Unit 1 Words And Their Stories
Pride goes before a fall.

Where there is a will, . there is a way No pains , . no gains Action speaks louder . than words East, west, . home is the best It’s no use . crying over spilt milk



Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and . wise It’s never too old to learn . in youth Anyone who neglects his studies regret it will in later years Don’t put all your eggs in one basket . the iron is hot Strike while .

  1. Look before you leap . Think before you take action. put off
  2. Never until tomorrow what you can do today.
  3. All things are difficult before they are easy . willing
  4. Nothing is impossible for a heart.
  5. Prepare for theworst and hope for the best .

  1.上述提到的问题有待被进一步讨论。(refer) 上述提到的问题有待被进一步讨论。( 上述提到的问题有待被进一步讨论。(
The problems (which are) referred to remain to be further discussed.

  2.我持有这样的观点他的成功来自于对日常生活的具体仔 我持有这样的观点他的成功来自于对日常生活的具体仔 细的观察。 细的观察。
I hold the opinion/view that his success results /comes from his specific observation from everyday experience.

  3.那个玩忽职守滥用职权的员工理应被解雇。 那个玩忽职守滥用职权的员工理应被解雇。 那个玩忽职守滥用职权的员工理应被解雇 (neglect, suppose
The employer who neglected his duty and took advantage of his position is supposed to be fired/dismissed.

  4.必须被指出的是在使用谚语的时候学生不能脱离语境。 必须被指出的是在使用谚语的时候学生不能脱离语境。 必须被指出的是在使用谚语的时候学生不能脱离语境 (point)
It must be pointed out that students can’t use proverbs out of context.

  5.形成坏习惯容易改掉它却难。 (form, while) 形成坏习惯容易改掉它却难。 形成坏习惯容易改掉它却难
It’s easy to form a bad habit while it’s hard to get rid of it.
Workbook p6

  1. This tradition is reported to have come from Africa.
  2. Many immigrants headed west /for the west to search for a job and gold.
  3. Quite a few new expressions about the computer have been widely used.
  4. Be sure not to reveal that well-kept secret.
Workbook p6

  5. People are not supposed to smoke in public in more and more countries.
  6. Here comes the bus, so let’s hurry up.
  7. More than 200 years ago, the valuable beaver skin was often used as money in North America.
  8. It’s obvious that new proverbs are continuously being created as old ones are falling into disuse.
I. 完成“导航” 语法 小猫 (P
  35);翻译 完成“导航” 语法;小猫 小猫; );翻译 ); (P
  42) ) II.背Unit 2 Vocabulary (I) 背



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   Unit 1 Phrases 1.练习描写人 practise describing people 2.有所作为 make a difference 3.来自 be from 4.因…而闻名 be known for 5.使一位科学家成功 make a scientist successful 6.想象远比知识更重要 Imagination is more important than knowledge 7.生活中没什么可惧怕的,只有去理解 Nothing in life is to be ...


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   " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " UNIT 11 solar adj.太阳的;日光的 giant adj.巨大的 n.巨人;巨物 leap n.& vi.(leapt,leapt)跳;跳跃 mankind n.人类 Watson 沃森(姓氏) Neil Armstrong 尼尔?阿姆斯特朗(美国发明 ...


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   工作目标 有时候面试中招聘者会提问应聘者有关工作目标的问题,目的就是了解应聘者做事的风格,以及应聘者对这份工作的看法。当然由于应聘者还不是很了解自己所应聘的工作,在回答问题时并不一定面面俱到,因为在实际当中会碰到自己计划中所没有考虑到的问题,所以大致说明自己的计划目标就好了。 BASIC EXPRESSIONS 基本句型表达 1) Are you a goal-oriented person? 你是一个目标明确的人吗? 2) Tell me about some of your recent ...


   《英语大全》生词表 英语大全》 1. 动物 动物( 动物( 树袋熊( 树袋熊( 大象( 大象( 斑马( 斑马( 熊猫( 熊猫( 猴子( 猴子( 狗( 猫( 鸟( 蜜蜂( 蜜蜂( 熊( 马( 猪( 兔子( 兔子( 老虎( 老虎( 狮子( 狮子( 小鸡( 小鸡( ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) 狐狸( 狐狸( 母鸡( 母鸡( 奶牛( 奶牛( 公鸡( 公鸡( 鸭子( 鸭子( 鱼( 金鱼( 金鱼( 龙( 蚂蚁( 蚂蚁( 长颈鹿( 长颈鹿( 小鸡( 小鸡( 狼( 老 ...

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