高二英语 Unit 5 课文填空稿件 First aid for burns The skin is 1(必不可少的) part pf your body and your body’s l argest organ. You have three layers of skin that you 2(防御) diseases, poisons and the sun’s harmful rays. Your skin also keeps you warm or cool; i t prevents your body from 3(失去) water; it is where you feel cold, heat o r pain; and it gives you your
  4(触觉). So, as you can imagi ne, if your skin gets burned, it can be very serious. First aid is a very import ant first step in the treatment of burns.
Causes of burns
You can get burned by: hot
  5(液体), steam, fire, radiation(by being cl ose to high heat or fire), the sun, 6(电) and chemicals.
Types of burns
There are three types of burns. Burns are called first degree, second degree or third degree burns,
  7(根据)which layers of the skin are burned. First degree burns These affect only the top layer of the skin. These burns are not serious and should feel better
  8(一两天内). Examples include mild sun burn and burns
  9(由于)touching a hot pan or iron for a moment. Second degree burns These affect both the top and the second layer of the skin. These burns are serious and take a few weeks to heal. Examples include severe sunburn and burns caused by hot liquids. Third degree burns These affect all three layers of the skin and any 10(组织)and
  11(器 官) under the skin. Examples include burns caused by 12(电击), bur ning clothes, or severe petrol fires. These burns are very severe injuries and th e victim must
  13(送往医院) at once.
Characteristics of burns
First degree burns
dry, red and mildly swollen
Mildly painful Turn white when 14(压) Second degree burn 15(粗糙的), red and swollen Blisters watery surface
  16(极其的)painful Third degree burns black and white and
  17(烧焦的) Swollen; often tissue under them can be seen Little or no pain if nerves are damaged; may be pain ar ound edge of injured area
First aid treatment
1 Take clothing off the burned area unless it n.Take off other clothing and jewellery near burns.

  18(粘在)the bur
2 Cool burns immediately with cool but not
  19(冰的)water. Ti is best to place burns under gently running water for about 10 minutes. (the cool wa ter stops the burning process, stops the pain and prevents or reduces 20 (肿 胀.) Do not put cold water on third degree burns. 3 For frist degree burns, place cool, clean, wet cloths on them until the pai n is not so bad. For second degree burns, keep cloths cool by putting them ba ck in the cold water, them 21 (挤出) and placing them on the burned area over and over again for about an hour until pain is not so bad. 4 Dry the burned area gently. Do not rub, as this may break any blisters a nd the wound may get infected. 5 Cover the burned area with a dry, clean bandage that will not stick to th e skin. Hold the bandage 22(适合的) with tape. Never put butter, oil or ointments on burns as they keep the heat in the wounds and may cause inf ection. 6 If burn are on arms or legs, keep them higher than the heart, if possible. If burns are on the face, the victim should sit up. 7 If the injuries are second degree or third degree burns, get the victim to the doctor or hospital at once.
The correct answers
  1)an essential
  2)protect against
  4)sence of touch
  7) depending on
  8)within a day or two
  9) caused by
  12)electric shocks
  13)get to a hospital
  14) pressed
  15) rough
  18)is stuck to
  21) squeezing out
  22)in place


高二英语Unit 5 课文填空稿件

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