Writing a report
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Group work: Each group can read the assigned paragraph and report the main idea of the class. P1:The environmental problems of the Yangtze River have raised concern. P2:Many people have recognized the importance of protecting the Yangtze River and many environmental organizations and projects have been set up.
P3:Two special government projects are under way to protect the river. One is the water and soil preservation project. P4:The second project is a nature reserve for white-flag dolphins. P5:The environmental situation of the Yangtze River is improving.
Answer questions:

  1.Why have the environmental problems of the Yangtze River raised concern both nationally and internationally?
Rapid agricultural and industrial development plus huge population growth of water taken from the river rising, but the waste being put back into the river has also been increasing. It also watches the river and stops the illegal hunting of animals.

  2.What does the Green River organization do?
It educates and advises people on the importance of protecting the Yangtze River.

  3.What problems do the two government projects focus on?
They focus on problems along the Yangtze River such as water conservation and protecting white-flag dolphins.

  4.What did farmers have to do under the water and soil preservation project? They had to replace crops on their farmland with trees or grassland.

  5.What does the second project concern?
The second project is a nature reserve for white-flag dolphins.
Read the text carefully and analyse the structure of it.
Protecting the Yangtze River
P1: Raising the issue
P 2-4: How to solve P 5: Conclusion the issue
The environmental A lot of work has been problems of the Yangtze done to protect the river River have raised concern.
The environmental situation of the Yangtze River is improving
Close test:
T hankfully , many people have r ognized the importance of protecting the Yangtze River and nvironmental organizations and e projects have been set up to Close Text: eal d with the problem. The Green River organization is a nong overnment organization that educates and advise people on the importance of p rotecting this great river.
The organization also watches the river and stops the i llegal hunting of animals which had been a m problem and ajor which has e ndangered the wild animals. Two government projects are nder also u way to protect the river.
The projects f ocus on problems along the Yangtze River such as water onservation Experts have c. a nalysed the river and are now trying to work out possible s olution to the many problems. The river and soil preservation project was set up in 19
Use another form of the word in bold in the first sentences to fill in the blank in the second sentence.
  1. Her opinion on the matter differs from mine. You can make a real differenceto someone’s life by helping them to go to university.
  2. Smoking is a danger to your health. The factory has been releasing dangerous chemicals into the air for years.

  3. Parents should educate their children on what to do in case of a fire. No country can afford to overlook the value of . education
  4. Thankfully, the documents survived the fire. survival His only chance of was a heart operation.
  5. Mike is responsible for designing the new model. I think we have a moralresponsibility to help those who are in need.
  6. Please accept this present in appreciation for all you have done for us. I would appreciate you letting me know when you will be home.
Choose the correct word to fill in each blank. Change the form where necessary. 1 prohibit / prevent a. We are trying out best to people prevent from entering the hall before the stage has been set up. b. The law children under the age of prohibit 16 from drinking. 2 rare / small a. Mike’s teacher asked him to make some changes to his essay. small small b. To see the ground covered in snow is quite rare ate this time of year.
3 ecology / biology a In biology class, we carry out lots of experiments and study living things. b Water pollution caused by the local factory has changed the ecologyof the area. ecology 4 improve / raise a The increasing number of cars running on your roads is raising/has raised of the level of air pollution in our city. b Talking with native English speakers is the most effective way to improve your spoken English.
A Do Parts D1 & D
  2. B Write a report about other things China is doing to protect the environment. Below are some steps for you to follow.
● Work in small groups. Discuss what you read on the previous page, briefly discuss the questions below and then decide on a topic for your report. Have it approved by your teacher. What do you think are the biggest environmental problems in China? The topic for your report will be .
● Discuss the tasks listed below and decide which group members will be responsible for each task. Write the names beside the work each member is going to do. (Remember, two or three people can work on the same task!) Research Write the outline Write the report
Preparing ●Members responsible for doing research need to find information from various sources on the topic you have chosen. The group should discuss the information found, and decide what to increase include in the report and what to leave out.
●Those responsible for writing the outline should organize the information the group has decided to use and write an outline for the report using that information. The outline should be approved by the whole group.
Group members who are writing the report will have to write it based on the outline. All group members should edit the report before it is passed on to another group for editing. Your group will be editing another group’s report at the same time.
While editing, you should read the report closely and look for the following: sentence structure organization punctuation vocabulary grammar spelling During the editing stage, correct any mistakes you find and offer suggestions to the group on how they can improve their report. Ask for comments on your report as well.
The report should be written and checked once more for mistakes. Present your report to the class. Put your report up on the display wall of your classroom for everyone to see.
reading for information? presenting your point of view? reading a report about environmental protection? writing a report?
If you are not confident about some of the items above, make an action plan so you can improve on them.
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