高二英语 Unit 1?2 过关检测题
班级: 班级: 姓名: 姓名: 学号: 学号: 成绩: 成绩:
I. 填单词,首字母已给出。 填单词,首字母已给出。 (10*2=20 分) (

  1. It is quite o that we should do it now.
  2. She g from Beijing University with a degree in law.
  3. Did you o anything strange in the boy’s behavior?10
  4. He p that war would break out in the nest few years.
  5. Hawking was c to know what was happening around the world.
  6. Just be p , dear. These things take time.
  7. Sound travels through the m of air.
  8. The new government f many problems.
  9. You should always s off the electricity before leaving classroom.
  10. How many people were p at the meeting?
II. 单项选择。 单项选择。 (15*1=15 分) (

  1. Some passengers complain that it usually so long to fill in travel forms. A. costs B. takes C. spends D. spares
  2. I wanted two seats Madame Curie for Friday night; I rang the cinema to see if I could book two tickets. A. of B. about C. to D. for
  3. I finally got the job I dreamed about. Never in all my life so happy. A. did I feel B. I felt C. I had felt D. had I felt
  4. late in the morning, Tom turned off the alarm. A. To sleep B. Sleep C. Sleeping D. Having slept
  5. He got home only his bike . A. find; stolen B. finding; stolen C. to find; stolen D. to find; stealing
  6. A teacher should have enough to help the slow students. A. patience B. energy C. force D. effect
  7. --What happened to the lady? --She was robbed of her handbag. A. observe B. to observe C. observing D. observed
  8. It’s careless the same mistake in your work. A. for you to make B. for you making C. of you to make D. of you making
  9. I borrowed a book by Mark Twain from the library last week. A. written B. writing C. to write D. write
  10. The room are , so you can move in. A. painted B. painting C. being painted D. to be painted
  11. She told me that her watch was yesterday. A. missed B. lost C. robbed D. lain
  12.This novel written by him is no better that one. I like . A. either B. neither C. both D. none
  13. It was not long the rain stopped and the sun came out again. A. before B. until C. when D. since

  14. Cleaning women in this city usually get by the hour. A. pay B. paying C. paid D. to pay
  15. really surprised me most was the suggestion that he . A. What; should make B. What; had made C. That; should make D. That; had made
III. 完型填空题。 完型填空题。 (20*
  1.5=30 分) (
A Shelter for the Homeless Last summer I was a volunteer (志愿者) at a shelter for the homeless, a place for homeless people to sleep at night. I wasn’t working that summer and was 16 only two classes in summer school, so I had some 17 time. Three nights a week, I 18 in the kitchen of the shelter along with four other volunteers. We planned and 19 for 45 people hot meals 20 vegetables, chicken, fish and fruit. The homeless people 21 this good food because many of them usually didn’t eat well. I 22 this volunteer work, making 23 with the four volunteers in the kitchen. One was a very nice elderly housewife, one a movie actor, another a young teacher, and the other a college student, 24 me. I talked to a lot of the homeless people at the shelter. Their life stories 25 me with sympathy (同情). Some of them had 26 with alcohol (酒) or drugs while others only had bad 27 . One woman worked for almost 30 years for a small company, and 28 she lost her job. She looked for a 29 job, but couldn’t find one, for she was too 30 . She could do nothing but sell her furniture ? sofas, chairs, and tables 31 she could pay for her food. The woman 32 on job hunting, but she 33 couldn’t find one. She had no money for her 34 and had to sleep in her car. Then she had to sell her car. Alone, 35 , and homeless, she finally came to the shelter.
  16. A. studying B. planning C. holding D. taking
  17. A. full B. free C. extra D. long
  18. A. helped B. waited C. appeared D. washed
  19. A. ordered B. bought C. cooked D. finished
  20. A. with B. from C. by D. in
  21. A. demanded B. needed C. collected D. requested
  22. A. wanted B. had C. owned D. enjoyed
  23. A. decisions B. wishes C. friends D. changes
  24. A. as B. like C. except D. besides
  25. A. struck B. filled C. seized D. provided
  26. A. habits B. worries C. difficulties D. problems
  27. A. luck B. pain C. experience D. loss
  28. A. so B. again C. then D. thus
  29. A. good B. fresh C. skilled D. new
  30. A. old B. poor C. sick D. dull
  31. A. if B. because C. so that D. in case
  32. A. went B. moved C. came D. worked
  33. A. also B. still C. almost D. even
  34. A. block B. cottage C. building D. flat
  35. A. afraid B. shy C. shocked D. mad
IV. 阅读理解。 阅读理解。 (10*3=30分) ( 分
Even plant can run a fever, especially when they’re under attack by insects or disease. But unlike human, plants can have their temperature taken from 3, 000 feet away - straight up. A decade ago, adopting the infrared (红外线)scanning technology developed for military purposes and other satellites, physicist Stephen Paley came up with a quick way to take the temperature of crops to determine which ones are under stress. The goal was to let farmers precisely target pesticide (杀虫 剂)spraying rather than rain poison on a whole field, which invariably includes plants that don’t have pest (害虫)problems. Even better, Paley’s Remote Scanning Services Company could detect crop problems before they became visible to the eye. Mounted on a plane flown at 3, 000 feet at night, an infrared scanner measured the heat emitted by crops. The data were transformed into a color - coded map showing where plants were running“ fevers”. Farmers could then spot - spray, using 50 to 70 percent less pesticide than they otherwise would. The bad news is that Paley’s company closed down in 1984, after only three years. Farmers resisted the new technology and long - term backers were hard to find. But with the renewed concern about pesticides on produce, and refinements in infrared scanning, Paley hopes to get back into operation. Agriculture experts have no doubt the technology works. “This technique can be used on 75 percent of agricultural land in the United States, ” says George Oerther of Texas A & M. Ray Jackson , who recently retired from the Department of Agriculture, thinks remote infrared crop scanning could be adopted by the end of the decade. But only ff Paley finds the financial backing which he failed to obtain 10 years ago.
  36. Plants will emit an increased amount of heat when they are. A. sprayed with pesticides B. facing an infrared scanner C. in poor physical condition D. exposed to excessive sun rays
  37. In order to apply pesticide spraying precisely, we can use infrared scanning to. A. estimate the damage to the crops B. measure the size of the affected area C. draw a color -coded map D. locate the problem area
  38. Farmers can save a considerable amount of pesticide by. A. resorting to spot - spraying B. consulting infrared scanning experts C. transforming poisoned rain D. detecting crop problems at an early stage
  39. The application of infrared scanning technology to agriculture met with some difficulties., A. the lack of official support B. its high cost C. the lack of financial support D. its failure to help increase production
  40. Infrared scanning technology may be brought back into operation because of.
A. the desire of farmers to improve the quality of their produce B. growing concern about the excessive use of pesticides on crops C. the forceful promotion by the Department of Agriculture D. full support from agricultural exper
“I’ve changed my mind. I wanted to have a telescope , but now I want my dady back .” Lucien Lawrence’s letter to Father Christmas written after his schoolteacher father had been knifed to death outside his school gate , must have touched every heart .Lucien went on to say that without his father he couldn’t see the stars in the sky . When those whom we love depart from us , we cannot see the stars for a while . But Lucien , the stars are still there , and one day , when you are older and your tears have gone , you will see them again. And , in a strange way , I expect that you will find your father is there too , in your mind and in your heart . I find that my parents , long dead now , still figure in many of my dreams and that I think of them perhaps more than I ever did when they were alive . I still live to please them and I’m still surprised by their reactions . I remember that when I became a professor , I was so proud , or rather so pleased with myself , that I couldn’t wait to cable my parents . The reply was a long time in coming , but when it did , all Mother said was “I hope this means that now you will have more time for the children !” I haven’t forgotten . The values of my parents still live on . It makes me pause and think about how I will live on in the hearts and minds of my children and of those for whom I care . Would I have been as ready as Philip Lawrence have been to face the aggressors (挑衅者), and to lay down my life for those in my care ? How many people would want me back for Christmas ? It’s a serious thought , one to give me pause . I pray silently, sometimes , in the dead of night , that ancient cry of a poet “Deliver my soul from the sword , and my darling from the power of the dog .” Yet I know the death comes to us all , and sometimes comes suddenly . We must therefore plan to live forever , but live as if we will die tomorrow . We live on , I’m sure , in the lives of those we loved , and therefore we ought to have a care for what they will remember and what they will treasure . If more parents knew this in their hearts to be true , there might be fewer knives on our streets today .
  41. According to the whole text we can see that the first paragraph A. puts forward the subject of the text B. shows the author’s pity on the kid C. acts as an introduction to the discussion D. makes a clear statement of the author’s views
  42. In the second paragraph the author mainly wants to explain to us A. how much he misses his parents now B. why his parents often appear in his dreams C. when Lucien will get over all his sadness D. how proud he was when he succeeded in life
  43. What feeling did the author’s mother express in her reply ? . .
A. Proud .
B. Happy .
C. Disappointed . .
D. Worried .

  44. In the author’s opinion, the value of a person’s life is A. to leave behind a precious memory to the people related B. to have a high sense of duty to the whole society C. to care what others will remember and treasure D. to share happiness and sadness with his family

  45. What does the writer mean by the sentence taken from an old poem ? A. Call on criminals and murderers to lay down their guns . B. Advise parents stay with their children safely at home. C. Spend every day meaningfully in memory of the death . D. Try to keep violence and murder far away from society .
V. 单句改错,在错误处划线,然后写出正确的句子。 5*1=5 分) 单句改错,在错误处划线,然后写出正确的句子。 (

  1. Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understand.
  2. Most of us would feel very sadly and give up our dreams and hopes for the future.
  3. Readers were pleased and surprising to find that a scientist could write about his work in a way that ordinary people could understand.

  4. A reporter begins by contacting the people to be interviewed and then preparing questions.
  5. The media can often help solve problems and draw attention to situations that help is need.
高二 Unit 1?2 过关检测题答案
I. 填单词,首字母已给出。 填单词,首字母已给出。 (10*2=20 分) (

  1. obvious
  6. patient
  2. graduated/graduates
  3. observe
  4. predicted
  5. curious
  7. media
  8. faced/faces
  9. switch
  10. present
II. 单项选择。 单项选择。 (15*1=15 分) (
III. 完型填空题。 完型填空题。 (20*
  1.5=30 分) (
IV. 阅读理解。 阅读理解。 (10*3=30分) ( 分
V. 单句改错,在错误处划线,然后写出正确的句子。 5*1=5 分) 单句改错,在错误处划线,然后写出正确的句子。 (

  1. Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood.
  2. Most of us would feel very sad and give up our dreams and hopes for the future.
  3. Readers were pleased and surprised to find that a scientist could write about his work in a way that ordinary people could understand.
  4. A reporter begins by contacting the people to be interviewed and then prepares questions.
  5. The media can often help solve problems and draw attention to situations where help is need.



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