高二英语 Unit 1 词汇学习

  1. genius n.
  1. )天资,天赋,才华[U] She has genius. 她有天赋。
  2. )天才,英才[C] Einstein was a great scientific genius. 爱因斯坦是一个伟大的科学天才。
  3. )才能,才干[S] [(+for)] He has a genius for getting along with children. 他擅长与孩子们打成一片。
  2. inspiration n.
  1.) 灵感[U][S1] I cannot write without inspiration. 没有灵感我写不出东西。
  2.) 鼓舞人心的人(或事物)[C] His wife was a constant inspiration to him. 他妻子是不断鼓舞他前进的人。 inspire/ inspiring/ inspired
  3. perspiration n.[U]
  1.) 汗,汗水 There were beads of perspiration on his upper lip. 他的上唇上有汗珠。
  2.) 出汗,流汗;辛苦,卖力
  4. undertake/ undertook/ undertaken vt.
  1.) 试图;着手做;进行,从事 We undertook a trip to the west. 我们到西部作了一次旅行。
  2.) 承担,接受 The work was undertaken by members of the committee. 此项工作由委员会成员承担。
  3.) 同意;答应;保证 [+to-v][+(that)] I can not undertake that you will make a profit. 我不能担保你会获利。
  5. analysis (P) analyses n. 分析;分解;解析[C][U] In the last analysis, the responsibility for this failure must lie with the chief engineer. 追根究底,失败的责任在于总工程师。
I was very much pleased by your analysis of the situation. 我非常满意你对形势的分析。
  6. obvious a. 明显的;显著的[(+to)][+that] It was quite obvious to everyone that she was not going home. 很显然大家都知道她不准备回家。 Her displeasure was obvious. 她的不悦是显而易见的。
  7. within prep.
  1.) 在...范围内;不超过 They finished the house within half a year. 他们在半年内盖好了这幢房屋。
  2.) 在...里面,在...内部 He kept within doors all day yesterday. 他昨儿整天呆在屋里。
  8. quote n.[C]
  1.) 【口】引语,引文[(+from)] This is a quote from the Bible. 这是引自《圣经》的语句。
  2.) 引号[P] He put these words in quotes. 他把这些话放在引号里。
  9. gravity n.[U] 【物】重力;引力;地心吸力 The stone rolled down the hill by gravity. 石头在重力作用下向山下滚去。
  10. curious a.
  1.) 好奇的,渴望知道的;爱探究的[(+as to/about)][+to-v][+wh-] The boy was curious about everything he saw. 那男孩对所见的一切都感到好奇。 We were curious to know where she’d gone. 我们渴望知道她去哪里了。
  2.) 奇怪的;稀奇古怪的,难以理解的 I heard a curious noise last night. 昨晚我听见一个奇怪的响声。
  11. branch n.[C]
  1.) 树枝;枝
  2.) 支族;支流;支线;支路[(+of)]
The river has three main branches. 这条河有三条主要的支流。
  3.) 分公司;分店;分局;分部;部门[(+of)] The bank has branches all over the country. 该银行在全国各地均有分行。 4 ) (语系的)分支;(学科的)分科[(+of)] English is a branch of the Germanic family of languages. 英语是日耳曼语系的一个分支。
  12. debate n.
  1.) 辩论,讨论,争论[U][S1] A fierce debate on the tax cut was going on. 一场围绕着减税的辩论正在激烈进行中。
  2.) 辩论会[C] vt.
  1.) 辩论,讨论,争论[+wh-] They debated the question openly. 他们公开辩论这个问题。
  2.) 与...辩论
  3.) 思考,盘算[+wh-] She debated whether to accept his invitation. 她考虑是否接受他的邀请。 vi.
  1.) 辩论,讨论,争论 We debated on the question till late into the night. 我们就这个问题辩论到深夜。
  2.) 参加辩论
  3.) 思考[(+with)]
  13. scan vt.
  1.) 细看;审视[(+for)] His mother scanned his face to see if he was telling the truth. 他母亲察看他的面色看他是不是在讲真话。
  2. )【美】粗略地看;浏览 I scanned Time magazine while waiting at the doctor's office. 在医生的诊所等的时候,我翻看时代杂志。 He scanned the headlines of the evening paper. 他浏览晚报的大标题。
  3.) (雷达光束等)扫描,扫掠[(+for)] The photo-electric reader is capable of scanning characters at the rate of two thousand a second. 光电阅读器每秒钟能扫描两千字。
  14. boundary n.[C]
  1.) 边界,分界线[(+between)]
The river is the boundary between the two countries. 这条河是两国的分界线。
  2.) 界限,范围 With the advance in science, the boundaries of human knowledge are being pushed further out. 随着科学的发展,人类知识的范围在不断扩大。
  15. promising a. 有希望的,有前途的,大有可为的 She was voted "most promising young actress, 1993". 她被选为"一九九三年度最佳年轻女演员"。
  16. graduate n.
  1.) 学位获得者(尤指学士学位) She is a psychology graduate of University of Pennsylvania. 她是宾夕法尼亚州大学心理系毕业生。
  2. )【美】毕业生
  17. incurable a. 无法治愈的;不可救药的;无法矫正的 an incurable pessimist 不可救药的悲观主义者 Some diseases are still incurable 有些疾病仍无法治愈。 n. 患不治之症者[C]
  18. go by
  1.) 经过;(时间)过去 Time went by slowly. 时光慢慢流逝。
  2.) 凭...判断 You can't always go by appearances. 你不能总是根据外表来判断。
  19. engage vt.
  1.) 吸引;占用(时间、精力等) The book engaged my full attention. 这本书把我完全吸引住了。 Housework engages much of her time. 家事占用她很多时间。
  2). 雇,聘[(+as)] They engaged a cook for the summer. 那个夏天他们雇了一个厨子。
  3.) 使订婚[(+to)] David is engaged to Ann.
  4.) 使从事,使忙于[(+in)] He was busily engaged in painting the furniture. 他忙于油漆家具。
  20. research n. (学术)研究;调查,探究[U][P][(+in/into/on)] She's doing cancer research. 她在从事癌症研究。 vi. 作学术研究;调查,探究[(+in/into/on)] He is researching into the causes of cancer. 他正在研究癌症的起因。 vt. 研究,探究 The historical background to the play has been very carefully researched. 这部剧本的历史背景已有人作过仔细的研究。
  21. dream of/about
  1.) 梦见 I dreamt of seeing her last night. 我昨晚梦见了她。
  2.) 梦想;渴望 Many boys dream of becoming pilots. 许多男孩梦想成为飞行员。
  22. exploration n.[U][C][(+of)]
  1.) 勘查;探测;探索 Spain began the exploration of the New Word. 西班牙开始了对新世界的探索。
  2.) 探究;调查;研究 a full exploration of all the possibilities 对各种可能性的充分调查研究
  23. disable vt.
  1.) 使失去能力[(+from)]
  2.) 使伤残 He was disabled in the accident. 他在那次事故中成了残废。
  3.) 【律】使无资格[(+from)] He is disabled from voting. 他失去了选举资格。
  24. theory n.
  1.) 学说;论说;...论[C][(+of)][+that]
Darwin spent more than twenty years working on his theory of evolution. 达尔文花了二十余年时间研究他的进化论。
  2.) 理论;学理,原理[U][C] It seems good in theory, but it doesn't work in practice. 理论上它似乎很不错,但实际上却行不通。
  3.) 意见;推测,揣度[C][+that] My theory is that we'll have a cold winter this year. 依我看今年冬天会很冷。 Many scientists accept the theory that the universe is growing larger. 许多科学家接受这样的看法:宇宙在不断增大。
  25. seek/sought/sought vt.
  1.) 寻找;探索;追求[(+out)] They were seeking employment. 他们在找工作。
  2.) 在...中搜索,搜查遍(某处)[(+through)] Something suspicious was found after the room was sought through. 房间被彻底搜查后,发现了一点可疑的东西。
  3.) 企图,试图 [+to-v] He sought to speak to her. 他寻找机会与她说话。 vi. 寻找;探索[(+after/for)] He sought vainly for the answer. 他寻求答案,但无结果。
  26. misunderstand/misunderstood/ misunderstood vt. 误会;曲解 His intentions were misunderstood. 他的意图被误解了。
  27. turn out 结果是;证明是 The party turned out to be very successful. 晚会结果开得很成功。
  28. scientific a.
  1.) 科学的,科学上的 She has a scientific mind. 她有科学头脑。
  2.) 符合科学规律的;系统的,精确的[(+about)] We must take a scientific approach to the problem. 我们必须用科学方法研究这一问题。 We are not very scientific about it. 我们对此数据不精确。

  3.) 用于自然科学的 scientific apparatus 科学仪器
  29. observe vt.
  1.) 看到,注意到[+(that)][+wh-] He observed a stranger hanging around the store. 他看到一个陌生人在商店附近闲逛。 I observed him stop at the gate. 我看到他在门口停下来。 He pretended not to observe our entry. 他装作没有看见我们进来。
  2.) 观察,观测;监视 They carefully observed the behavior of deer. 他们仔细观察了鹿的生活习性。
  3.) 遵守,奉行 This law must be strictly observed. 这项法律必须严格遵守。
  4.) 庆祝(节日等) Some people observe Christmas here. 在这儿有些人过圣诞节。 observation n.
  1.) 观察;观测;观察力[U][C] He is a man of little observation. 他是个观察力极差的人。
  2.) 察觉;注意,监视[U] They decided to put him under observation. 他们决定监视他。
  30. match n.[C]
  1.) 比赛,竞赛 Our side beat the other in the match. 我方在竞赛中击败了对方。
  2.) 对手,敌手;相配者[S][(+for)] The blue shirt and gray tie are a good match. 蓝衬衫和灰领带很相配。 Bill is no match for his brother on this. 在这方面比尔不是他兄弟的对手。 vt.
  1.) 使较量,使比赛[(+against/with)] Read will be matched against Stone in the semifinal. 里德将在半决赛中与斯通较量。
  2). 敌得过,比得上[(+for/in)]
His latest film doesn't match his previous ones. 他最新的一部影片比不上他以前的一些影片。
  3.) 和...相配,和...相称 The color of the shirt does not match that of the tie. 衬衫的颜色与领带不相配。
  4.) 使比较;使成对,使相配[(+with)] Can you match this fabric? 你能找一块和这相配的布吗? vi. 相配,相适合[(+up)] The wallpaper and paint match pretty well. 壁纸和油漆的颜色十分协调。
  31. predict vt. 预言;预料;预报[+that][+wh-] He predicted that an earthquake was imminent. 他预言即将发生地震。 He predicted a good harvest. 他预言丰收。 vi. 作预言;作预料;作预报
  32. use up 用完;耗尽 We have used up all the paper. 我们把纸全用完了
  33.unhappiness n.[U]
  1.) 不快;痛苦 The quarrel caused her intense unhappiness. 争吵令她极其不快。
  2.) 不幸
  34. crime n.
  1.) 罪,罪行[C] He committed a high crime. 他犯下重大罪行。
  2.) 犯罪,犯罪活动[U]
  3.) 违反道德的行为,罪过[C] It's a crime to waste food. 浪费食物是一种罪过。
  35. take a look at / have a look at/ look at
  36. what if 假使 呢?;若是 又怎么样 假使...呢 若是 又怎么样? 若是...又怎么样 What if they do not come? 如果他们不来怎么办呢? ( 即使他们不来,又有什么关系?)

  37. heaven n.
  1.) 【宗】(常大写)天国;上帝[U] May her soul rest in Heaven. 但愿她的灵魂在天国安息。
  2.) 天空[P] Millions of stars were shining in the heavens. 天空中繁星闪烁。
  3.) 极乐;极乐之地[U] I was in heaven when I heard the news. 我听到这消息时高兴极了。
  38. intelligent a.
  1.) 有才智的;聪明的;明智的;有理性的 The child made a very intelligent comment. 那孩子作了很有见地的评论。 Elephants are intelligent animals. 大象是有灵性的动物。
  2.) 了解的,熟悉的[(+of/about)] He has really been very intelligent about the whole thing. 他对事情的全过程确实很了解。
  39. patient a. 有耐心的,能忍受的,能容忍的[(+with/of)] He's a very patient man. 他是个很有耐心的人。 n. 病人[C] The doctor is very patient with his patients. 那位医师对病人十分耐心。
  40. experiment n. 实验;试验[C][U][(+on)] Some people learn by experiment and others learn by experience. 一些人通过实验学习,另一些人则从经验中学习。 vi. 进行实验,试验[(+on/with)] He is experimenting with drugs to cure hepatitis. 他正在试验治疗肝炎的药。 Have they ever experimented on a large number of patients? 他们可曾在大批病人身上实验过?


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