What is Art?

  1.Art is an expression(表达)of the soul(灵 表达) 表达 ( 魂).
  2.When something is created, it is not art.
  3.It only becomes art when it is appreciated 欣赏) (欣赏) by someone other than(而非) (而非) the artist.
  4.Art is nothing without appreciation.
Can you list some forms(形式) of art? (形式)
clothing paper cut photography music sculpture
dance opera [?p?r?] 歌剧 seal cutting 篆刻
Part one
?Painting Painting
Comparison of Western and Chinese painting.
Time Western
5th to 15th century AD 15th to 16th century Late 19th century to early 20th century
20th century to today
Chinese painting
It is often about nature, such as mountain, water, bird-and-flower, etc. It has an air of living in nature, harmony (和 和 谐) and peace.
Western paintings:
About religion, human Abstract, rich in color, oil, line and shape
? Now listen to the tape and read the passage carefully and fill in the chart below .
Name of Ages The Middle Ages The Renaissanc e Impressioni sm Modern art
Time 5th to 15th century AD 15th to 16th century late 19th to early 20th century 20th century to today
Artist Giotto di Bondone Masaccio
Feature religious, realistic perspective, realistic detailed, ridiculous controversial, abstract, realistic
Giotto di Bondone 乔托?迪 邦多纳 乔托 迪?邦多纳
Other famous artists and their works
Leonardo da Vinci (1452-15
《大卫》 大卫》
《西斯廷圣母》 西斯廷圣母》
《蒙娜丽莎的微笑》 蒙娜丽莎的微笑》
《向 梵 高 日 葵 》
《 莫 奈 日 出 印 象 》
毕 毕 加 索 加 索 作 品
Language Points of Unit 1 词汇讲解
  1. belief have belief in 对……有信心 in the belief that ……相信…… beyond belief 难以致信 to (the best of) one’s belief 据……看来 (确实相信) disbelief 不信;怀疑

  2.Consequent adj
? (be) consequent on / upon 作为结果的;随 之发生的 consequently adv. 所以;因而 consequence n. 结果;后果;重要性 as a consequence / in consequence 由 于…… 的结果 as a consequence of / in consequence of 由于

  3.possession [U] the state of having or
owning sth 所有 ? (esp pl.) sth that you have or own财产 in ~ of 占有;拥有;持有 in sb’s ~ / in the ~ of sb 为某人所有;在某 人的控制下 take ~ of 占有,拥有,占领 possess v. 拥有;具有 possessor n. 持有 者,所有人

  4. ridiculous adj. very silly or unreasonable荒谬的,可笑的 荒谬的, 荒谬的
? ridicule v. &. n. 嘲笑;戏弄 ridiculously adv. 荒谬地;可笑的 hold sb up to ridicule 嘲笑某人

  5. predict vt. To say in advance that sth will happen 预言;预告;预测 预言;预告; ? prediction n. predictor n. predictable adj.可预言的,可预报的 predictive adj. 预言性的;作为预料的

  6. Aggressive adj. forceful; not afraid of opposition; ready to attack; quarrelsome
? the aggressor nation ? aggression n.侵略 aggressor n.侵略者 侵略国 aggressive weapons aggressively adv.侵略 性的 攻击性武器 aggressive nations 侵 an aggressive war侵 略成性的国家 略战争

  7.contemporary adj.
~ history/ art a ~ building (be )~ with ? contemporary & modern辨析 两者都指符合时代潮流的的好的特性,尤 指式样和风格。modern可指直至当前的一 般较长的时期;contemporary不一定与现 今有关,与现今相联系的时等同于modern

  8.as well as 和 not only… but also…
? not only… but also…意为“不但……而 且……”,强调并列句中的后者;而as well as 相反,它强调前者
? http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMjMwMTc 0NDA=.html


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