large amount of money for the new classroom building of their school. A. set aside B. set up C. set back D. set off
  8.Will you stay for dinner?
Sorry, . My brother is coming to see me. A. I needn't B. I won't C. I mustn't D. I can't
  9.Would you mind helping me to feed some porridge to my cat? --. A. No, of course not B. Never mind C. No, please do D. Never mind
  10.The question seemed easy , but when the students tried to answered it, they discovered how difficult it was. A. in sight B. at first sight C. first of all D. in the first place
  11.She demanded that Jim the books he borrowed from her. A. would return B. returned C. return D. must return
  12.Somehow, in the rush to get out of the building, I got from my mother. A. separated B. separating C. to separate D. separate
  13. There is a sign by the road, which "Parking ". A. reads; forbidding B. reads; forbidden C. writes; forbidding D. writes; forbidden be at
  14.There is no light on. They home. A. mustn't B. can't C. needn't D. shouldn't
  15.People had to run away from their homes as the fighting progressed to avoid . A. being killed B. to kill C. killing D. to be killed
  16. It was at six sharp in the morning she came out of the house. A. when B. until C. since D. that any trouble in finding his house,
don't hesitate to let me know at once. A. Have you B. Should you have C. You should have D. If you had had
  18.Since you understand all this, is no need for me to explain. A. it B. this C. that D. there
  19.When the food in the hotel where we , what should we do? are staying A. isn't tasted good B. doesn't taste good C. isn't tasted well D. doesn't taste well
  20.The teacher has she would not allow talking in the class. A. made it clear that B. made that clear C. made it clear what D. made clear that
  21.Everyone felt to hear the news that our football team had lost again. A. inspiring; disappointed B. disappointed; inspiring C. disappointed; disappointing D. inspired; inspiring 二.完形填空(1*
  20) I returned to Abuja , the capital of Nigeria,after college graduation. I had been there before my mother became a minister. Two weeks later, I told my mother I was bored. She said, "Here are the car keys. Go and buy some fruit." 1 , I jumped into the car and speeded off. Seeing me or rather my 2 , a boy sprang up(跳起来 ), 3 to sell his
4 to 200 total for the fruit and nuts. He 5 . I handed him a 500naria note. He didn't have 6 so I told him not to worry. He was 7 and smiled a roe of perfect teeth. When, two weeks later, I 8 this same boy, I was more aware of my position in Nigerian society. I should 9 this country as the son of a 10 .But it was hard to find pleasure in a place where it was so 11 to see a little boy who should have been in school selling fruit. "What's up ?" I asked. He answered in 12 English, "I…I no get money to buy book." I took out two 500naira notes. He looked around 13 before sticking his hand into the car 14 the bills. One thousand naira means a lot to a family that 15 only 50,000 each year. The next morning, security officers told me, "In this place, when you give a little, people think you are a fountain of opportunity."(机会) 16 it's right, but this happens everywhere in the world. I wondered if my little friend had actually used the money for 17 . After six months' work in northern Nigeria, I returned and saw him again standing on the road. "Are you in school now?" He nodded. A silence fell as we looked at each other, then I 18 what he wanted. I held out a 500naira note. "Take this." He shook his head fiercely and stepped back 19 hurt. "It's a gift." I said. Shaking his head again, he handed me a basket of bananas and peanuts, "I've these to you." been waiting to 20
  1. A. Encouraged B. Disappointed C. Delighted D. Confused
  2. A. car B. mother C. driver D. keys
  3. A. willing B. afraid
bananas and peanuts, "Banana 300naira.Peanut 200naira!" Looking at his black-striped bananas, I
C. eager D. ashamed
  4. A. got down B. bargained down C. put down D. took down
  5. A. explained B. promised C. agreed D. admitted
  6. A. change B. notes C. checks D. bills
  7. A. troubled B. regretful C. comfortable D. grateful
  8. A. ran after B. ran into C. ran over D. ran to
  9. A .protect B. enjoy C. help D. support
  10.A. minister B. headmaster C. manager D. president
  11. A. lucky B. amazing C. funny D. common
  12. A. old B. broken C. traditional D. modern
  13. A. proudly B. madly C. curiously D. nervously
  14. A. for B. with C. at D. upon
  15. A. spends B. pays C. makes D. affords
  16. A. Possibly B. Actually C. Certainly D. Fortunately
  17. A. joys B. nuts C. books D. bananas
  18. A. asked B. imagined C. reminded D. realized
  19. A. when B. as if C. even if D. after
  20. A. send B. provide C. sell D. give 三.阅读理解(2*4*
  3) A Every day we go to school and listen to the teacher, and the teacher will ask us some questions. Sometimes, the classmates will ask for your opinions of the work of the class. When you are telling others in the class what you have found out about these topics, remember that they must be
able to hear what you are saying. You are not taking part in a family conversation or having a chat with friends?you are in a slightly unnatural situation where a large group of people will remain silent, waiting to hear what you have to say. You must speak so that they can hear you?loudly enough and clearly enough but without trying to shout or appearing to force yourself. Remember, too, that it is the same if you are called to an interview whether it is with a professor of your school or a government official who might meet you. The person you are seeing will try to put you at your ease (not worried) but the situation is somewhat different from that of an ordinary conversation. You must take special care that you can be heard.
  1. Usually, when you speak to the class, the class is. A. noisy B. quiet C. having a rest D. serious
  2. The situation in the class is than in your house. A. not very different from B. sometimes the same as B. sometimes not the same as D. not the same as
  3. If you are having a conversation with an official, the most important thing for you is . A. to show your ability B. to be very gentle C.to make sure that you can be heard D. to put the official at ease
  4. The main idea of the passage is . A. that we should talk in different ways in different situations B. that we must speak loudly to make ourselves heard when stating our opinions in serious situations
C. that we must keep silent at any time D. that we must talk with the class B A man went to a barbershop to have his hair and beard cut as always. He started to have a good conversation with the barber who attended him. They talked about so many things on various subjects. Suddenly, they touched the subject of God. The barber said, " I don't believe that God exists as you say so." " Why do you day that?" asked the client(顾客). " well, it's so easy; you just have to go out in the street to realize that God does not exist." "Oh, tell me." " If God existed, would there be so many sick people? Would there be so many abandoned children? If God existed, there would be neither suffering nor pain. I can't think of God who permits all of these things." The client stopped for a moment thinking but he didn't want to respond so as to prevent an argument. The barber finished his job and the client went out of the shop. Just after he left the barbershop, he saw a man in the street with long hair and beard. Then the client again entered the barbershop and he said to the barber, " Knowing what? Barbers do not exist." " How come they don't exist?" asked the barber, "Well I am here and I am a barber." "No!" the client exclaimed, "They don't exist because if they did there would be no people with long hair and beard like that man who walks in the street." "Ah, barbers do exist, what happens is that people do not come to me." "Exactly!" affirmed the client. "That's the point. God does exist, what happens is that people don't go to him for help. That's why there's so much pain and suffering in the world."
  1. The client was trying to prove that. A. God exists B. God permits
suffering and pain B. barbers do not exist D. people have to look for God
  2. According to the barber, if God existed, . A. there would be so many sick people B. there would be deserted children C. there would be no suffering in the world D. there would be no people with long hair and beard in the street
  3. Why did the man in the street wear long hair and beard? A. he was poor and had no money to go to the barber's B. he was not willing to go to the barber's C. it is fashionable to wear long hair and beard D. it is not mentioned in the passage
  4. It can be inferred from the passage that . A. the barber wad talkative B. the client was very clever C. God does exist D. God does not exist C People who eat at home most of the time have better nutrition than those who go out to eat , a recent study shows. Cornell University professors Lana Hall and Karen Bunch interviewed 3900 people in the survey. "People who eat less than 30 percent of their food away from home eat the most nutritiously," they said. "In general, Americans don't have nutrient deficiencies(营养不良), except for iron and calcium," they reported. They have the opposite problem ? ? over ? consumption(过度消耗), especially of fat. The food at many fast food restaurants is often low in vitamins.
"People who eat more than 30 percent of total calories away from home eat foods that are generally low in nutrients per calorie," the professors said. More calories and adequate nutrient intake are required to achieve. One of the major health risks is eating too much fat. The professor found than fat consumption became greater as income went up. It also went up in houses where the female worked. This is probably because these people eat more highly processed foods.
  1. According to the passage, which of the following suggestions would you most readily take? A. Eat out as many times as possible B. Eat at home as many times as possible C. Eat foods with a lot if iron, calcium and fat D. Eat more highly processed foods
  2. What is the result if people often dine out according to the passage? A. They tend to have better nutrition B. They tend to have less nutrition C. They can save a lot of time D. They will spend much money on it
  3. Nowadays, a major health risk that people face is. A. Eating too much fast food B. Frequent dining out C. Eating at home very often D. Eating too much fat
  4. Which of the following would be the best title of the passage? A. Food and Health B. The Life Style in Modern Society C. Fast food in the USA D. Dining out Lowers Nutrient Intake 四 .词汇(1*
  1. The scientist won the Nobel Prize because of the great success he in physics. had a

  2.That story you have just told r me of an experience I once had.
  3.After 10 years in prison, he was given his f . letter, you're not
  4. It's a p supposed to open it.
  5. Before you go abroad, you must apply for a p .
  6. He (犹豫) before he answered
because he didn't know what to say.
  7.The citizens have all from the newly-built library.
  8. (判断) from what you said, he (获益)
must be an expert.
  9. I passed math exam but in French.
  10. The route has been so that it is easy to follow. 五.短文改错(1*
  10) Dear Sir, I'm glad to recommend myself to you. I was born in July 16, 1980 in Beijing. I graduated
  1. from Xinhua Primary School in 19
  92. When I was in
  2. the middle school, I did good in maths, physics and
  3. chemistry and fond of art. After graduating from
  4. No.1 High School, I entered into Beijing Normal
  5. University study physics. After four years of hard work 6 there, I went to the United States for farther study. Because 7 of my excellent work, I get a doctor's degree in physics this
  8. (做记号) (失败)
year but I'd like to make contributions to our country.
  9. Looking forward to receive your early reply.
  10. 六.书面表达(
假设你是李华,开学初,老师和家长都要 求你住校,而你却喜欢走读.请根据下边内容, 用英语给某英文报纸编辑写一封信,请求给予 指导. 一.老师和家长的理由: 由
  1. 方便问问题 更多自习时间
  2. 晚自习时间更能保证 容可以自由支配
  3. 培养独立生活的能力 电视调节一下生活
  2.学习内 3 可以看 二.李华的理



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