高二英语 Unit 7 词汇学习

  1. live with
  1.) 与...住在一起 My uncle lived with us for two years. 我叔叔曾在我家住了两年。
  2.) 忍受;承认 You must live with the fact that you are no longer as active as you were. 你必须承认这样的现实,那就是你再也不象以往那么活跃了。
  2. deadly a.
  1.) 致命的,致死的;毒性的 This is a deadly poison. 这是一种致命的毒药。
  2.) 不共戴天的;殊死的[B] He is my deadly enemy. 他是我的死敌。
  3.) 死一般的[B] There was deadly silence in the valley. 山谷里死一般的沉寂。
  4.) 【口】非常的,极度的; 【口】非常无聊的,令人厌烦的 deadly dullness 极度的沉闷 Our maths classes are pretty deadly. 我们的数学课非常枯燥。 ad.
  1.) 死一般地 His face was deadly pale. 他的脸死一般地苍白。
  2.) 非常,极度地 The air was deadly cold. 空气极度寒冷。
  3. imaginary a. 想像中的;虚构的;幻想的 an imaginary friend 想像中的朋友 All the characters in this book are imaginary. 这本书中的人物全是虚构的。
  4. narrative n.
  1.) 记叙文;故事[C][U] His trip through Europe made an interesting narrative. 他的欧洲之行构成了一个有趣的故事。

  2.) 叙述,讲述[U] She taught herself the techniques of narrative and dialogue. 她自学了叙事和对话的技巧。 a. 叙事的;叙事体的;故事形式的 a narrative poem 叙事诗
  5. false a.
  1.) 不正确的,谬误的;不真实的 What you're saying is false. 你所说的是假的。 I don't want to give you a false impression. 我不想给你一个虚假的印象。
  2.) 不诚实的;虚妄的 He was accused of giving false witness. 他被指控作伪证。
  3.) 不忠实的,无信义的[(+to)] Better an open enemy than a false friend. 明枪易躲,暗箭难防。
  4.) 假的;伪造的;人造的 She wore false hair to the dance. 她戴着假发去参加舞会。
  6. infect vt.[(+with)]
  1.) 【医】传染;侵染;感染 The flu virus infected almost the entire class. 全班几乎人人都染上了流行性感冒病毒。
  2.) 使受影响;感染 The captain's courage infected his men. 船长的勇气感染了他的船员。
  3.) 污染 The air is infected with noisome gases. 空气受到了有害气体的污染。
  7. inject vt.
  1.) 注射(药液等)[(+into)];为(某人)注射[(+with)] They are injecting him with a new drug. 他们正为他注射新药。 The doctor injected the drug into my arm. 医生把药注入我手臂。
  2.) 插(话);引入;投入[(+into)] inject a note of humor into a story 给故事增添一点幽默

  8. transmit vt.
  1.) 传送,传达 I will transmit the money by special messenger. 我将专门派人送这笔钱。
  2.) 传(光、热、声等);传动 They are trying to find a better way of transmitting energy. 他们正试图寻找一种更好的输能方法。
  3.) 传播;传染[(+to)] Rats transmit disease. 老鼠传播疾病。
  9. via prep.
  1.) 经由;取道 He flew to New York via Hong Kong. 他经过香港飞往纽约。
  2.) 通过,凭借 I sent a message to Mary via her friend. 我通过玛丽的朋友带信给她。
  10. blood n.
  1.) 血,血液[U] Lots of people donated blood. 许多人捐血。
  2.) 血统,家族关系[U] They are not of the same blood. 他们并非同宗。
  3.) 脾气,性子[U];血气[U] He's a terror when his blood is up. 他发起脾气时非常可怕。
  11. prevention n. 预防,防止;阻止,妨碍[U] the prevention of fire 预防火灾
  12. persuade vt.
  1.) 说服,劝服[(+into/out of)] She persuaded me into buying it. (She persuaded me out of buying it.) 她说服我买下了它。(她说服我不买它。) The salesman persuaded us to buy his product. 那个推销员说服了我们买他的产品。
  2.) 使某人相信[(+of)][+that] How can I persuade you of my sincerity?
我怎样才能使你相信我的诚意呢? We worked hard to persuade them that we were genuinely interested in the project. 我们想尽办法以使他们相信我们确实对这一计划感兴趣。 vi. 被说服 He persuades easily. 他很容易被说服。
  13. defenseless/ defenceless a. 无防御的;无保护的;不能自卫的 A city without guns or water is defenseless before an army. 无枪炮或缺水的城市在大军围攻时是无法自卫的。
  14. illness n.
  1.) 患病(状态);身体不适[U] During his illness, John stayed indoors. 约翰在生病期间足不出户。
  2.) (某种)疾病[C] I have never seen her since her father fell sick of a serious illness. 自从她父亲生重病后,我就再也没有见过她。
  15. treatment n.
  1.) 对待;待遇[U] The prisoners complained of ill treatment by their guards. 囚犯们抱怨看守虐待他们。
  2.) 处理;论述[U][S1] I do not like his treatment of the theme in his new book. 我不喜欢他在自己新作中对这一主题的论述。
  3.) 治疗[U][C][(+for)] My cold won't respond to treatment. 我的感冒治疗无效。
  4.) 治疗法[C][(+for)] I've tried every treatment the vet suggested. 兽医建议的每一种治疗方法我都试过了。
  16. sex n.
  1.) 性别[U] What sex is the baby? 这婴儿是什么性别?
  2.) 男性;女性[C] There are members of both sexes in the committee. 委员会里男女委员都有。
  3.) 性,色情[U] There's too much sex in the film.
  4.) 性行为,性交;性欲;性感[U] American youth in the sixties were rather open about sex. 六十年代的美国青年对两性关系相当开放。
  17. contract vt.
  1.) 缔结;订(约)[(+with)] The two businesses contracted a merger. 两家商行签约合并了。
  2.) 承包,承办[(+to)];使订婚约[(+to)]
  3.) 得(病);沾染(习惯);负(债) I contracted a cold. 我得了感冒。
  4.) 使缩小;使收缩 vi.
  1.) 订契约[(+with)] We contracted with a Japanese firm for the purchase of electronic instruments. 我们与一家日本公司签约购买电子仪器。
  2.) 承包,承办[(+to)]
  3.) 缩小;收缩 Metals contract in cold weather. 金属在寒冷的天气里收缩。 n.[C]
  1.) 契约;合同 I was then under contract to a bus company. 那时候我按合同为一家公共汽车公司工作。
  2.) 契约书;合约书
  3.) 婚约
  18. lack vt.(通常不用于被动语态)
  1.) 缺少;没有 I don't seem to lack anything. 我好像什么也不缺。
  2.) 需要 vi. 缺少;不足;没有[(+for)] They lacked for nothing. 他们什么都不缺少。 n.
  1.) 欠缺;不足;没有[U][S1][(+of)] He can not buy it because of his lack of money. 他因缺钱买不起这个。
  2.) 缺少的东西;需要的东西[C] Water is a lack of this region.
  19. proper a.
  1.) 适合的,恰当[+to-v][+that] He wondered whether it would be proper to knock at her door. 他不知道敲她的门是否恰当。
  2.) 合乎体统的,循规蹈矩的;正派的,高尚的 Many young people think old people are too proper. 许多年轻人认为老人太循规蹈矩。
  20. available a.
  1.) 可用的,在手边的;可利用的[(+for/to)] The swimming pool is available only in summer. 这个游泳池只在夏天开放。
  2.) 可得到的,可买到的 Is there water available around here? 附近弄得到水吗? TV sets are available in any department stores. 电视机在任何一家百货公司里都能买到。
  3.) 有空的,可与之联系的 The principal is available now. 现在校长可以接见你。
  4.) 有效的 This film ticket is no longer available. 这张电影票不再有效。
  21. discourage vt.
  1.) 使泄气,使沮丧 She was discouraged by setbacks. 她因挫折而灰心了。 Don't let one failure discourage you. 不要因为一次失败就泄气。
  2.) 劝阻;打消[(+from)] We discouraged him from giving up the job. 我们劝他不要放弃那份工作。
  3.) 阻挡,防止[(+from)] The rain discouraged us from going out. 雨打消了我们外出的念头。
  4.) 不允许 The principal discouraged unexcused absences. 校长不准无故缺课。
  22. cheer n.
  1.) 欢呼,喝彩[C]
A cheer arose from the crowd when the president appeared. 当总统露面时,人群中发出了欢呼声。
  2. 振奋,高兴[U] ;鼓励,激励[U] The doctor spoke words of cheer to the sick child. 医生向病孩说了一些鼓励的话。 vt.
  1.) 欢呼,高呼;向...欢呼 The audience cheered the movie star as she walked on stage. 电影明星走上舞台时观众向她欢呼。
  2. 使振奋,使快慰,使高兴 The thought cheered him. 这想法鼓舞了他。 vi.
  1.) 欢呼,喝彩 We cheered as he neared the finish line. 当他接近终点线时,我们喝起彩来。
  2.) 感到振奋,感到高兴[(+up)]
  23. suffer vt.
  1.) 遭受;经历 He suffered many humiliations before he became a football star. 他在成为足球名将前受过许多屈辱。
  2.) (常用于否定句)忍受 I cannot suffer such rudeness. 我不能容忍这种粗鲁的举止。
  3.) 容许;任凭 vi.
  1.) 受苦;患病[(+from)] He suffered from poverty all his life. 他一生受贫穷之苦。 My father suffers from high blood pressure. 我父亲有高血压。 They suffered a great deal in those days. 那时他们吃了不少苦。
  2.) 受损害,受损失;变糟[(+for/from)] This scientific instrument suffered severely. 这部科学仪器受到严重损坏。
  3.) 受惩罚;被处决[(+for)] He suffered for his offence. 他因自己的过错而受到惩罚。
  24. fierce a.
  1.) 凶猛的;残酷的;好斗的 My grandfather became fierce when he lost his temper.
  2.) 狂热的;强烈的;极度的 After he got well Bob made a fierce effort to catch up with his classmates. 鲍伯痊愈后拼命用功,以期赶上班里的同学。
  3.) 猛烈的,激烈的 After a fierce battle the enemy was forced to retreat. 激战之后,敌人被迫撤退了。
  4.) 【口】讨厌的;极糟的 The weather is really fierce. 天气确实遭透。
  25. invisible a.
  1.) 看不见的;无形的 Germs are invisible to the naked eye. 细菌是肉眼所看不见的。
  2.) 微小得觉察不出的;不显眼的[(+to)] The differences are almost invisible. 这些差别简直难以辨认。
  26. disrupt vt.
  1.) 使分裂,使瓦解 Slavery seemed likely to disrupt the Union then. 当时,奴隶制似乎有可能分裂美国。
  2). 使混乱,使中断 The heavy storm has disrupted telephone service. 暴风雨使电话中断。
  27. contagious a.
  1.) 接触传染性的 Chicken pox is a contagious disease. 水痘是一种通过接触而传染的疾病。
  2.) (感情等)感染性的;会蔓延的 Fear can be contagious. 恐惧会感染他人。
  28. recover vt.
  1.) 重新获得;重新找到 Jane recovered her lost wallet. 简寻回了丢失的钱包。
  2.) 恢复;使恢复原状 Jennie made a great effort to recover herself. 珍妮努力使自己镇定下来。 She has recovered her health. 她已恢复了健康。

  3.) 挽回,弥补 It's hard to recover lost time. 弥补失去的时间并不容易。 vi. 恢复健康;恢复原状;恢复[(+from)] It took a long time for him to recover from a bad cold. 他患重感冒,很长时间才康复。 I think she will recover. 我想她会痊愈的。
  29. contrary a.
  1.) 相反的,对立的[(+to)] His views are contrary to mine. 他的看法与我相反。
  2.) (天气)不利的;(风)逆向的 The garden party was put off because of the contrary weather. 由于天气不好,园游会延期了。 n.
  1.) 相反;相反的事物[the S] He produced no evidence to the contrary. 他没有拿出相反的证据。 You didn't bother me. On the contrary, I like your company. 你没有打扰我,相反地,我喜欢有你做伴。
  2.) 反面;对立面,对立的一方[C] Cruelty and kindness are contraries. 残酷与仁慈是对立面。
  30. for the moment 暂时;目前 Stop arguing for the moment. 暂停争论。
  31. category n.[C]
  1.) 种类;部属;类目 The strings are a category of musical instruments. 弦乐器是乐器的一种。
  2.) 【数】范畴,类型
  3.) 【哲】范畴 Time, place, quantity and quality are categories. 时、空、质、量都是范畴。


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