the highest point; top of a mountain meeting between the heads of two or more countries
a summit talk a summit meeting
Earth Summit 地球峰会
Welcome to the Earth Summit!
Task 1 Fast Reading

  1.Why do people hold the Earth Summit?
  2.Why are conferences like the Earth Summit important?

  1. People hold the earth summit to share ideas about ways to take better care of the earth.
  2. Because they teach people about serious problems. They also bring together people who are interested in finding solutions to the problems and do something to protect human beings.
Para. 1
Para. 2~3
Para. 7
A.How A. How the summit helps people understand the serious problems facing the earth B. How the summit helped people find the solutions for the future C.The origin of the Earth Summit and the purpose of holding it D.The content of the Earth Summit
Task 2 listening

  1. What do we mean by saying “sustainable development”?
  2. What are the following numbers related to? 3,000,000 20% 15%

  3. In which areas is air pollution a very serious problem?
Task 3 Reading

  1.Which problem is the most serious? How to deal with the problem?
Contaminated water Air pollution poor sanitation

  2.Why do people call the three” “big three” the three biggest killers in the world? The big three cause more than seven millions deaths each year.
  3.How many people on earth have no access to clean drinking water. 20% of the people .
Water pollution
It is estimated that over 1 billion peopleabout one-fifth of the world’s populationlack access of safe drinking water. A child dies every eight seconds from contaminated water, with total deaths every year of over 5 million people. As the human population continues to grow, the problem of availability of supplies of safe drinking water is to be worse.

  4.How many people die because of air pollution every year? Where does such a problem most happen? Why?
Air pollution
Air pollution comes from many different sources such as factories, power plants,dry cleaners, cars, busesAir pollution can threaten the health of human beings, trees, lakes, crops,and animals,and damage the ozone layer(臭氧层) and buildings. 臭氧层) 臭氧层
Take my hand, take your hand, let’s make a beautiful world together.
Problems Solutions
April 22th

  1.Most stores recycle batteries.
  2.Plant trees every year.
  3.Ride bikes to work.
  4.Work together to discuss and solve environmental problems.
  5.Students study environmental issues in school.

  6.Using the handkerchief instead of the paper napkin.(纸巾) 纸巾) 纸巾
  7.Using paper bag instead of plastic bag.
  8. Don’t using one-off chopsticks.
  9. Go to work on foot or by bike not by car.
  10. Throw cans, bottles, paper and plastic into the dustbin. ……..
Most stores recycle batteries


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