高二英语 Unit 4 Global warming 课堂训练 amount n. 数量 an amount of\ amounts of 相当数量的 一些 修饰不可数名词 相当数量的; large amounts of money 大量的金钱 range n. 范围 尤指从 到…各种种类 可供选择的范围等,可加不定冠词 ;排列 范围(尤指从 尤指从…到 各种种类 可供选择的范围等,可加不定冠词) 各种种类,可供选择的范围等 beyond the range of…超越 超越……的范围 out of one’s range 某人达不到的 超越 的范围 v.排列 使成行;偏袒,站在 的方面。range from… to … / between… and … 排列, 成行;偏袒,站在…的方面 的方面。 排列 build up 逐步建立,增加,增进 build up one’s fortune 逐步建立,增加, build up one’s strength build up the business
Part 1 Vocabulary and language points
  1.My handwriting can not be compared my father’s.我的书法不能与我父亲的相

  2. Shakespeare compared the world a stage. 莎士比亚把人世比做舞台。 莎士比亚把人世比做舞台。
  3.many women, she was indeed very fortunate.
和许多妇女比起来,她实际上是非常富有的。 和许多妇女比起来,她实际上是非常富有的。

  4. Do you know how the air accident? 你知道那次空难是怎么发生的吗 你知道那次空难是怎么发生的吗?
  5. There’s some doubt he'll keep his promise.
  6. I don’t think anybody m to her apart from herself.
  7. There is no doubt they will ask you for help.
  8. I don't doubt he is telling the truth.
  9. Do you doubt he will win the match?
  10. We doubt she will be persuaded.
  11.They although they are tired 他们虽然很累了,还是继续工 他们虽然很累了, 作。
  12. Acting before thinking always results failure.
  13. His sickness resulted eating too much.
  14.The shop keeps.这家商店商品品种多。 这家商店商品品种多。 这家商店商品品种多 度之间。
  15.The temperature.温度在 15 度到 35 度之间。 温度在
  16.This my confidence after the interview.面试后增强了我的自 面试后增强了我的自 信。
  17.Without your help ( = If we had not had your help) , we 要是没有你的帮助,我们是不会成功的。 要是没有你的帮助,我们是不会成功的。
  18. As a c of being in hospital, Shelly decided that she wanted to become a nurse.
  19. The food was cold and the guests quarreled ? the whole dinner was a c.
  20. The number of the children in the school has d by 500 this year. Part 2Useful Phrases
  1. 在 20 世纪期间 世纪期间
  2.导致 导致 导致
  3. 另 一 方 面
  4. 通 过 燃 烧 化 石 燃 料
  5.大量的 大量的
  6.同意订阅 同意订阅 大量的 同意订阅 即使
  7.高达 5 摄氏度 高达 摄氏度
  8.即使 即使

  9.反对 反对
  10.上升 上升 反对 上升 Part 3 Multiple Choice
  1. Is it to you that the government is having a hard time now? A. of much important B. of much consequence C. of very important D. of many consequence
  2. Something must be done to the river from . A. stop; being polluted B. stop; polluting C. prevent; pollution D. keep; polluted
  3. There quantities of apples in the basket and there was milk in the bucket. A. were; a number of B. was; quantities of C. was; a good many D. were; a quantity of
  4. we get good weather it will be a successful holiday. Which is wrong? A. So long as B. Provided that C. So long D. On condition that
  5. ?Go for a picnic this weekend, ok? ? . I love getting close to nature. A. I don’t think so. B. I believe not. C. I couldn’t agree more D. I am afraid not.
  6. ? Now, where is my purpose? ? ! We will be late for the picnic. A. Come on B. Don’t worry C. Take your time D. Take it easy.
  7. It was not until 1999 regular radio broadcast began. A. while B. which C.that D. since
  8. Can it be in the restaurant we had dinner last Sunday you left your wallet? A.where; where B. where; that C. that ; where D. that; that
  9. ?What’s the matter with you? ? the window , my finger was cut unexpectedly. A. Cleaning B.To clean C. While cleaning D. While I was cleaning
  10. The other day , my brother drove his car down the street at I thought was a dangerous speed. A. as B. which C. there D. what


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   说一口流利的英语是很多人的努力目标.在练习过程中应该注意哪些问题?大家不妨试试 看. 1.Listentoyourself(听自己).如果你不能听出你自己的发音问题,就很难去改正它.试着 把你的朗读或演说录下来,并与以英语为母语的外国人士做个比较. 2.Slowdown(慢下来).很多英语学习者说话都求快,其实快不见得就说得好,说得越快毛 病越不容易改掉.每天练习一点点,从声调到单词再到句子,慢慢来,急不得. 3.Pictureit(画图).闭上眼睛,在说话之前想想如何发这个音,想想嘴巴和脸 ...