Who do you think wrote each report?
Read the two reports carefully and discuss these question with your partner.更多资源 更多资源xiti1

  1. How are the reports different?
  2. Who do you think wrote each report?
  3. What do you think are facts and what are opinions?
  4. What would be a good headline for each story?
  5. What pictures would you use?
First description “A small group of fewer than a hundred” →make the group sound small “people” →neutral “caused problem” →negative “most successful company” →positive “the rude and noisy group” →negative “made it difficult for workers” →negative “troublemakers” →negative “left peacefully … but a few of them fought.” →negative
Second description
“more than ninety” →the group is large “caring citizens” →positive “made their voices heard” →positive “the city’s worst polluter” →negative “The citizens … love nature and our planet” →positive “talked to workers …a positive message” →positive “activist” →positive “angry men armed with sticks” →negative

  1. If you were the citizens there, what would you do? Would you join in the demonstration, or would you rather try to solve the problem in other ways? Why?
  2.What should we do to protect our nature and planet? How about the factories and the government?
What do you think are facts and what are opinions?
It may be difficult to separate facts and opinions, but the text seems to make clear that the facts are:
  1. A group of about ninety people gathered outside a factory.
  2. The group was demonstrating outside the factory.
  3. The meeting ended when the police (or possibly people from the factory) arrived.
For the first report
Possible headlines
Protesters Disrupt(使中断,破坏 Work at 使中断, 使中断 破坏) Factory Troublemakers Stop Workers Workers Attacked by Troublemakers
For the second report
Activists Protest Against Polluter Demonstrators Attacked by Factory Workers Caring Citizens take Action to Save the Planet
Language Point:

  1. Brave and strong, the activists talked to workers outside the factory… brave and strong是形容词作状语, 形容词或形容词 是形容词作状语, 是形容词作状语 短语作状语,通常说明主语行为的原因、方式、 短语作状语,通常说明主语行为的原因、方式、伴随 状况等。 状况等。 e.g. Cold and hungry, he decided to stop and have a rest. (表原因 又冷又饿,他决定停下来休息一会儿。 表原因)又冷又饿 表原因 又冷又饿,他决定停下来休息一会儿。 Ripe, the oranges taste sweet.(表方式)这些橘子熟 (表方式) 味道甜美。 了,味道甜美。
? ?
Read to find out information to fill in the table below. Different periods of Yang Lan’s life In her childhood Life was simple and she had a great dream.
She graduated from Beijing Foreign At age of 21 Studies University and began to host “Zheng Da TV show”. At age of 25 She began her study in a foreign country.
While studying abroad She got ideas about creating a new kind of TV station, and she produced “Horizon”.
After returning home
She developed her own company and dreams of creating a distinctly Chinese show that can act as a positive force in real life.
Do you agree with this viewpoint:
“News media can and should be used to educate people .”
Chinese TV shows
American TV shows
Similarities Talk shows and TV series are popular. Often talk about Often talk about serious issues and personal stories Differences new discoveries. and entertaining issues. Chinese people want to learn something when they watch TV. Americans want to be entertained.
Get all the exercises ready in your English Weekly and “SWSJ”.
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