高二英语选修六单词与短语检测人教版 高二英语选修六单词与短语检测人教版
Unit 2 Poems 一. 单词拼写(须用本单元的单词和词汇)
  1.If you taste some seawater, you will find it s
  2.We must consider a problem in all it’s a.
  3.She lives in a charming c in the countryside.
  4.Li Shizhen’s Bencaogangmu has been t into many languages.
  5.Most girls like wearing a d ring.
  6.Her face become red with(生气), and she couldn’t say anything.
  7.The deep (悲伤) she felt was obvious in the expression of her face.
  8.A voice came from (黑暗), but she couldn’t see anyone.
  9.My friends were wearing two or three sweaters for extra (温暖).
  10.If you are easy to get lost, you’d better take a (指南针)with you.
  11.No word can c my thanks to you at the moment.
  12.We have learned a new sentence p in this unit.
  13.The (背诵) habit must be formed when you are young.
  14.An (合适) method must be found to deal with such situation.
  15.(分析)the difficult sentences helps to understand the text well.
  16.The music is written in a (节奏) of three beats to a bar.
  17.I’m (等待) their reply. 18 The songs of birds (唤醒) me.
  19. Don’t take it seriously, he was only (开玩笑)
  20.. English is a (分支) of Germanic family of languages. 二 . 短语翻译
  2. 有意义,说得通 理解…… 有意义,说得通
  3.给某人背诵/读 / 解释……

  5.向鞠躬 / 屈服
  8.用完,耗尽(及物) 用完(不及物)
  9.组成 / 编造 / 化妆 / 弥补 / 和解 由……组成
  11. 很受欢迎
  14.一周又一周 一天又一天
  17. 继续 / 别挂断(电话)
  19.试验 试穿
  2. 别着急,慢慢来

  20.泄漏 / 发出(声音) / 释放 / 放宽(衣服)
  21.盼望 三.根据句意选择合适的词或词组的恰当形式填空。 run away inspire easy
  1.We should often what we have learned, or we will forget it later.
用心 爱心 专心
take one’s eye off run out of
make up of at least
make sense by chance
stay up go over take it
be popular with

  2.As a matter of fact, not all the theories .
  3.Without saying anything, that boy quickly.
  4.It’s bad for your health if you often too late.
  5.The little boy didn’t the toy.
  6.Until now, we still haven’t know what kind of thing it.
  7.That beautiful song the teenagers.
  8.Whatever the result may be, we should try our best to do it.
  9.Perhaps everyone can make a serious mistake.
  10.If we continue to destroy and waste the natural resources like this, we will it sooner or later
  11., it isn’t so bad as you expected.
  12.His noble example the rest of us to work harder.
人教版高二选修六单词与短语检测(答案) 人教版高二选修六单词与短语检测(答案)
Unit 2 一. 单词拼写(须用本单元的单词和词汇)
  4.translated 5,diamond
  19.teasing 20

  8.darkness te appropriate .branch 二 . 短语翻译



  1. go over 复习,检查
  2. make sense 有意义,说得通 (Sb.) make sense of sth 理解…… (Sth.) make sense to sb. 有意义,说得通
  3. recite / read / explain sth. to sb. 给某人背诵/读 / 解释……
  4. couvey one`s emotions 表达情感

  5. bow to … 向鞠躬 / 屈服
  6. stay/sit up 熬夜

  7. take it easy = take things take one`s time 别着急,慢慢来
  8. (Sb.) run out of sth.
easy 放轻松,别紧张
(Sth.) run out 用完(不及物)
  9. make up 组成 / 编造 / 化妆 / 弥补 / 和解 be made up of = consist of … 由……组成
  10. a few more minutes
  11. be popular 再多几分钟
with … = be well received by … 很受欢迎

  12. be brimful of = be full of … 充满
  13. translate A into B 把A翻译成B
  14. week in ,week out 一周又一周 day by day 一天又一天
  15. on and on 继续不停地
  16. by chance / accident 碰巧
  17. hold on 继续 / 别挂断(电话)
  18. (Sb. / Sth.) be likely to do sth.有可能…..
  19. try out 试验 try on 试穿
  20. let out 泄漏 / 发出(声音) / 释放 / 放宽(衣服)
  21. look forward to 盼望
  1.go over off of
  2.make sense
  3.ran away
  4.stay up
  5.take his eye
  10.run out

  6.is made up of
  11.Take it easy

  7.is popular with

  8.at least

  9.by chance


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