Unit 1 Module 6
  1. make fun of , play jokes on , make jokes about 取笑,拿开玩笑
  2. (do sth) in response to (做某事)以对做出回应、回答 (to 介词) respond vi. 回应,回答 respond to sth 比较 reaction to, react to sth
  3. queue, queue up vi. 排队
  4. sb trip over sth 某人被某物绊倒 (tripped)
  5. walk into 撞到上;走进里 bump into 不小心撞到;邂逅
  6. on stage 在舞台上(演出),stage:时期,阶段;舞台
  7. later on in life 后来
  8. go on to do sth 继续做(另一件事) go on doing sth 继续做(同一件事) move on vi. 继续,继续前行 move on to (doing) sth 继续下一个话题、内容、做某事
  9. perform his stand-up routine 表演单人喜剧的常规节目
  10. live adj./adv. 现场直播的 broadcast live alive adj. 活着的(不做前置定语) It’s an alive dog. (错) The dog is alive. (表语) People are buried alive. (补语) (对) living adj. 活着的(做定语,表语) a living dog, The dog is living. lively adj. 精力充沛的活跃的;热闹的
  11. make up 编造,化妆,组成,补足
  12. It seems appropriate that he got his start in silent film. (主语从句,好像很合适)
  13. prove vt. 证明 A prove B/that (证明了n.或从句) vi. 结果是,证明是 Your words proved right. 不用被动!
  14. follow in one’s footsteps/ follow in the footsteps of sb 追随某人足迹,照的样子
  15. Doctors have been researching what effect stand-up and other forms of comedy have on us. 注意:have been doing ;宾语从句
  16. soon after 不久之后,也可再接宾语
  17. be supposed to do 应该做,被期望做--suppose (that), 假设,猜想
  18. This means all actions occur at one time. Vi. 发生
  19. be enthusiastic about 对感兴趣的,有热情的 enthusiasm n. 热情
  20. worthwhile 用法 Your effort will be worthwhile. (表语) a worthwhile try 一次值得的尝试 (定语) it is worthwhile to do sth= it is worthwhile doing sth
  21. take on 承担,接受;开始雇佣;呈现 take up 占据空间,时间;开始从事
  22. initial requirements
  23. as if to do sth as if+ 动词不定式
  24. move over 腾地方
  25. look annoyed
  26. crowded adj. 拥挤的 crowd n. 人群
  27. What is going on here? go on 用法: vi. 发生 happen; go on with sth,go on to do/doing sth 继续做;go on a holiday 进行
  28. entire adj. 完全的 entirely adv.

  29. tear in two/into pieces 撕 tear,tore,torn
  30. burst in, break in vi. 突然闯入 burst,burst,burst burst into , break into vt. 闯入--burst into/ break into tears(laughter) 突然哭了、笑了
  31. glare at 怒目注视 stare at 盯着看,glance at 扫视
  32. exit vi. 出去 n. 出口 exist vi. 存在
  33. in an emergency 在紧急情况下
  34. hold out 拿出来
  35. for a while 一会儿
  36. fool, bow, meaningfully, raise, wander, cosy, cross, uncross, skill, skilled, in pairs, foreigner, master, tough, super, vital, somehow, amuse, outstanding, little-known, award, visual, humorous, physical, main,well-loved, laughter


高二英语Unit 1 Module 6知识点总结

   Unit 1 Module 6 1. make fun of , play jokes on , make jokes about 取笑,拿开玩笑 2. (do sth) in response to (做某事)以对做出回应、回答 (to 介词) respond vi. 回应,回答 respond to sth 比较 reaction to, react to sth 3. queue, queue up vi. 排队 4. sb trip over sth 某人被某物绊倒 (tripped ...

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   初中英语复习提要 复习提要( 句子:陈述句、 2005 年初中英语复习提要(五)句子:陈述句、疑问句 福清市蒜岭侨兴中学 郭礼文 2005-03 一、陈述句:是用来陈述一件事情或表示一种看法,可分为肯定句和否定句两种形式。 陈述句: 1、谓语动词是 be 动词,助动词 have, has, will,情态动词 can 等时,只要直接在这些词 后面加 not 就构成否定形式。 eg. Lily has already read this new book. (改为否定句) Lily this ...


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   100 句最常用英语口语 1. i see. 我明白了。 2. i quit! 我不干了! 3. let go! 放手! 4. me too. 我也是。 5. my god! 天哪! 6. no way! 不行! 7. come on. 来吧(赶快) 8. hold on. 等一等。 9. i agree。 我同意。 10. not bad. 还不错。 11. not yet. 还没。 12. see you. 再见。 13. shut up! 闭嘴! 14. so long. 再见。 15 ...


     UNIT1A budget vt. 为......做预算,编制预算 vi. (为特定目的)节省或用钱 n. 预算 a. 便宜的,廉价的  acute a. 1.(指感觉或感官)深刻的,敏感的,尖锐的 2.严重的  replace vt. 1.把……放回原处 2.代替,取代  foreigner n. 外国人  restless a. 1.(尤指因厌烦、烦躁和焦虑而引起的)不安定的或不安静的 2. 动作不停的,好动的  restlessly ad. 不安定地,不安静地 ...


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