高二英语 Unit 4 词汇学习

  1. poetry n.[U]
  1.) (总称)诗,诗歌,韵文 He was very fond of writing and reciting poetry. 他很喜欢写诗、背诗。
  2.) 作诗技巧;诗歌艺术 Shakespeare and Milton were masters of English poetry. 莎士比亚和弥尔顿是英国诗歌的艺术大师。
  3.) 诗意,诗情,诗趣 You don't understand the poetry of life. 你不懂得生活的诗意。
  2. intention n. 意图,意向,目的[C][U][(+of)][+to-v] His good intentions were repaid by good results. 他的善意得到了善报。 It wasn't my intention to fool you. 我不想骗你。 have no intention of staying 不打算留下
  3. recite vt.
  1.) 背诵;朗诵,当众吟诵 My little daughter likes reciting poetry in public. 我的小女儿喜欢当众背诵诗歌。
  2.) 叙述;详述 He recited the day's adventures. 他详细叙述了那一天的冒险经历。
  4. mad a.
  1.) 发疯的,发狂的 She went mad after the death of her son. 儿子死后她就疯了。
  2.) 疯狂的,狂热的[(+with)] go/ run mad with joy 欣喜若狂
  3.) 愚蠢的;鲁莽的 It was a mad idea to climb the mountain in this bad weather. 在这种坏天气去爬山真是愚蠢。
  4.) 【口】狂热的,着迷的 [(+about/on/for)] Both brothers are mad about tennis. 兄弟俩对网球都很入迷。
  5.) 【口】恼火的 [(+at/with)] Don't be mad at me.
  5. pattern n.[C]
  1.) 花样,图案 I don't like the pattern on the fabric. 我不喜欢那块布料上的图案。
  2.) 型;形态,样式;格局 a sentence pattern 句型 They like new patterns of family life. 他们喜欢新的家庭生活方式。
  3.) 模范,榜样,典型[S1] This hospital is a pattern of what a good hospital should be. 这家医院就是好医院的榜样。
  6. dialogue n.[C][U]
  1.) 对话;交谈 make up a dialogue 编一则对话
  2.) (戏剧、小说等中的)对话,对白 Plays are written in dialogue. 剧本用对白写成。
  3.) (国家等之间的)对话,意见交换 The stubborn mayor finally consented to a dialogue with the strike leaders. 固执的市长终于同意与罢工领袖进行对话。
  7. put…together 把...放在一起;组合;装配 They were putting the machine together. 他们正在装配机器。
  8. sort n.[C]
  1.) 种类,品种,类型 All sorts of lamps are available in that shop. 在那家商店可买到各式各样的灯具。 That's just the sort of thing I want. 那正是我所需要的那种东西。
  2.) (常与修饰语连用)某种人,某类人[S1] She's a happy-go-lucky sort. 她是个乐天派。 vt.
  1.) 把...分类 They sort apples by grade. 他们把苹果按等级分类。
  2.) 挑选,区分 Can't you sort the good from the bad? 你难道不会区分好坏吗?
  3.) 整理

  9. fantasy n.[U][C]
  1.) 空想;幻想;梦想 George lives in a world of fantasy. 乔治整天生活在幻想的世界中。
  2.) 空想的产物;幻想作品 The whole story is a fantasy. 这整个故事只是一个虚构。
  3.) 【音】幻想曲
  10. loneliness n. 孤独,寂寞;人迹罕至[U] He felt his loneliness most keenly on Sunday. 星期天他倍感孤寂。
  11. play with 玩;与...逗玩 The boy is playing with a toy plane. 小男孩正在玩一架玩具飞机。
  12. grammar n.
  1.) 语法[U] He had great difficulty in learning English grammar. 他学习英语语法困难重重。
  2.) 语法书[C]
  3.) (符合语法规则的)文理,措辞[U] Her grammar is bad. 她的文句不通。
  13.stand out
  1.) 坚持 They stood out till victory. 他们坚持到胜利。
  2.) 引人注目,脱颖而出 Our daughter is a great dancer, she stands out above the rest. 我们的女儿是一个不错的舞者,她从许多舞者中脱颖而出。 She stands out in the crowd, for she is two meters in height. 她在人群中显得很突出,因为她身高两米。
  14. glory n.
  1.) 光荣,荣誉[U] The captain of the winning team got all the glory for the victory. 胜队队长因获胜而赢得全部荣誉。 He took part in the competition for the glory of the school. 他为学校的荣誉参加了竞赛。
  2.) 可夸耀的事;可赞颂的事物[C]
The museum is the glory of our city. 这个博物馆是我们城市的骄傲。
  3.) 壮丽;壮观;灿烂[U] I was fascinated by the glory of the sunset. 落日的壮观把我吸引住了。
  15. absence n.
  1.) 不在,缺席[U][C][(+from)] absence from classes 缺课 She never speaks ill of anyone in his or her absence. 她从不乘人不在时说别人的坏话。
  2.) 缺少,缺乏[U][(+of)] The absence of color in that drawing makes it dull. 那幅画因没有着色而显得晦暗。
  16. atmosphere n.
  1.) 大气[the S]
  2.) (某特定场所的)空气[S] The atmosphere of the city is very much polluted. 那个城市的空气受到严重污染。
  3.) 气氛[S1] The talk was conducted in a cordial atmosphere. 会谈是在热情友好的气氛中进行的。
  4.) 情趣;魅力[U] The ancient palace has a lot of atmosphere. 这座古老的宫殿很有魅力。
  17. introduction n.
  1.) 介绍;正式引见[U][C][P1] He was shaking her hand before I could finish the introduction. 未等我介绍完,他就在握她的手了。
  2.) 引进,传入[U][(+of/to/into)] The government saw the introduction of new technology as vital. 政府认为引进新技术至关重要。
  3.) 采用;被采用的东西;引种[U][C] Television is a later introduction than radio. 电视的使用迟于无线电。
  4.) 引言,序言;序论[C][(+to)] ;入门(书)[C][(+to)] an Introduction to Biochemistry 《生物化学入门》
  18. translate vt.
  1.) 翻译,转译[(+from/into)] The novel has been translated into many languages.
  2.) (用另外的词语)解释,说明,表达[(+into)] I translate his silence as a refusal. 我把他的沉默解释为拒绝。
  19. light up
  1.) 点燃 He lit up a cigarette. 他点燃了一支香烟。
  2.) 照亮 The sun lights up the sky and the earth. 太阳照亮了天空和大地。
  20. come into being 形成 We do not know when this world came into being. 我们不知道世界是何时形成的。
  21. shade n.
  1.) 荫;阴凉处;阴暗[the S] I saw him sitting in the shade of a tree. 我看见他坐在树荫下。
  2.) 遮光物[C],遮太阳的东西
  3.) (图画、照片等的)阴影部分[U]
  4.) (色彩的)浓淡,色度[C]
  22. extraordinary a.
  1.) 异常的;特别的,破例的;非凡的 Her strength of will was extraordinary. 她的意志力非凡。
  2.) 离奇的,使人惊奇的 He is full of extraordinary ideas. 他满脑子都是离奇的想法。
  3.) 特命的,特派的 an ambassador extraordinary 特派大使
  23. apart ad.
  1.) 分开地,有距离地[(+from)] He lives apart from his family. 他与家人不住在一起。 At that time we were never apart. 那时我们从不分开。
  2.) 相间隔地 Their houses are two miles apart. 他们的房子相距两英里。

  3.) (用在名词,动名词后)...除外 All joking apart, we should set to work immediately. 说正经的,我们得立即开始工作。
  4.) 单独地,个别地[(+from)] Viewed apart, what she said sounds right. 单独看,她的话似乎不错。
  24. essay n.[C] 论说文;散文,随笔,小品文[(+on/about)] The professor wrote an essay on Homer. 这位教授写了一篇关于荷马的文章。
  25. recommend vt.
  1.) 推荐,介绍[(+as/for/to)] recommend sb a book/ recommend a book to sb.推荐某人一本书 recommend sb. as an excellent graduate 推荐某人是一名优秀毕业生 recommend sb. for a job 给某人介绍一份工作 Can you recommend some new books on this subject to me? 你能推荐一些有关这个学科的新书给我吗?
  2. 建议,劝告 [+v-ing][+that] He recommends wearing safety equipment. 他建议穿上安全装备。 They recommend that the machine (should)be overhauled. 他们建议把机器检修一下。 I recommend you to comply with safety regulations. 我劝你遵守安全规则。
  26. contribute vt.
  1.) 捐(款);捐献,捐助[(+to/towards)] He contributed half of his savings to the relief fund. 他将积蓄的一半捐献给救济基金会。
  2.) 贡献,提供[(+to/towards)] He didn't contribute one idea to the document. 他对这个文件没有提供一个主意。
  3.) 投(稿)[(+to)] vi.
  1.) 捐献[(+to/towards)] He contributed generously to the Red Cross. 他对红十字会慷慨捐助。
  2.) 贡献,出力[(+to/towards)] He never contributes to the discussion. 他在讨论时从不发表意见。
  3.) 投稿[(+to)] The scientist often contributes to an academic journal.这位科学家常常给那家学术期刊撰稿。



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