高二英语 Test for Unit 22
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I.根据下列句子中文意思,写出所缺单词的正确形式: 每题 1 分,共 10 分) 根据下列句子中文意思,写出所缺单词的正确形式: (每题 根据下列句子中文意思 (
  1. Changes in the Earth’s climate were seen as beyond our
  2. Without these gases, the sun’s rays would
  3. They are simply not prepared to
  4. Experts
  5. The USA (控制). (弹) back into space. (牺牲) the amount of money .
(倡议) that each person should play their play. (联邦) government expresses reservation about whether
global warming is really caused by human activities..
  6. A number of nations have already been in armed
  7. This catastrophe is still very
  8. The (冲突) over water.
(记忆犹新的) in the minds of people worldwide.
( 咆哮的) winds are with speeds of over 300 kilometers an hour. (夺去) more than
  1.6 million lives in the last

  9. Earthquakes have hundred years.

  10. In May 2006, thousands of Indonesians had to Mt Merapi was about to erupt.
(逃离) as they thought
II.熟记课文,用所给短语的正确形式填空: 每题 2 分,共 40 分) 熟记课文,用所给短语的正确形式填空: (每题 熟记课文 ( increase by, have a responsibility to, on a grand scale, get over, after all, result in, speed up, slow down,
in huge quantities ,
have a rough time, earn one’s living, wipe out
in the last few decades, fail to, to some degree,
turn on,
see……as…, take action ,
as a result,
refer to,

  1. Why is global warming
  2. Global warming
a danger, and how is it relevant to our lives? an average increase in the Earth’s temperature. 1 F.

  3. Over the last 100 years, the global average temperature
  4. If we produce gases
  5. Governments all over the world , we are condemning life on Earth.
reduce the amount of carbon dioxide.

  6. But why wait around for governments to
  8. , there’s no substitute for our Earth.
, scientists have reached consensus that human beings are causing changes in the Earth’s climate.

  9. In the last 50 years, gases pumped into the Earth’s atmosphere by the factories and vehicles have been the process of global warming. . . huge forest fires.

  10. If less carbon dioxide goes into the atmosphere, global warming will
  11. The last few years have seen environmental disasters
  12. Reduced rainfall in the west of the US has
  13. A volcanic eruption nearly
  14. In the last three years, Indonesia
  15. They have not yet the tsunami.
  16. Why is nature beginning to us?
the small island of Montserrat in 19
  97. , suffering several killer quakes. their separation from loved ones lost in

  17. People in agricultural areas, without any means to move to the cities.
  18. The Yellow River, once famous for flooding, all for 226 days in 19
  19. An even greater number of people live at risk, earthquakes.
  20. , a hotter ocean causes more powerful winds.
reach the sea at
, from
III.语法知识: 每题 2 分,共 20 分) 语法知识: 语法知识 (每题 ( A. 请将下列句子转换成间接引语,每空一个英语单词。 请将下列句子转换成间接引语,每空一个英语单词。
  1. “What is the disaster expert talking about?” the boy asked his father. The boy asked his father the disaster expert talking about .

  2. “Has global warming affected your crops?” we asked the farmer. We asked the farmer global warming affected his crops.

  3. The teacher said to us, “The sun is bigger than the moon.” The teacher told us the sun bigger than the moon.

  4. “Take public transport,” the old man said to the children. The old man the children take public transport.

  5. “Don’t throw rubbish into the river,” a man in black said to Tom. A man in black told Tom throw rubbish into the river.
B. 请将下列句子转换成被动语态,每空一个英语单词。 请将下列句子转换成被动语态,每空一个英语单词。
  1. Factories and vehicles have pumped a lot of gases into the Earth’s atmosphere. A lot of gases have and vehicles.
  2. Global warming will cause terrible climate changes. Terrible climate changes caused by global warming. into the Earth’s atmosphere by factories

  3. Greenhouse gases control the temperature of the Earth. The temperature of the Earth
  4. A terrible hurricane hit the USA last week. The USA by a terrible hurricane last week. by greenhouse gases.

  5. They construct shabby homes from whatever materials they can find. Shabby homes from whatever materials they can find.
IV.句型转换: 每题 2 分,共 10 分) 句型转换: 句型转换 (每题 ( 不改变原句意思转换句型,每空一个英语单词。 不改变原句意思转换句型,每空一个英语单词。 句型
  1. The link between human activities and rising global temperature seems not to be merely a coincidence. seems the link between human activities and rising global temperature is not merely a coincidence.

  2. They suggest our making small changes in our daily life. They suggest that small changes in our daily life.

  3. Thunderstorms, floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis and forest fires have become increasingly common. Thunderstorms, floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis and forest fires have become and common.

  4. These homes, seldom made of bricks, can easily fall down in earthquakes. These homes, in earthquakes.
  5. How can we stop these disasters from happening? How can we these disasters ? seldom made of bricks, can easily fall down
V.语法填空: 每题 2 分,共 20 分) 语法填空: 语法填空 (每题 ( Volcanoes and earthquakes are even 1 dangerous than in the past as 2 are now more
around half the world’s population now lives in cities. than 300 active volcanoes, about fifty of 3
erupt each year, and more than
500 million people now live within the range of a volcanic eruption. Because these natural disasters occur at random times, 4 is difficult to warn people in 5 things 6
advance. Most disaster experts believe there is the potential
could get a lot worse. Professor Hou Ming, of Beijing University , studies volcanoes, warns that the world has not seen 7
worst nature can
do. The worst eruption in human history was probably Mt Tambora in 1815, in Indonesia. But evidence shows that 73,000 years greater eruption. “It reduced temperatures and the whole planet
  6. 10 9 8 there was a much
maybe 6 C in some places
sent into winter for years.”


Keys to Test for Unit 22
  6.conflict II.
  1. seen as
  2. bounce
  7. fresh
  3. sacrifice
  8. howling
  4. advocate
  5. federal

  2. refers to

  3. has increased by
  6. take action

  4. in huge quantities
  7.After all
  10.slow down
  13. wiped out
  16. turn on
  19. to some degree III.
  1. what, was
  4. asked/ told, to IV.
  1. been pumped
  4. was hit V.
  1. It; that
  4. which , are VI.
  1. more
  6. who

  5. have a responsibility to

  8. In the last few decades

  9.speeding up

  11. on a grand scale
  12. resulted in
  14. has had a rough time
  17. earn their living 20 As a result
  2. whether/if, had
  5. not , to
  2. will be
  5. are constructed
  2. we, make
  3. more, more
  3. is controlled
  3. that, is
  15. got over
  18. failed to

  5.prevent, happening
  2. There
  7. the
  3. which
  8. ago
  4. it
  9. by
  5. that
  10. was


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