高二英语 `Unit 1 Reading (学案 学案) 学案
  1. If you (背叛) your friend ,you will lose him.
  2. He pretended not to find his mistakes ;it is (愚蠢) of him to (忽 略)his own mistakes.
  3. Finally he (承认) committing that crime.
  4. You’d better (原谅)him ;he didn’t do it (故意地).
  5. I can’t stand your (行为).It made me a bit (尴尬)
  6. Don’t laugh at him .It’s impolite to t others.
  7. He never invites his friends to dinner. He is very m with money.
  8. His questions placed me in a d ;I don’t know how to answer them.
  9. You are a bit absent-minded ;You should f your attention on your study.
  10. If you are late for class, you should a to your teacher.
  11. Don’t d his honesty. You can believe in him.
  12. The old man is very s ;it’s not easy to persuade him to follow you. 二、课文内容填空(熟悉课文后上再做)
  1. I feel by my friends.We have been best friends since school. Some children say we are no because we are both very and like to study.We are both very and we both get good at school.
  2. On Monday ,we had a maths test. I must have sounded very of myself after the test. I was to get a good mark But I was wrong .I failed .I felt so .I didn’t feel like I was my studies .
  3. I didn’t want others to know that .I was to be cheerful ,but Hannah something was wrong .I told her the truth .I how badly I had done. I made her not to tell anyone and she said she would keep my .
  4. To my surprise, the next day ,I noticed that my classmates were at me .I was so that I felt like crying.I thought that Hannah must have told others .
  5. I was so angry that I went to her and blamed her because she couldn’t keep her .She that shed hadn’t told anyone.but I don’t her .I don’t think I can her .because everyone me now.
  6. I have a . My best friend has stopped to me .We have been best friends childhood.Last week , we had a match another school.The other team was and we really had to . Matthew was playing really badly.He seemed and as a of his playing,we lost the game.
  7. I thought he was not trying hard enough and he got very with me .He said it wasn’t his and I shouldn’t at him. Then we both started shouting at each other and it into a horrible .He kept on saying really things to hurt me .I feel really because I said some really things too,but I can’t seeing our team lose .
  8. These days he has been very and looks sad. He is usually and outgoing .Yesterday ,I saw him talking to another boy ,and I can’t help if he wants the boy to be his friend of me . What should I do ? 三、词组选择(注意形式)
get along (on) keep one’s word forgive … for in trouble as a result (of) blame … for in public be proud of be sure to do feel like be determined to do turn into can’t help doing sth instead of can’t stand doing
  1. You can’t shout .It will bother others.
  2. If you work hard ,you realize your dream.
  3. Yesterday it rained very heavily., our journey was delayed.
  4. Liu Xiang is a great athlete and has won a lot of gold medals. The Chinese people him
  5. Now he is very busy If it is convenient ,would you like to go him ?
  6. Why didn’t you come yesterday ? Once you promise others ,you should .
  7. People in that area often have words with each other. Sometimes the quarrels fights.
  8. Are you thirsty ? Would you a cup of tea?
  9. After many years of hard work ,he well with his job.
  10. Don’t him his mistake .After all ,he is a small boy.
  11. After the quarrel ,he asked her to him his rudeness.
  12. Don’t hesitate to come to me .Once you are , I will help you .
  13. He hasn’t arrived .I (wait) for him any longer.
  14. The movie was very interesting .We (laugh) during the movie.
  15. He has a strong will. Once he gets down to his work, he stick to it. 四、句型转换
  1. When we were in primary school ,we were best friends ;now we are still best friends. We best friends school .
  2. He is very happy .I guess he has passed the exam. He is very happy . He must the exam.
  3. It is a shame that she cheated in the competition. She regretted that . She that she cheated in the competition.
  4. He was determined that he would face all difficulties with courage. He was all difficulties with courage.
  5. He was absent from the meeting . Unexpectedly ,he was fired. He lost his job his from the meeting .
  6. He pretended to be ill and didn’t attend the meeting .Later he told me the truth. He to be ill and wasn’t present the meeting.
  7. A good Diet is very important for a person .Exercise is important ,too. A good diet is very important and exercise.
  8.I doubt his honesty. I doubt he is . I have some doubt he is . 五、句子翻译
  1. 自从毕业以来,他一直在那家公司里工作。(since) He has .
  2. 昨天我们突然考了数学,我取得了很好的分数。
Yesterday we .
  3. 不管困难有多大,我一定能克服。(be sure to ) No matter .
  4. 当他察觉周围的事物有点古怪时,他开始不安起来。(sense) When he .
  5. 他发誓他会守诺,不会告诉别人我的秘密。(swear) He .
  6. 请你原谅他!他并不是有意对你说刻薄的话的。(forgive) .
  7. 我感到很内疚因为我没能帮助他摆脱麻烦。(guilty) .
  8. 他对周围的事物很好奇。总是禁不住地想知道事情发生的原委。(can’t help) 六、阅读理解 (A) A high school history teacher once told us, you make one close friend in school,you will be most “If fortunate. true friend is someone who stays with you for life. Experience teaches that he is right. A ” Good friendships are just not easily formed. It is possible that we simply do not stay in one place long enough for a true friendship to develop.However,there can be no disagreement on the need for each of us to think carefully about the kind of friendships we want. To most of us,friendships are considered very important,but we need to be clear in our own minds the kinds of friendships we want. Are they to be close or kept at arm's length?Do we want to share ourselves or do we want to walk on the surface?For some people, many friendships on the surface are quite enough ?and that's all right.But at some point we need to make sure that our expectations are the same as our friends' expectations. one wants more from the friendship than the other, if this is not talked about, If and one is likely at last to feel that he's holding the short end of the stick.The sharing of personal experience including our tears as well as our dark dreams,is the surest way to deepen friendships.But it must be undertaken(进行)slowly and carried on only if there are signs of interest and action in return. What are some of the difficulties to friendship?The greatest is the attraction to expect too much too soon. Deep relationships take time. Another major difficulty” is the selfishness to think one possesses” “ “ the other, including his time and attention. Similarly, friendships require actions in return. other words, In you must give as much as you take.Finally there is a question of taking care of.Unless you spend reasonable time together, talking on the phone, writing letters, doing things together, friendships will die away. a)根据短文内容,判断下列句子正(T)误(F) 。 ( )
  1.Making a good friend,one need to consider what kind of friendships he wants. ( )
  2.It is right that friendships on the surface is quite enough. ( )
  3.All friendships should be close relationships. ( )
  4.True friends are willing to share each other's experiences. ( )
  5.There is no question of taking care of between true friends. (B) Adaptation of Living Things Certain animals and plants develop characteristics that help them deal with their environment better
than others of their kind. This natural biological process is called adaptation. Among the superior characteristics developed through adaptation are those that may help in getting food or shelter, in providing protection, and in producing and protecting the young. That results in the evolution of more and more organisms that are better fitted to their environments. Each living thing is adapted to its way of life in a general way, but each is adapted especially to its own distinct class. A plant, for example, depends upon its roots to fix itself firmly and to absorb water and inorganic chemicals. It depends upon its green leaves for using the sun's energy to make food from inorganic chemicals. These are general adaptations, common to most plants. In addition, there are special adaptations that only certain kinds of plants have. Many animals have adaptations that help them escape from their enemies. Some insects are hidden by their body color or shape, and many look like a leaf or a little branch. The coats of deer are colored to mix with the surroundings. Many animals have the ability to remain completely still when an enemy is near. Organisms have a great variety of ways of adapting. They may adapt in their structure, function, and genetics; in their development and production of the young; and in other respects. An organism may create its own environment, as do warm-blooded mammals, which have the ability to adjust body heat exactly to maintain their ideal temperature despite changing weather. Usually adaptations are an advantage, but sometimes an organism is so well adapted to a particular environment that if conditions change, it finds it difficult or impossible to readapt to the new conditions.
  1. Some plants and animals develop superior characteristics so that they may A) help others of their kind get food, shelter and other things needed. B) survive even in extremely severe conditions. C) become better adapted to the environments than others of their kind. D) result in the evolution and production of more intelligent organisms.
  2. In the first paragraph, the word "environments" could best be replaced by A) contexts. B) surroundings. C) neighbors. D) Enemies.
  3. It can be inferred from this passage that the feathers of a bird are colored A) to frighten its enemies. B) to attract its enemies. C) to adjust its body heat. D) to match its environment
  4. Which of the following is not directly mentioned in the passage? A) A living thing way adapt in its structure. B) An organism may adapt in its function. C) A living creature may adapt in its genetic makeup. D) A living organism may adapt in its sleeping habit.
  5. The author cites the behavior of warm-blooded mammals in order to that a living thing may have the ability A) to create an environment of its own. B) to remain still when an enemy is near. C) to make food from inorganic chemicals. D) to change the color of its skin.


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